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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Spiritual Needs vs Human Desires

Written by Mathew Naismith


I entered into a discussion on the question of, Does letting go have any power?, as soon as I responded with the following, most people stopped responding.  I will break my responses up into sections so it's easier to follow.

Releasing ourselves from desires: I've had a worsening disability since I was six years old, to accomplish anything, I've had to be extremely motivated through my intentions and yes it worked, my desires to accomplish through such a disability was astonishing.

However, the only time I found true peace and tranquillity was through releasing myself from all desires to achieve beyond my capability, in actual fact my desires of achieving were doing me harm even though at the human psychological level I felt better.

This is the difference, at the human psychological level I needed to achieve, and to achieve I needed to desire which caused me more actual harm which needed even more motivation by me to balance things out.

Now at the spiritual level all I needed to do is be humble and release myself from my desires which I did at times, guess what happened? I was in total peace and tranquillity without having to motivate myself to achieve.

The human self thinks it needs desires to achieve but it doesn't. Desire is like a pushing and pulling effect, we pull one desire in to push another older desire out and so on it goes until we stop pushing and pulling. Guess what causes chaos and destruction ? An endless stream of pushing and pulling one desire after another.

Is it time for the human race to also give up it's desires and fixations? In my mind I think it's desired enough, it's basically at the same point to were I am and probably where a lot of people are at. Did I learn from my own desires? Bloody oath I did but there is a point of knowing when to let go completely, are we wise enough collectively to know when to release ourselves altogether? I think that's still quite questionable but we are a good sign that we are becoming wise and aware.

"To flow smoothly through life. Do some let go."

In my case when I released myself from desires and intentions, life became a lot more tranquil and peaceful, this doesn't work for everyone, you have psychologically got to prepare yourself for releasing yourself in such away otherwise it won't work. This is because we are conditioned, from birth, to have intentions and desires, latter on in life it's not easy to reprogram your mind to think otherwise.

I think it would be nice to teach children from birth to live with as little desires and intentions as possible, this happens to one extent or another in other cultures. I was talking to a bloke in India, he said they were taught from a young age to be aware of the desires of the ego, in the west we seem to be taught quite the opposite.

"Thought leads to desire which leads to Action. Letting go desire will let go Action and will improve your spiritual quotient.It does not advise you to be in a state of Inaction"

I think so, by getting away from the constant pushing and pulling effect, we will actually release our selves from chaos and our destructive ways. A state of inaction is to do nothing about this endless pushing and pulling effect. You would think this takes intentions but all it takes is to release yourself from this constant pushing and pulling effect, once you release yourself from such actions, there are no desires and intentions.

Desires and needs: I think there is a big difference between desire and need here, I look at the human race as needing to release itself after so many years of desires and intentions, the question is, do we need to desire to do this?

Desire is active intentions, this is what we have experienced as a collective all these years, now need is more about passive intentions, there is no actual action because no action is needed, all what one has to do is release oneself from active intentions. It takes a need not a desire to change this. We needed the desires to have a need to stop desiring but what I am saying is we don't need a desire to stop desiring, all this will do is continue the pushing and pulling effect I feel. It is now all to do with a need not a desire.

Wow, Mathew. How long have you been holding this inside yourself. You really have had some interesting stuff happening. That's good. Loved to read what you have said here. Keep on.

Since I was in my early teens, I am now 51 years old, I've only been coming out with this stuff for about four years now.

Like a lot of people like myself, I have basically experienced what the collective has been experiencing, a lot of motivation which took a lot of intentions and desires to achieve, however, all this did was create even more of the same.

I realised this in my mid-teens, however, I had a (need) to experience what the collective was going through on a personal level just like a lot of other people have, what better way to also become aware on a human level of understanding.

Through all my hardships, I am indeed blessed.

I'm sorry that I clash with some people, that I'm afraid is going to happen as I have an unusual perception that does at times clash with other people's perceptions. Nothing is right or wrong, it's just different.

Anger; is of the controlling factors of the ego, it's the ego being in control over our whole selves, so yes anger is very controlling.

