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Monday, 25 November 2013

Inner Peace

Written by Mathew Naismith

Inner peace is of the hearts core of our inner being for which we strive to remember in our daily lives, at times it seems so far away but in fact it never truly left us we left it in a sense.  Good examples of this inner peace are people who portrayed this inner peace without recourse because these people where sent here to redeem us from our own folly. These people with whom I am talking about are people like Buddha & Jesus for instance that had no desire to express such folly. This folly of course is referring to the way we allow the ego to control us without being aware of such control. These people were aware of the controlling factors of the ego therefore had no tendencies to express such traits. If you take away the controlling tendencies of the ego you automatically bring forth inner peace & yes it is that simple. What some of us are trying to do however is rid ourselves of the ego but all we really need to do is become aware of the controlling factors of the ego, that’s all.

So how do we know if the ego is in control?  Desire is a good one, if we desire, as opposed to need, this is usually a good indication of the ego being in control no matter what you desire however as I have explained in recent posts need indicates more often than not that the ego is no longer in control.  This is saying if we worked more on our needs instead of desires the less controlling the ego will be & the more inner peace you will experience & feel & the more aware you will become.

There is another problem some of us have that indicates the ego being in control, looking upon people who seem to you to be more aware or holly than you. The funny thing is when we consider the entirety of all of what consciousness is people like Buddha & Jesus are the norm, they are not looked upon in grace but just as another energy form who is expressing inner peace however in realities controlled by the ego we see them as being above ourselves.   Just because we are expressive of the controlling ego doesn’t make us any a lesser person just ignorant of who we really are. People like Jesus & Buddha weren’t just sent here to show the way away from the controlling ego but show us who we truly are in the flesh so really all we need to do is know we are just like these people in whom we egotistically revere.