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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Is a Full Conscious Change Nearing?

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all, what do I mean by a full conscious change?

Basically I am referring to a full realisation, a full realisation of our whole self, this incorporates us to remember who we are as a whole as opposed to remembering nothing beyond a particular reality.

I had an author of the name of H Gibson who has written five sci-fi books, based the chronicles of Han Storm, comment on a post of mine, the following exchange took place.

The Chronicles of Han Storm takes the reader on a practical step-by-step guided tour in opening up. Disguised as science-fiction-fantasy with metaphysical undertones, it reached a larger readership.

I find it interesting that most of my readers are in the advanced age group and those who are readying to leave this world mentioned that they have finally found peace.

My Reply

+H Gibson All it takes is something to remind us of another existence experienced, this action can however take away in how we experience a certain existence, this is like remembering our past lives lived within this reality, such knowing can take away the experience of a present reality.

Are we meant to be ignorant of other existences (realities)?  I think so, otherwise we wouldn't experience these realities to the extent that we do, however, are we meant to become aware of other existences experienced?  When the time is right, most definitely, are we at that point now? It would seem so.

I also recently involved myself with a one off group discussion about where we are all going, the atrocities occurring in the world at present came up a number of times in this discussion, why are so many atrocities being committed by so many people these days?

The connection between these atrocities and the nearing of a full conscious awareness were apparent, it's as if the atrocities that are being committed are in line with the nearing of this conscious change. I stated, "the reason the atrocities are so destructive is because we are now being yelled at", this is because we didn't listen to the whispers nor did we listen to straight forwards messages, now we are being yelled at in regards to ignoring the initial whispers.

So what were these whispers and straight foreword messages?

Whispers = Jesus, Buddha and alike
Straight foreword messages = world wars
Yelling = awareness of today's atrocities + WWIII  

I actually thought the messages from people like Jesus, Buddha and even people like Confucius and Rumi, were quite straight foreword messengers, this obviously wasn't to be the case so we needed stronger and stronger messages, I also thought the two world wars were yelling but again so many didn't here this. So today we are being yelled at even more and the more we ignore these messages, the worse the atrocities will become but are these atrocities getting worse, or are these atrocities just more known by more people these days?

We are becoming more aware, not just through spiritual awareness but through normal human means, the internet is a good indication of this. This awakening indicates we are more aware these days of atrocities being committed, however, WWII didn't need the internet, or better communications in the world, to know WWII was occurring. I think the majority of the people in the world knew that WWII was in progress, however, some people knew more about the atrocities being committed than others, the death camps were a good example of this.

I don't actually think more atrocities per capital are being committed these days, even though over 30,000 people every year die of gun inflicted wounds in the US and that  slavery has become a billion dollar industry in the world. We are still committing just as many atrocities in human history as ever, this hasn't change, what has changed is our awareness of them.

A full conscious change takes us to be fully aware of our own conscious as a collective, not just as an individual, this takes us to be aware of the whole of the collective consciousness, what better way to do this than to yell at us. If we were listening in the first place, would we be getting yelled at?  It's very unlikely, this is would have been due to changing our consciousness to the consciousness of  Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Rumi and so forth. Once a consciousness becomes more aware, it automatically becomes less destructive therefore less likely to commit atrocities.

The awareness of the atrocities happening in the world are due to our reluctance to become fully aware, we are literally being yelled at because of our fixations to ignorance. We are causing these atrocities to occur because we are still not listening. The nearer we get to a full conscious change, the more we will became aware of these atrocities, or even worse, the more atrocities more people will commit. The world wars were a good example of this because more people committed more atrocities, in the end, did we listen and learn from this?

We are being yelled at even more, it's as if consciousness itself as a whole is saying, "listen to me or you will have to pay for ignoring me". You could look at consciousness itself as a parent telling their children to stop doing something because it could cause them or someone else harm. Many people in the world call this consciousness God, our father for an obviously good reason, you don't have to be religious to realise the connection here.

If it's going to take the world to go to war once again for us to listen, so be it, but it doesn't have to be that way, it's really up to us to accept this awareness and allow it to move us on to a full conscious change. As a world war is nearing, so is a full conscious change, the outcome, if we are aware enough, can be constructive instead of destructive. The misery in the world is our teacher and consciousness itself is our parent, are we going to ignore them all and continue with creating more misery? In the end, only the wise will listen and learn as always.