The funny thing is once you let go, power and control become obsolete as well because there is no further need for power and control, power and control over what? This is the passive tranquil stage, there is no need of the action of opposing because there is nothing to have power over, including ourselves, because you have totally released yourself from such actions.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Being Spiritual within Yourself

Written by Mathew Naismith

Extract: Spirituality is a process of personal transformation, either in accordance with traditional religious ideals, or, increasingly, oriented on subjective experience and psychological growth independently of any specific religious context. In a more general sense, it may refer to almost any kind of meaningful activity or blissful experience. There is no single, widely-agreed definition for the concept.

Spiritualism is quite different to spirituality, or being spiritual, in that spiritualism is more defined to the actual belief and communication with spirit’s/ghosts, this also includes reincarnation.  


Extract: 1. Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not material; supernatural: spiritual power.
2. Of, concerned with, or affecting the soul: spiritual guidance; spiritual growth.
3. Not concerned with material or worldly things: led a spiritual life.
4. Of or belonging to a religion; sacred: spiritual practices; spiritual music.

The thing about being spiritual is it’s not supposed to be about material or worldly things but we are often taught to manifest for our own desires, this is brought about by spirituality also being about meaningful activities and blissful experiences.  There seems to be also a definable difference here between being spiritually aware and being actually spiritual in oneself.  I often defined myself in being spiritually aware, full stop but that actually isn’t the case as for a lot of us who are not focused on our own blissful experiences.  

Let’s take a look at sages, shamans, Jesus and Buddha for an example, are they defined as being spiritually aware or spiritual in oneself or both?  These people conducted themselves in many meaningful activities and had many blissful experiences; this must make them spiritually aware rather than being spiritual in oneself?   

What does it take to manifest for our own desires?  Awareness, now what does it take to being spiritual in oneself? A lot more than just being aware, Jesus, Buddha, sages and shamans didn’t become aware overnight, it can take many hours of mental and/or physical pain, and like Jesus, they can take that pain with them to the very end, they are certainly not about manifesting for one’s desires.  

I’ve never manifested for my own desires since I’ve become aware some 40 years ago, I’ve actually done the opposite many times over to assist others, in this time all my needs, as opposed to desires, have been met to one degree or another . In this time I have also had many blissful experiences and many not so blissful experiences, I have not once manifested for such experiences blissful or not.

Now you could say people like Jesus and Buddha manifested for their own blissful experiences and yes they would have had many. As you become aware you experience many blissful moments, however, to a person who is being spiritual in oneself, these moments aren’t manifested, they are part of being spiritual in oneself, this also includes experiencing  not so blissful moments as well.  

These people didn’t just fixate themselves in feeling blissful as they became aware, they experienced everything to do with being spiritual in oneself rather than being spiritually aware.  Is there anything wrong in just being spiritually aware?  There is nothing wrong in this it’s just not being spiritual in oneself.  

Being spiritually aware is just about human development not spiritual development; becoming spiritually aware can help us to become aware of our own spirit, this is until we experience something that’s not so blissful, at this point we choose to only be in bliss. You could imagine if Jesus and Buddha did this, they would have stopped at just being spiritually aware and not gone on to being spiritual within themselves.

Is it worth becoming being spiritual within oneself and should everyone try to become spiritual in this way?

I can experience the most traumatic times and deal with the most obviously destructive people and still come out on top all the times, this is mainly due to realising that everyone has their own path to follow no matter how destructive that might be.  This actually answers the second question, “Should everyone try to become spiritual in this way?” Not if these experiences are not a part of your own path.  If you are fixated to just feeing bliss, that is your path, there are no right or wrong paths just different experiences.

There is something I feel we need to be aware of though, religion has time and time again made the same mistake in manifesting for it’s own desires which in the long run created even more disharmony.  I see so many people today doing the exact same thing, yes it sounds good to manifest for our own desires but it also sounded good when the various religions and churches made it sound good as well.  Everything is consciousness and we think we can manipulate it as we like to our own desires; we seem to be forgetting the cause and effect, action reaction, push and pull.

Pulling something in that feel like bliss to push something out that doesn’t feel like bliss is rejection, there is no acceptance here when everything is consciousness including what we are rejecting.  You don’t have to pull something in to push something out that is less desirable, this is active intentions. Passive intentions take one to change what seems undesirable to something more constructive, something that is more needed than desired.  A more constructive way to exist has become a need not a desire.

