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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Giving a True Sense of Assistance

Written by Mathew Naismith 

I was recently presented with a person that is going through insurmountable trauma at present, part of the trauma brought about by external forces also includes their partner; this of course exasperates the trauma. By the sounds of it, my assistance is greatly assisting this person to cope better with this said trauma.

When we seemingly have no control over these kinds of external influences, the ego goes into spasm, basically, the ego chucks a patty, meaning, the ego becomes infuriated. The ego simply has to have control, or more precisely, a sense of control even when the ego is never really in control itself, of course the ego denies it's never in control and this is the point. When the ego grasps a hold on a judged positive, as a sense of control is, it will deliberately stay ignorant to everything else.

Positive thinking isn't just destructive to everything negative (dark), it's a high state of ignorance which can exasperate trauma to the extent of hate. How many people of positive thinking hate negative thinking (dark)? Of curse the ego in a false sense of control will categorically refute that it hates. Purposely going into a state of ignorance of something detestable is a form of hate to start with.

This person I'm assisting at present isn't a naturally hating person but they mentioned hating someone, of course during our discussion, we found that this person didn't really hate which was a load off their mind to start with. Anger can lead to hate but anger within itself isn't of hate. At this point the ego is simply infuriated not being in control, only when the ego has no or little control can anger lead to hate. How many people hate being negative or of expressing the ego? It is obvious to people like me it's got to this point of hating, probably primarily due to our present reality being so hatful and destructive.

When people like me express balance and moderation in these circumstances, we are often put down by people who are either of one or the other. The ego simply has to have or take control in these circumstances, any other way is simply deliberately ignored (refuted) or put down (degraded). Yes, people like me are hated for expressing balance and moderation; this has been too obvious from an ego trying to gain more and more control. This reminds me of religious fanatics and multinational who just simply can't get enough control. Any kind of detesting is a form of hate; this includes detesting not having or gaining more and more control and the detestation of negatives (darkness).

What I have gone through in certain parts of my life would be judged by many positive thinking people and of love and light people of being negative (dark). If you simply have no awareness of one or the other, dark of the light, positive of the negative, how would you truthful be able to assist people in this kind of reality? By preaching and destroying everything not positive and of love and light!!

How many people are trying to help other people by influencing others of their way of control while deliberately staying ignorant to what they detest themselves?  Multinational detest being poor and not being in control. Religious fanatics, positive thinking people and people only of love and light are exactly the same, but their egos will tell them otherwise as always. If I didn't go through the life I did, would I have a right to even try to assist people in trauma? How many people on the net are doing just this?  It's insurmountable while at the same time being deliberately ignorant to most of what is, even to balance and moderation.

To live in ignorance of everything except of one idealism, isn't awareness and is certainly not of a true sense of positive being or of love and light, for there is simply no true sense of love and awareness in ignorance, especially when it's deliberate.

I have spoken to a number of people on this. A pure sense of awareness is love and light, being that light and love is this pure awareness state, for example, Buddhism speaks of this pure awareness. You simply can't get into this state while detesting everything else not of this state, in any sense, for this pure aware state is not of a controlling ego that has to be in control in one way or another. As soon as the ego labels this state as love and/or light, it's of a controlling ego and of ignorance to everything that is not of itself.

I often say to people to just walk away if any form of control is causing you trauma, of course the ego desires to anything but just simply walk away, it desires to take back control even to the point of hating. Hate and detesting anything gives the ego a sense of control when in actuality the ego is less in control. This person I am trying to assist now realises that any sense of hate or detestation is in actuality a loss of control. As I have said before, you need to use the ego against itself. Give the ego a sense of control but in a more truthful manner.

How many multinationals are in control of their greed and power mongering? How many people of positive thinking and of love and light are truly in control when they are purposely existing in ignorance?  It's impossible for any of these people to truthfully assist other people not of their own. Yes, they can deceptively influence people but not honestly because an ego that desires to take control is anything but truthful.

This pure awareness state that seems like love and light to the ego is simply not about control, it's simply being that is everything of this awareness which of course includes an ego in control. Everything is because there is no control, only a false sense of control.

