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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Deep Meditation-A View of Our Natural Truer Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

Don't panic, you don't have to have experienced a deep meditation to know what I am going to explain about here, all you need to know is that deep meditation gives us a sneak preview of our truer self,  our natural  self. Basically, deep mediation  is an expression of our normal state of being, within this state, we are a true expression of ourselves.

We might think within this state there is no thinking process therefore there is no awareness, this isn't the case and in actuality we become more aware through quite a different process than what is created by the mind. This also includes our minds after our demise, as of anything created and perceived by the mind, it has boundaries brought about by preconceived perceptions and it's these boundaries that obscure us becoming fully aware. You don't need the mind to become aware, that is but another preconceived perception we have.

Awareness and wisdom have always existed, what hasn't always existed is the expressions of preconceptions which give us a distorted awareness of what is and isn't. I'm going to state that our whole 3rd dimensional existence was created from preconceptions, to me this is obvious, the reason this is so obvious to me is that we have always expressed preconceptions, in fact, we are what we express......

Now this next part is probably going to sound a little loony to a number of people, well, we already know I'm a little loony anyway don't we!!

Last night I was sitting in my outdoor lounge chair looking up at the stars, as I often do when it's not too cold or rainy, all of as sudden I found myself within the stars, the strange part was these stars felt like my friends. The stars themselves became conscious of my existence as well as their own and each others existence, they basically became alive in a very real sense. Our own preconceived perception tell us that no other form that is obviously not living and breathing, like ourselves, can be deemed as alive and conscious of other forms, to do this for starters takes a mind of some kind to do!! As soon as we express preconceived perceptions as this, we create boundaries which hinder us becoming aware of anything beyond these preconceived perceptions.

Deep meditation takes us away from any kind of preconception, the reason for this is simple, the mind itself becomes second to wisdom and awareness, the physical mind however will still react to such wisdom and awareness but it no longer controls how aware we will become. The mind in other words will not control the experiences we will experience from this  wisdom and awareness as it's  totally void of any boundaries. Basically, when we talk about the mind, any mind, we are talking about boundaries that continually give us preconceived perceptions. Deep meditation goes way beyond these boundaries, this is why it gives us a sneak preview of our truer selves.

What I find interesting is the mind is determined by time, the physical mind to start with was created by time, even the non-physical mind is determined by time for their is always a perception of a starting and ending point. Once a consciousness perceives a starting and ending point, it' creates preconceptions through the perception of time, to me this is what basically creates minds. Once a consciousness expresses time in any sense, it creates a mind in the process which automatically gives a preconceived perception of individuality. Once this is done, realities based on duality are created.

This is why deep meditation takes us into quite a different reality, there is no reality of time because time itself really doesn't exist within this kind of reality, this however doesn't mean time doesn't exist, it just means time doesn't exist within a state of pure wisdom and awareness. The reason for this is simple,  there is no separation, no duality, everything becomes one. This oneness to me is pure wisdom and awareness, nothing more or less.

So time, therefore mind and realities created by time, don't' actually exist because this pure wisdom and awareness is who we truly are, so what is everything else?

It's not an illusion unless we think this is all we are, in this case however it becomes a delusion rather than an illusion, our minds have deluded ourselves to think this is all we are, within this perception, we have created a preconception once we perceive time and the mind is of an illusion. Of course any reality created by time and the mind is also an illusion as these expressions don't represent our truer selves. It's so easy to think everything else but the expression of our truer self is an illusion, this within itself is a preconceived perception that time doesn't exist and neither does the mind.

Once we find ourselves one with everything within this pure wisdom and awareness,  time, therefore the mind, no longer exist as a separate part, we then get a preconceived perception they don't exist therefore are an illusion. Basically what I am saying is this oneness state also gives us a preconceived perception of an illusion, this is wholly due to the human mind perceiving what it experienced while in a oneness state. In actuality, all of what is perceived exists in some way, it's just that anything determined by time usually doesn't represent our whole truer self.  

Experiencing oneness states are very tricky, so often through our minds perceptions can such experiences become a preconception......!!