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Sunday, 21 August 2016

We Are Not The Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's incredible becoming aware of the difference between each person or groups of people, not just at the human level but at the soul level as well, in actuality, there is more of a difference between consciousness's at the soul level than at the human level. Yes, to certain groups of souls, levels exist within human consciousness and soul consciousness, however, to certain groups of souls who are aware they are not the soul, levels can only exist within consciousness's that believe they are the soul consciousness or even human consciousness. This means these souls can comprehend vast amounts of perceptions because there consciousness is not limited to levels.

Levels and Ego: How many people believe that souls and humans, have to go through various conscious levels to become aware, it's like we start off at the first level infancy, then go onto childhood and then adolescence and finally adulthood. Each stage is awareness building. Souls to a lot of people work in a simular fashion, what is above is also below, however the concept of what is above is also below isn't the case when a soul is able to perceive beyond these levels.

The reason for this entirely lies in how the soul perceives. Imagine for one moment if we are aware of being aware that we are, from the start, of this creative consciousness, God's consciousness or of the collective consciousness as a whole or what ever you want to call it. Any soul that can perceive this, will obviously be able to perceive beyond these levels we limit ourselves to. Now imagine how hard it is for certain souls to comprehend this or even want to comprehend this, certain souls just don't want to comprehend perceiving beyond levels for a very good reason.

A point to be made here; how many children today express a more mature wiser expression without going through various level of experience? One reason for this lays in how children today are allowed to freely express themselves without having to go through various levels to do so. Perceiving in levels are obviously limiting, we need to realise this.    

I know there are a lot of people who will totally disagree with me when I say that the soul is ego, there are  people who even believe that the soul doesn't have an ego period. No person who doesn't, in some way, want to comprehend a lot of what I write about, won't like what I write. Once again, this is for a very good reason.

A lot of people also firmly believe that all souls have to go through these levels to evolve and become more aware through each level of experience, it's sort of likened to maturing from a immature unaware state to a more mature aware state. This isn't the case for all souls, some souls choose to go through these levels one by one and other don't. We then might presume that any soul that chooses to go through these levels, is controlled by the ego to do so, being that its the ego that wants to go through these levels when it clearly doesn't have to.

The soul can be controlled by the ego but it's not the controlling ego that chooses to experience existences level by level, could you imagine a controlling ego wanting to go from level to level when it can have it all in an instance void of levels!! The soul chooses to experience this kind of existence or not because one kind of existence isn't more worthy to experience than the another, all experiences are worthy at the soul level for certain souls but not all souls see that all existences are worthy, this too is a part of the experience. However, all existences are worthy at the God like level of consciousness, a state of consciousness where levels just don't exist, basically, the God like consciousness being of the consciousness of collective consciousness as a whole. Imagine a consciousness with no levels to give a consciousness judgment period!!

True Writing: What I mostly write about isn't for the souls who chose to exist by levels, basically, my writings are really only for those souls who are able to comprehend perceptions beyond these levels. At no point do I want to try to convince souls, existing by levels, that they don't have to experience existences through levels, in actuality, no soul that is primarily existing by levels, are able or have the desire to comprehend my writings, they shouldn't even try, especially at the human level of understanding.

However, there is a reason why people like me turn up when the shit hits the fan, meaning, when human consciousness becomes too destructive. Basically, we try to put balance back into a consciousness, a prime example of this was in ancient Egypt. We are not here to force balance, we are here to encourage balance and wisdom, however, if the collective human consciousness chooses otherwise, so be it because as I said, no existence is more worthy than another, just maybe a little wiser way to go at times.

It is important what we reflect especially in how we express ourselves through writing for instance. We must write true to ourselves, meaning, we must write for ourselves, not for other people because being true makes all the difference. We might think how can people like me bring balance when we don't attract the people who need that balance most of all!! If we are true in what we write, our expressions will reflect this trueness onto the collective consciousness bringing it balance, however like I said, if the collective consciousness chooses to ignore this in the end, so be it.

The way we express love is vitally important as well, at the moment love is being over used and abused in a simular fashion to religion at times. So often have I discover that the love that some people express is fake, especially unconditional love. Often this so called unconditional love, has more conditions attached to it, not less. It's vitally important to be true to bring balance into a consciousness, I cannot express this enough.           

