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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Timelessness, of Love and Tranquillity

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought the following reply I received in regards to my last post was interesting. Jeff has always been an interesting bloke to listen too, he certainly know he’s history especially his ancient history. History isn’t actually about the past because every time we think about history it’s always in the present moment, history is never about a by gone time as Jeff will elaborate on.

I will go into how and why timelessness creates tranquillity and love for us a little further on in the post however, I think it’s wise to become aware of what time represents first for a better understanding of what timelessness actually represents.  

The following message talks about time in relation to reincarnation.

I think Edgar Cayce said he repeated a life experience in the American Old West time period as a guy by the name of John John Bainbridge.

Someone might want to repeat a life experience to change something they deeply regret for example.

The Lives of Edgar Cayce
[Paperback September, 1995]
by W. H. Church (Author), Joe Dunn (Editor)

Jeff Marzano 11:40 AM

Yes and the idea of reincarnation can make those consequences possible. That's called the Law Of Karma.

Not that karma has to happen in a future life. It can happen 5 minutes from now or also in a past life.

God exists outside of time in the spiritual realm. When we are born we become subject to the laws of time on this planet Earth. But when the physical body dies we return to that timeless dimension.

There are strange theories about how people can be reincarnated into any time period past or future or even live the same life experience over again.

In other words someone could die today and then be reincarnated in ancient Egypt.

Those types of theories raise many strange and paradoxical questions about the nature of time and this physical world. It implies that time is something other than a strictly sequential, linear process.

The weird thing about it is that everyone, everything, and I guess really the entire universe would have to exist in an infinite number of possible futures which may or may not actually happen in this physical world.

If someone wanted to repeat the same life over again everybody else would also still have to be there.

This is all very strange and far beyond human comprehension.

Anyone interested in reincarnation should start watching the TV show Ghost Inside My Child.

This show airs on the LMN channel and right now new episodes are airing on Saturday nights.

My Reply
I utterly concur with this, especially these days, I didn’t know, until recently; time is actually about the interactions of energy not a measurement of time. Take our physical lives for instance, our mind and body are always reacting with itself and other energy sources around it, cancer is a good example of this interaction and so is love as is of what we deem as our demise. Sure we measure this life form but only because of what these life forms (different energy sources) go through when interacting.

Would we have time if we had no interactions of these energy sources? I don’t think so, time is these interactions of different energy sources, without these interactions, I don’t think we would have time. This means timelessness is of non-interactions, this is why it feels so peaceful, tranquil and of love. I believe all energies of timelessness become one through becoming one vibration instead of many. It is very difficult to feel love for a vibration that isn’t in tune with our vibration, timelessness gives us this through the non-interactions of energy sources because all energy sources becomes one energy source through being in tune with other energy sources.  This is becoming one with God or the source I believe.

History isn’t about a past event but an indication of the interactions between energy sources, once we have an interaction we have time and once we have time we have history. Timelessness on the other hand isn’t about an interaction between energy sources, this also means within timelessness there is no history mainly because all energy sources become one. Once there are no interactions, there is no time or history as all vibrational energy sources become in tune with each other as one vibration, this gives us utter tranquillity and love.

Love is produced by being in tune with other vibrational energy sources around us, this is why it’s quite difficult to be totally unconditionally loving in time, we live with numerous and various energy sources that are not in tune with our own vibrations, we can’t expect ourselves to be totally uncordially loving under these circumstances unless we can become one with other vibrational energy sources.

This is the strange thing, as Jeff has pointed out we can relive a life event in ancient Egypt, how can this be so if we are living in time, time is after all about past history, a bygone era?

If we were to only look at time as being a measurement, what Jeff has stated can’t possibly occur, this is due to thinking once a moment of time has passed it’s a part of history that can’t be relieved. Now if we only look at time as being the interactions of energy sources, can we now see Jeff’s statement as being plausible especially when we take in the consideration of timelessness?

Timelessness has no history as a past time event because it’s not of time, history in timelessness becomes just another interaction of energy sources no matter when this event occurred in time. Everything within timelessness becomes the present moment no matter what the interactions of these energy sources create.

We can quite easily see how these timeless states of consciousness create love and tranquillity, there is no conflict or chaos as there is no time to create conflicts between energy sources. If we can learn in time to look at time as an interaction of energy sources instead of a measurement, our existence in time would become a lot more tranquil. The measurement of anything always gives us conflicts mainly because these measurements can oppose each other, in a timeless state of consciousness we don’t have these conflicts because nothing is measured. This is due to everything being within the present moment no matter how far back in the past these interactions seem. Time gives us the delusion that time is of measurements when it’s only of the interactions of energy sources.