To put it simply, I could not truthfully assist people in trauma if it wasn't for my own traumas in life and especially having an awareness of the controlling ways of the ego. You simply need to be aware while avoiding all extremes when applicable to truthfully assist other people.        

Friday, 21 November 2014

Assisting the Whole Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a reply to my post titled, Is the Human Race worth Saving, I found in profound so I thought I would share it with you.

When we really really save ourselves from our very created prison, we are saving not only the human race but the entirety without limitation or boundary as all our senses, sensors and sensed are free altogether. 

Indeed, it's an illusion if we think we have saved ourselves when others are still to be saved, it's all or nothing.

The funny thing is, I was thinking of writing about how I’m always surrounded by people who need help in one sense or another, some of these people in a serious way. I thought if I was to only manifest for my own desires, these people wouldn’t have me around to help them.  We can’t always be around the people that make us feel good, this to me is self-indulgent however at times we do indeed need to move away from people who are highly destructive within their mentality, this is self-preservation not self-indulgent.   

The strange thing is, the more spiritually aware I become the more people I attract that need some sort of assistance either that be minor or something quite more serious. Yes I could sit within my self-manifested world of bliss and ignore all the cries for help, and I have done this to a certain extent in the past, but Eddie in my mind is correct, to truly save ourselves we need to all be saved as one entity not separate entities.  I think this is what Eddie is trying to make us realise within his messages, we do indeed need to just wake up out of our sleep.

Because I’m quite often jovial, my presence is enough at times, you don’t always need to do something deliberate to help others cope better, actually at times being more than just ourselves could make things worse at times.  

The people who become spiritually aware, and are here to assist, will attract vibrations that need assistance to become more constructive, this can vary greatly from work colleagues, clients, family and friends who put other people down to make themselves feel good to people with serious mental  problems.  Becoming spiritually aware does have it’s responsibilities, which like I said, at times I have myself neglected however one should never allow others to feed off of you . This means assisting people to assist themselves not assisting people to the extent that they become totally reliant on you.  Allowing other people to become reliant on you isn’t helping you or them, yes it might be nice for our egos but you’re not really helping anyone but your ego.

I had a lass from Asia come to me recently conversing about how a white Australian keeps putting her down, she is quite aware of the situation because she realises this person is the one with the problem not her. I think her Buddhist background has certainly helped with this understanding.  This lass didn’t need much of an assistance just conformation in the way she saw the situation. Anyone who uses other people to make themselves feel good in anyway needs understanding, an understanding by us that they feel that insecure and inadequate that they need to put other people down to make themselves feel good.  This isn’t a very good way to exist and yes they too need our assistance and understanding, it’s not easy living in ignorance especially when you don’t realise this!!

I have also attracted people with serious social and/or mental problems; does this mean I’m only manifesting likeminded people? Not exactly, I have myself worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life; other people’s problems have always been a part of my life. I certainly do believe it's an illusion if we think we have saved ourselves when others are still to be saved, it's all or nothing.

I also have a number of nurses in my life and other welfare workers and people into yoga and Reiki and so on, what I have manifested is a life to assist others not to just assist myself.  Don’t get me wrong here, assisting yourself is vitally important, like I said it’s self-preservation but one, especially if you are spiritually aware, need to understand we just can’t help ourselves and neglect the rest of our self, it’s all or nothing. We do indeed need to become more responsible, not just for ourselves but for the whole of ourselves.  

Most often you don’t need to do anything to help others but be who you are as a spiritual aware person; this can be enough at times. If you are attracting more and more people who need assistance as you become more aware, my advice would be to assist them to assist themselves.  In the welfare arena we always (only) assisted people to assist themselves, being spiritually aware is no different in my mind, if a person is persistently destructive within their ways, go into self-preservation mode and pull away but ever so gently and sincerely.  Depending on how connected you are, you will do this anyway; actually these people who are persistently destructive will pick up on your vibes and move away on their own.  This will only happen if you detach from them completely, if you are still reacting to them, they will hold on to you no matter what.

Is it easy becoming spiritually aware? It is certainly not an easy path to follow but as we become more connected, that path becomes a lot easier to traverse as we become more aware, really, this is not an illusion, it does indeed become easier and more fulfilling.