So in all, is it important that we become aware we are not the soul but of the soul? Not for everyone, we must go along with what the soul path and journey is but at the same time realising that the soul might need to be balanced as well to create a balanced reality. We are not our soul but we are of the soul, realising this helps bring balance back to the human and soul consciousness. Any true sense of balance and trueness, especially in our own expressions, naturally creates peace and harmony, and yes love, however,  true sense of love only comes from a true sense of expression, this is the same with all of what we express. In the age of false prophets/people. Try to be as true to yourself as possible, this is all you need to do.......    

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Expressive Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: I think this post is important for a lot of people to read right through, if you are active on forum sites in particular, this post  just might help you to communicate with others a little better; it’s certainly worth a try anyway.

We can look at the ego and judged it being whatever we want to see it as, but of course to judge the ego to start with is to also be expressive of the ego, it’s like the ego is in judgement of the ego, what else could judge the ego being bad or good?  There is of course is nothing else but the ego!!

Recently I was on a sight, which I have been a member on for a number of years now; that certain people on this site kept saying wrong, this was wrong that was wrong. At one stage, any post or link supporting a post that these people disagreed with was deemed as wrong in any way they could think up. This is the clincher, if anyone mentioned that these people, who were clearly expressive of one of the most destructive ego traits, were making it personal, they denied it and clearly went on about how wrong it was to say that they were being personal.  In turn it wasn’t the people who were being expressive of the word wrong so much that had an ego issue but the people who were on the receiving end of this egotistical expression. What a funny turn around but what was even funnier was the expression of wrong was used while discussing a thread about honesty and dishonesty within spirituality. These people, who were obviously being expressive of one of the most destructive traits of the ego, turned everything around to suite themselves; honesty wasn’t a part of the discussion at all it would seem.  

I believe the ego can be positive and or negative within it’s expressions, it’s really not necessary if you agree with this or not at the moment.  Expressing a wrong in anyone, including yourself, is being expressive of one of the most destructive traits of the ego so in turn all it will do is destroy.  That is exactly what this expression did within this discussion about honesty and dishonesty.

One of the first posts posted, in reply to this thread about honesty and dishonesty within spirituality, was explicitly expressive of the destructive ego expression wrong but also the thread was deemed as being dishonest. Now this reply wasn’t deemed by the repliers of this thread to be personal.  

The ego is of the personal self, it’s not of the collective self, it is personal so any expression of the ego, either it be negative or positive, is obviously personal.  These people, who were so expressive of the destructive trait of the ego, were in total denial of making the conversation personal. We must remember here that the discussion was about honesty and dishonesty, why did these people express so much displeasure in discussing such a topic in the first place and why act so destructively?  

They were in total denial that they were being so expressive of such a destructive trait, in other words they were lying to themselves. This is a good enough reason for the negative destructive ego to go on the defensive, which it did, by expressing itself in the only defensive way it can by being even more expressive of the destructive negative ego. Their ego was in total disagreement with anything they saw as being wrong so they reacted accordingly to their ego trait.

At the same time I was having this discussion on this site, I was having another discussion on another site with another person, and we disagreed with each other’s view. At no time was the expression of wrong, or anything like it, ever expressed between the two of us , the discussion went along quite smoothly but why the difference? These two discussions were still expressive of the ego therefore personal however the big difference was one was being expressive of the negative ego and the other the positive ego. Even though the ego is personal, no matter what, the positive expressive trait of the ego wasn’t personal as such but the negative expressive trait of the ego obviously was.  When a discussion becomes truly personal, that is a good sign that the negative expressive trait of the ego is in control.

Now you could say I am in judgement here, which is of course judged by a lot of people as being bad in some way, ego judging the ego as being bad.  Because the ego can be expressive of either the negative or positive traits of the ego or both, judgment is also of this value, it can also be negative (destructive) or positive (constructive) or of course both.  This is of course because judgement is of the ego.  I might be wrong….whoops, not entirely right in being in judgment of others but at least I’ve been constructive of my expressions.  This is something we have very rarely practiced in human history, using the ego positively instead of negatively.  Why jump the gun and just judge the ego as just being bad when we haven’t experienced and lived in a world mostly influenced by the positive ego?  Before totally judging the ego as just bad, why not give the other side of the ego a chance to prove itself first!!