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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Spirituality and the New World Mentality

Written by Mathew Naismith

What’s the new world mentality in spirituality? To answer this we need to understand what the old mentality was and still is first.  

When we think of dogmas, doctrines, various religious practices, karma, meditation, praying, chanting and so on we know this is in relation to spiritualism in some sense. A lot of these ideologies and practices stem right back in time to the dawn of man, well almost anyway.  So is this what I mean by old world mentality? Well not exactly but they are obviously of this old world mentality.

Recently I have been getting a bit of a rebuff from some of my posts which is fine and quite normal at times, it’s expected mainly because my posts usually bring up views that clash with other people’s views.  Recently I’ve been called a few names and accused of being this that and the other but what is this saying, not about me but the name callers? It’s obviously a reaction that’s meant to be destructive in some way but this is coming from spiritually aware people like myself……..well sort of!!

By the reactions I’m getting I’m some kind of threat but why when all I am doing is pointing out my views that’s all. None of my views come from an ism so what’s the problem?  Could it be old world mentality rejecting new world mentality?

I incorporate spirituality, science/psychology, philosophy and history within my views and I accept just about anything that takes my attention like metaphysics for example. I don’t hold myself to one or two ideologies, concepts, beliefs or perceptions; I like to be aware, to some extent, of everything.  Is all this I just mentioned of this new world mentality? Well actually no however they are of this new world mentality.  So what is new and old world mentality?

For starters, new world mentality has nothing to do with mixing the sciences with spirituality, in the eastern thinking countries this has been going on for centuries and to some extent in western thinking countries. For example Muslims where once quite deep into the sciences and philosophies and the same can be said of the Chinese and another good example is yoga so you can’t say outright the mixing of sciences, spirituality and philosophies denote new world mentality. So what is the difference between old and new world mentality?

If we go back to some of the deliberate destructive responses I have been getting lately I believe you can see, by becoming an observer, what I mean about old world mentality. What actually sticks out in these deliberate destructive responses?  Fear and ego comes to mind but what actually sticks out and says,” hay you can’t miss me”?  Destruction, this has obviously been man’s mentality all these centuries because that is exactly what he has done all this time, yes he’s constructed and created a lot but he has had to destroy a lot to accomplish this.

The difference between old and new world mentality is of course destruction and construction, one destroys to build upon a certain set perception and the other constructs to incorporate everything of what is without destroying anything period.  Being constructive without destroying anything is in my mind new world mentality.

Have I completely taken on this new world mentality? No not completely but I am aware of the difference between old and new world mentality, it’s a start and a journey we can all make together to obtain.