1. Hi Mathew.

    Brilliant as usual.:)

    We limit our possibilities by only thinking as a physical being and within the limitations of what we think human beings are capable of. If we think as a spirit outside the physical then the possibilities are endless. If we are spirit and not human then do you think there is anything to heal?

    As spirit there is no body or mind just soul.
    When the physical fades away and we have no physical wants or needs because we are ethereal and not physical then the need to heal in the physical is removed. Maybe if we think as spirit in the human body we are more likely to believe that healing the physical is possible.

    As i have said before there is no such thing as darkness only an absence of light.

    take care
    Tawmeeleus x

    1. G'day Tawmeeleus

      It's good to here form you again, how have you been?

      If we became our true state again, spirit? Within the act of becoming spirit again, I think we have automatically become healed. Once we are aware enough of our true state, that is the healing process.

      I've come to the conclusion, to heal we must drop everything that is affecting us like any destructive tendencies brought on by egotism, the sad thing is, most of us don't want to drop these tendencies no matter how destructive they are.

      I certainly agree with your statements here.

      The thing that I think that has happened is, we have become too human, to much of the physical and within this act, we have lost our true connection with our spirit selves giving us an awfully unbalanced reality. We need to balance ourselves out again by becoming reconnected to our spirit which is what people like you and I are doing. I don't know what your thoughts are on this!!

      Much Blessings,
      Mat x