Buddha and Jesus felt a need that needed to be met, they didn’t feel a desire, desire would have taken to be of active intentions, pushing and pulling, rejection. They didn’t reject anything; they changed this destructive consciousness within themselves through a need not through a desire.  I said within themselves because it’s always within ourselves, we are not a separate consciousness, consciousness is consciousness no matter what, it’s all of the same consciousness, this is why it seems  strange to me why so many people reject any part of this conciseness to pull in a more desirable conscious experience .

Like Jesus, Buddha, sages and shaman, all you have to do is change this consciousness not reject it for something more blissful , what you have rejected doesn’t go away, as human history quite plainly shows us, but what we change can last forever if we do it for a need rather than a desire.         

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Recreating a Sterile Environment

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: I thought I better add a supplement to this post as some people have taken this in a different way to what this post is actually about. Everyone desires, desiring is fine like desiring a ring or holiday for instance but it’s how we desire that effects our reality. Take desiring a ring for instance, are we helping others fulfil their needs when we buy such a ring to not giving a thought to how it’s effecting our environment and other people.   

I’ve been away for a week’s holiday cruising around the Coral Sea islands experiencing the best of the best people one could ever want to experience.   My wife & I ended up giving nearly $200.00 in tips alone.  This has a fair bit to do with my reply to a post on how we are our own masters. 

We will continue to so call suffer as long as we refuse to accept to just live for our needs as opposed desires.

To live for just our needs is far more spectacular than living for our desires, what I am experiencing at the very moment utterly proves this to me.

I don't personally desire a better existence however we have come to a collective point that what we need will now surpass anything desire could have ever given us.

Our needs have outstripped our desires, we no longer live in a sterile virtually untouched environment mentally, physically or spiritually.

To live in a hut with very few possessions is living for a need however most of us live in an environment of contaminated consciousness. This brings us to desire a better existence & the more we desire this better existence the more we contaminate this consciousness turning it into something even more chaotic.

How many centuries have various people & cultures been praying, chanting & meditating for a better existence & all what has come from this is more chaos & degradation of one kind or another????

Our needs have changed from a once sterile environment, all we have to do to recreate another sterile environment is stop desiring I believe.

Ask yourself honestly, what has caused a once sterile environment to become unsterile & contaminated? The answer is of course desire, feel on this!!

My wife & I desired to go on a cruise but inadvertently helped these beautiful people out by taking the cruise in the first place & giving the tips we did when appropriate.  Our desire fulfilled someone else’s need so was our desire any longer just a desire?  This is the trick, knowing when we are living by our own personal desires to living for our own and other people’s needs.  

I think once our own personal desires fulfils other people’s needs we are no longer living by our own desires but for a need.  However if my wife and I never considered tipping, especially the amount we did, or considered how we have helped others by taking such a trip, I believe we would be living by our desires.  

There is another trick in not living by our own desires but for needs, no matter how influential, affluent or aware/knowledgeable we are supposably over and above others, we should never see ourselves being exalted or lowlier people than others. Once we see ourselves as a higher or lowlier ranked person than anyone else we have begun to live by our desires instead of our and other people’s needs I believe. This is just my perception on this. 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Spirituality and Manifestations

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is more to do with an observation than an actual insight or channelling in regards to manifesting however I do get feelings of alarm bells going off when mixing manifested desires with spirituality. At best spirituality is about living for our needs as opposed to desire, there are many actual spiritualists who have very few needs and the less needs they need to live by the less controlling the ego is.

I’m coming across time and time again spiritually aware people or self-proclaimed spiritualists coxing others to manifest for their own desires as opposed to needs.   It is actually surprising how little one needs in life to be happy, it would also seem the less needs you live your life by the happier you are especially for a spiritually aware person.  However we are not just talking about living our lives by our needs but desires here and of course the more you need and desire the more controlling the ego is.

Now all this self-manifesting is supposed to help the collective, by feeding our own desires we are changing our vibrations to something more positive which in turn is supposed to help the collective, this to me sounds awfully egoist. What is the mentality of a multinationals? It works by the exact same principles, by building up my own empire I am creating jobs thus assisting the collective but of course our spiritually aware egos just don’t want to see the similarities here between multinational desire and spiritual desire.

