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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Possessed byThe Sword

Written by Mathew Naismith

The content of this post is based on a religious Jew of the name of Yeshayahu Leibowitz, please don't immediately discount what I'm about to present because this post makes  references to religion and a religious Jew. Being possessed by the sword relates to us all either being atheistic, agnostic or religious, we have indeed claimed this land, by the sword, when this land is only on loan to us.     

I'm going to also make reference to the Godless, this isn't in reference to anyone who doesn't religiously believe in a God or a creative consciousness way beyond human comprehension. The Godless is in reference to any consciousness that lives by the sword for to live by the sword, is to claim ownership of the land and it's inhabitants. To also claim ownership is to also live by the sword, being that any sense of ownership is a possession as being possessed. This is simular to a person being possessed by malign spirits, in actuality, it's exactly the same thing in many ways.

It's advisable to watch the following video before reading on.

My Reply: The tragedy is, humans overall have only inherited this land, it's on loan to us but we have literally possessed it. Now the word possession is true in both ownership and demonising of the land and all it's inhabitants. 

The word inheritance means to have contracted a biological and spiritual attributes in reference to the land and it's occupants, as of tribal people, they  know you never own the land you abide on, it's on loan.  

Humans have become of the sword and anything of the sword is owned by taking  it  instead of inheriting it, we are possessed by the sword, in turn possessed everything taken by the sword.

The sad thing is, the Godless are rulers of this land and they are growing in numbers, however, it's not the numbers that count in the end, it's the quality of the numbers that do. You live by the sword so shall you also die by the sword, these Godless are actually committing seppuku but that is the way they are, of self-mutilation. 

The Godless also refer to finite existence, an existence totally based on human consciousness void of the spirit within all things. Once a consciousness becomes void of this spirit, it automatically becomes of the sword, for all that is left within such a consciousness, is the sword. The sword being to kill to survive, this is human legacy, however, once this legacy exists void of the spirit, it becomes entirely possessed by the sword, this in turn gives the possessed the right to possess and kill and the right to even kill in the name of some God or atheistic ideology!!

We might also think that religions are fear based, it's obvious we need to get away from fear based ideologies, religion being one of them. Religion itself isn't fear based, it's telling of our self and what will occur if the self lives by the sword void of the spirit, religion informs us of what will happen if we live entirely by the sword. Hell being in which we create by the sword and what we can take with us after our passing/demise. If a consciousness is still living by the sword after the demise of the human physical self, the hell created by living by the sword will continue. This isn't putting fear into people, it's informing us what will occur, making us more spiritually aware. I should also state, I'm not religious myself, you don't have to be to avoid living by the sword, just be aware of what  living by the sword will create and be aware of the spirit within all things.

True Sense of Fear: I was recently banned from a forum site when I posted my post on the elite, I also posted this same exact post on other forum sites without being banned. When we get to the point of fearing the truth in how it is, in my mind, this is far worse than the fear we have of religion. We have even got to the stage of fearing of being seen expressing the ego, we are not getting less fearful but more. Living by the sword for so long has possessed us to fear more, to basically fear fearing.

Like any consciousness that has been put under prolonged trauma, the human collective consciousness has become excessively traumatised by living by the sword for so long, the human consciousness is now fearing being fearful, it's basically tired of living in fear. In actuality, fear is a constructive attribute to acquire, it's basically informing us we are living by the sword, however, once we fear fearing, any awareness we could have acquired through fear is diminished, this is due to fearing more through fearing fear. It's strange that we have now got to the point of fearing the awareness fear itself can give us.

We are now putting fear and ego as a whole to the sword, when will it stop I wonder!!