It all comes down to one’s own perception, a spiritually aware person can’t or won’t see the similarities between  one desire to another, however the funny thing is, multinationals can see these similarities.  You just wonder sometimes who is more aware!!  

So we are conning ourselves that, if we manifest for our own desires we are serving the collective, this is supposed to positively change the collective vibration to something less chaotic. Why is piracy, greed, slavery, promiscuity and so on becoming a lot more prevalent?  It is obvious the more we feed the self-serving egos desires the more chaotic life will become.  

What if we decided not to feed our own desires under false pretences as mentioned above, what would happen to the collective vibration? For starters you wouldn’t have people manifesting for their own desires thus feeding their own egos, the controlling factors of the ego would diminish somewhat. This in turn would create a collective vibration of living for a need instead of desire.

If we all lived for our needs, as opposed to desires, you could say this is going to cost people’s their jobs and financial security thus adding to the misery. Yes that is what we presume however I believe we will be happier mainly because we need less to live by.  Once you stop feeding the ego it’s desires the less chaotic life will become quite automatically without effort. Ask yourself, why is it so hard to be spiritually content and happy? The harder it is to be spiritually content and happy the more I feel we are feeding the ego it’s desires, I believe manifesting for our own desires is falling into the self-serving egotist trap.

Once I sit within my own quietness I’m aware that I have no desires, absolutely no desires what so ever, now you can’t get more at peace and content than that however when I allow myself to desire again I am no longer content , funny that isn’t it!!  

Self-manifesting for one’s own desires makes one feel good only because of the effect it has on our brain chemistry, when we are talking about the brain we are talking about the mind being the master again. As mentioned in previous posts, the mind is ego so of course it’s going to want to feel good however this kind of pleasure is transitory mainly because we need to keep feeding the ego it’s desires.

I personally know a few millionaires; to feel good they need to keep accumulating wealth and once that wealth diminishes, even slightly, they become depressed again. This is exactly like being addicted to drugs, once the endorphins within the brain diminish so does our happiness but only if we allow the ego mind to be the master.  

Sitting in one’s own quietness, you don’t rely on the mind to keep you happy and content, yes what you feel within this quietness does produce happy endorphins however the ego mind isn’t in control and the master here, you are!!    

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Question of Desire in Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting little exchange between me another person called Katie on Google community pertaining to using desire within spiritual growth. One must realise, like Katie, that when using desire as a method towards spiritually awareness that desire can be influenced, unbeknownst to us, by the controlling ego however it is a powerful tool if used correctly. 

I personally believe we shouldn’t inquire at all however seen as we have been conditioned to inquire for many centuries now we should continue this process until we realise we no longer need the ego or even the need to inquire. If we were brought up from the start to rely totally on our inner knowing we wouldn’t need to inquire because all we would need to know would be known through the inner self however we weren’t that lucky so we do need to continue the process of human inquiry but being aware at the same time of how controlling the ego can secretly be.  Katie’s a good example of  this awareness I believe.

Hello Dear Mathew, at this Time in Our Human Evolution Inquiry mixed with Inner-standing is a key element to us waking up to, who we truly are spiritually. For so long most people (not all) have been following the Status Quo: "My family is christian, Jewish, Muslim.... ". Never really taking the time to Inquire or Question whether that particular path was a good fit for them or not.

This New Global Inquire is occurring because our Source Spirit Self is able to connect at deeper levels through the Energetic Changes going on Universally. This Inner Desire is a Deep driving Passion for us all to branch out and reassess and Expand Our Horizons.

The Ego while currently distorted and not functioning as originally design has twisted up the True Meaning of Desire with fear of lack and being in opposition or competition with itself/All life Everywhere. In actuality, desire or passion is what can take us out of seeing and being the Little Human Us and bring us into the Big God Source First Eternal Us.

We as Source had the Desire to Create Manifest Expression with all its nuances of Being.
It is what continually drives me to question why "me do what me do". What is the Program or Belief running the Me instead of "I" running the Show.

I would like to say in many ways I am at a Happy medium but I really do not want to stop where I am at. I do not want to say that I have figured it all out and I do not need to inquire anymore. I want to inquire with every skill I have available ( intuition, Being Awareness, logic, listening....) to stretch my horizons to Live Huge Now.

G'day Katie

I feel the human trait desire is a very complicated trait to have while becoming spiritually aware because it can be so easily controlled by the ego however our needs are a different matter. If we were brought up from the start to only inquire for our needs you will probably find you will actually get to know more than if you inquired by desire.

Spiritualists in India inquire to start the process for a need but then they sit within their own silence sometimes for years on end & when they find enlightenment they realised they needn’t have inquired at all from the start. At the human level we think we need to inquire using desire but that’s not totally true however to get past certain human blockages we need to humanly inquire.  The trick is, from the beginning, not to humanly inquire but rely completely on one’s inner knowing from the start however anyone who is already attached to inquiring through human means will have to continue to go through the human process of inquiry but for one’s needs not desire I believe because desire can be too easily controlled by the ego without us knowing. Just imagine for one moment if we from the very start were taught to rely on our inner selves knowing, it’s extremely far more powerful than acquiring knowledge through human inquiry & of course it would produce a much better world because you haven’t got the ego trying to control us through our desires or even needs.    

When you fall within your own complete quietness all what one needs to know just flows without any inquiry, it’s as if it comes by magic out of thin air which is strange even to me because I’m always in physical pain, I must love it somehow!!!!!!   

Don’t get me wrong here Katie I’m quite ignorant however I am at this point quite content with my own ignorance, I have no needs or desires at this point.

I should also say we don’t always, like yourself, inquire for our own needs or desires but inquire for the needs & desires of others, we think it’s for us but it’s not especially for a truly spiritually aware person as yourself I believe.  It’s funny; we express the ego so that others may gain!!

Love you girl, keep up the good work.

PS Do you mind if I used our little exchange here for a post for my blog, I will even add the link to your site as I feel you will use desire in the right context to help others. 

If you are interested the following link will send you to Katie’s blog titled Alignment In Spirit.
These Teachings about Bio Spiritual Self Help Healing are neither a New or Old Religion, rather they are just keys to Re-Awakening the Organic Inner You, to what you have forgotten about your True Being. With this Re-newed knowledge you will be able to see and know clearly, why you perform certain acts and believe certain things in just the way you do. Please keep an open Mind as you get the first little *aha* moments of Re-membering and then you will rapidly begin to un-ravel the mystery to all the questions that seem to be always Lurking just out of Perceptual Range in your Conscious Mind. These questions are not out of Conscious Perceptual Range by chance, we are running so many programs (like a Computer) that we are totally un-aware of most times.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Faultless Reality

Written by Mathew Naismith

Fault Finding: First we should ask, what would a faultless reality be like? This of course depends on one’s own perspective; to a spiritually aware person it would have to be a reality full of unconditional love, understanding, contentment & acceptance however to a materialist for example what we have right now is perfect as it has all the right ingredients to manifest materialism for our desires.  Materialism isn’t of unconditional love, understanding, contentment & acceptance, it’s more self-serving & needs none of these attributes that spiritually aware people try to obtain so is a materialistic reality faulty to a spiritually aware person?

The answer of course is a big fat yes however if we asked, let’s say, a spiritualists as opposed to a spiritually aware person from India, what would their answer be if asked,” is this reality faulty’?  You most probably won’t get a direct answer but an answer like this, “If you perceive it to be faulty then it’s faulty”, so what is this answer actually portraying? By the act of seeing a fault in the first place we are inadvertently manifesting the said fault into existence & by persisting with this fault finding we are enhancing such manifestations most of the times unbeknownst to us.  Spirituality isn’t the only form of existence that does this, materialism works in the same way.  

Materialism is all about fault finding, how else can we improve on materialistic objects & the way we sell these materialistic objects to people if it wasn’t for fault finding but what does fault finding portray?  Pure & simple judgment however if materialism is all about judgement what is spirituality portraying when it finds faults like with this reality for example? Judgment of course even after we have convinced ourselves we are no longer in judgement. To improve on anything judgement is first needed so if spiritually aware people like myself see that we can improve on this reality what are we doing? Judging of course, we just don’t seem to be able to get away from judgment but that’s not quite true.  An actual spiritualist doesn’t first of all see a fault with this reality so therefore no judgement has been made so what do they see? First of all true spirituality is about acceptance, it’s pointless becoming spiritually aware without being accepting straight up otherwise you will most probably be chasing your tail around for some time.  To a true spiritualist there can be only a difference at most because a true spiritualist is foremost accepting of any circumstance they find themselves in & this is why acceptance is so important straight up.

Need & Desire: So does this all mean we just sit back & let it all happen & do nothing? No, this is why we have human form to make changes & be non-accepting therefore judgmental & fault finding on the things we need, not desire, to change.  The big difference between a materialist & a spiritually aware person should be one is of desire the other of need & it’s the difference between these two that makes the difference here in regard to judgement & fault finding.  A true spiritually aware person will have a need to amend our ways however spiritually aware people must be aware of the difference between need & desire here as to desire to amend our ways can be far more destructive & disruptive & more about  being judgemental  instead of just being in judgment.

Let’s go back to a spiritually aware person being non-accepting so they may help amend our ways, does a true spiritualist look down at this kind of behaviour?  To a true spiritualist it is also accepted to be non-accepting even of themselves at times displaying non-acceptance, they accept that this non-acceptance is human & we are human so of course we will all portray such human tendencies as being non-accepting however once again it is wiser & more spiritual to be accepting than to judge.  This brings us back to the dilemma, to do anything one must be in judgement to act however this also comes back to making judgement on a need compared to a desire.  It is far more desirable for a spiritually aware person to make judgement on a need & the need in this case for a spiritually aware person is to amend our ways & allow the Earth & ourselves collectively as a species to heal however we must realise we are still in judgement otherwise we wouldn’t lift a finger without judgement but judgement for our need not desire.

Faultless Reality:  To me there are no faultless realities because there are no realities with faults to start with. An average spiritually aware person will see faults like with the ego for example or the chaos & mayhem that is going on in the world because to a spiritually aware person this is disruptive to their newly found feelings of oneness, enlightenment, unconditional love, acceptance & the big one, contentment for without contentment you really can’t truly attain any of the other experiences mentioned here.   If we are not content we can’t obtain these attributes mentioned so spiritually aware people find themselves in a materialistic reality that is quite disruptive to them so they judge this reality as being faulty in some way but what are we really doing here, is this of a need or is it of desire?  

It would seem like a need but before I answer this question we should ask here, why do we feel discontent when becoming spiritually aware? It’s mainly because of the disruptions to our spiritual lives but it goes much deeper than that.  What we do is compare this reality to our newly found realties because we do, while becoming aware, find ourselves experiencing different realities & some of them are far less chaotic than ours. Now we can see desire come into the picture here. We desire to keep feeling good & positive as opposed to what this reality is mainly because we have found faults in it in comparison to our newly found realities.  This isn’t a need but a desire, if we are at all discontent it is of desire but if we are content it’s of a need obviously.

Using myself as an example; I have had a chronic disability since I was six years old, I am now fifty years old & with this chronic injury comes never ending chronic pain. I do to this day I can’t see any faults within this reality at the spiritual level & my disability is only the tip of the iceberg in what I have experienced throughout my life. I should also mention here I don’t take pain killers of any kind so how do I cope so well? I just don’t see a fault just an experience that is different to most people. I did mention I don’t see faults at the spiritual level so does this mean I see faults at the human level? Most definitely however it’s more about fault finding as a need than a desire most of the times however  I love expressing my human self so yes I do at times judge through my desires but I do notice the discord in this as opposed to my judging through a need these days.

This reality is one big WOW for me, I wish I could do this feeling justice & explain it better but WOW will have to do. How could I feel this about such a disruptive & destructive reality?  We spiritually aware people keep focusing on the disruptive & destructive parts of this reality but it’s much much more than that. Every conceivable emotion & experience can be encountered here; this is not a common thing in realities. I don’t just feel disruptiveness & destructiveness but all of what we are able to experience in this reality when I get the big WOW feeling all at the same time; it’s a very special reality believe it or not.   So should we all be this content with this reality the way it is? Not on your nelly (life) because that is what makes this reality such a big WOW, we see a fault & then we see a need as opposed to a desire to change it however non-spiritually aware people will display more of a desire than a need which adds to the flow of things within this reality. Trust me this is a very special reality indeed so in all to me it’s a faultless reality.