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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Using Ideologies and Isms Correctly

                                                    Written By Mathew Naismith

Having consorted on this topic with a number of people recently, including clashes with atheists of one kind or another, it is obvious to me we are using isms and ideologies incorrectly. We are using them as a be and end all, or, an ultimate state of thinking that should suite everyone. Personally, I don't know of any ism or ideology that would suite every, thankfully, on a collective scale, we are too diverse, too unlimited in consciousness for that.

Why limit human consciousness to one consort, one ideological view which dominates and limits our consciousness to one ideological stance? For me, I couldn't imagine being this limited, this encaged by a singular ideology. In saying this though, diversity of consciousness also includes people being very content within their own ideological stance.  

In my own mind, all isms and ideologies should be used as a guide, not a be and end all, an ultimate state of being for all. I would not like to think that human consciousness could ever reach this state of encaged consciousness, a consciousness totally limited by its own conscious limitations. Diversity is the key an ever evolving consciousness.

Having also researched on this topic, I found the following quite interesting and very truthful. It is wise to know that isms and ideologies can and do create bias and even disdain, especially towards an opposing ism or ideology. Once influenced by such isms and ideologies, especially dogmatically, truth becomes a blur, truth basically becomes less truthful.                              

Extract: One of my bigger regrets is publicly declaring myself an atheist.
Not because I’ve made a recent conversion to faith—I’m still confident in my original opinion. Rather, because I believe “-isms” are dangerous, whether it is theism, atheism, vegetarianism, Buddhism or any other philosophy.

I do find the rigid conscious limited stance of atheists that treat atheism, materialism and science as a be an end, as an ultimate all powerful God like ideological ism, are as bad if not worse within their religion than extremist religion. Again, atheism, like any ideological ism, should be treated as guide, not some ultimate all powerful God like entity because this is exactly what is occurring.  

I personally know of a number of atheists, I was once an atheist myself, even my stepdaughter confirms that she is an atheist, for every good reasons I might add. They are not into extremist atheism, an ism that is being treated far more than just a guide to life to think and live by.      

The following will show how some of these kinds of atheists think, to me, there is no logics to the way they think and live. This is an example of westernised atheism, not eastern atheism, there is a difference.


As I have stated before, not all experiences and observations can be proven factually, it doesn't make them untrue to the observer or experiencer. The materialist/atheist stance is, to me, too rigid/dogmatic and illogical.

Everyone dreams including materialists, so if a dream can't be substantiated by hard core facts, the dream didn't occur. This would mean a materialist can't discuss their dreams void of solid evidence that they had an actual dream!! Strange logic's for a people who have a go at other people's logic's or lack of.

I do understand materialist/atheist ideological views, especially when limited to primary materialist perspectives.

I do however use a lot of actual experiences and observation, at times supported by scientific evidence. In a sense, I have a right to talk about my dreams void of physical evidence. How do you debate or even question a non-psychical occurrence void of actual evidence? It's totally illogical to even try but materialists do exactly this which shows how illogical they too can be!!

Fact and truth; I had a number of dreams last night.

Fact and truth; there is no knowable evidence of me having these dreams.

Fact and truth; I had these dreams even when the lack of evidence proves otherwise.

Fact and truth; the reliance on evidence to prove an occurrence occurred can often be flawed.

In my mind, we need to be more truthful with ourselves, evidence can be and is often flawed, this doesn't include actual tampering of evidence either!!


You have got to understand this stance of a lot of westernised atheists. To acknowledge observation and actual experience as evidence, would be to open themselves up to observation and actual experiences from opposing ideologies as evidence as well. The deception here is that atheists also rely on observation and actual experience as a prime source of evidence at times as well.

If you label an opposing ideology hypocritical, this deceptively takes the emphasis off their own hypocrisy, yes, its fraudulent behaviour by a lot of westernised atheists of today. It's sad that many atheists have turned atheism and science into yet another religion, yet another be and end all ism/ideology!!    

Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Hard Way to Learn at Times

Written by Mathew Naismith

Learning from diversity can be a hard road to follow at times, the following is a very disappointing exchange between a good internet friend of mine & myself on my last post titled Living Within Your Divine Self. It is a shame this has to happen but I suppose it’s a part of learning from diversity as well!!

I’ve only inserted the last two responses between us which sound worse than what they are, hopefully!!

Well Mathew,

Have you ever heard the expression 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'?

I think the major difference between you and I is I do not always have to be right all the time. I am human not perfection.

You accuse other people of being conflictive and yet you are conflictive when someone does not agree with you. You impose your beliefs instead of informing sometimes. You can be very intimadating, but I am not intimadated by you.This is not a criticism just an observation because as I said I am not perfect myself.

how could the word omnipresence be a human concept if we only know self?

You say when you were in your teens you had all the knowing of everything. Yet you tell me I get a lot my knowing from books!!! because I have used the word omnipresence.

What I know is from intuition. which is different to my knowledge. Knowledge is what we are taught or 'pick up' knowing is very different to knowledge!

Not very accepting from someone who says that acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

G’day Tawmeeleus

What are you doing on your high horse, I expected better from you when in disagreement of your beliefs!! You’re taking this much to heart & where is your unconditional love? Trust me if you were unconditionally loving in any way you wouldn’t be having ago at me like you are so I would presume from this you don’t know what you are talking about when you talk about unconditional love.

I’m not sprouting I’m right over you all I am doing is discussing different diverse beliefs so please don’t turn this into something it’s not, ease back on the neg ego.

Yes I’m conflictive & yes I’m egotistical at time & all the other bad non-spiritual things but I’m all accepting of all being of the spiritual which is of true oneness not separating everything within its own set slot & labelling it, this is very human nothing more.

Quote:  how could the word omnipresence be a human concept if we only know self?  You don’t get it, who devised the word omnipresence? It was human wasn’t it so it’s of human concept like any written language, think outside the antiquated human communicative concept & then tell me what you see!!

Human knowledge is known to deflect us away from our inner knowing Tawmeeleus especially at the subconscious level.

Reading the last line you’re not being very unconditionally loving at all period. True acceptance is the acceptance of not being accepting as well at times, it’s totality in a nut shell of being totally accepting not just accepting of the things we want to be accepting of but the totality of all.   

Very disappointed indeed, if you’re going through a hard time personally, sorry!!



Separation or Just Diversity of Consciousness’s

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is a very interesting exchange between a good internet friend of mine & myself on the various topics, we are indeed all on different wave lengths but of course we learn from diversity & the following is no different.   

Hi Mathew,
Again Who is it that is reincarnating?
Is it love or is it a self?
There is no I in love.
Unconditional love does not need karma or self'it just is'
take care

G'day Tawmeeleus

You have a problem with the I & self, I don't.

It is the smaller me who is reincarnating or self as you like to put it for the main reason to give my soul experience to learn by through diversity, you can't learn through diversity in being we or I collectively it has to be self & just I which is what gives us diversity to learn by.

I'm sorry but this I stuff that's so popular at the moment is rubbish to me because it represents segregation for starters of one consciousness to another which represents opposing polarities & conflict not oneness. To believe in this segregation you would have to believe everything of time & space to be an illusion when it can’t be because it vibrates so it exists just in a different consciousness not in an opposing consciousness because to have one consciousness the illusion & the other real you have opposing polarities but if there just different consciousness’s there is no opposition or conflict just a difference.

This is exactly what man has done right throughout the old consciousness just past, we need to think differently now for the new consciousness to take effect I believe & stop finding opposing polarities to everything.

Hello Mathew

No. I do not have a problem with any of it,not the way you imply, asking questions and putting another scenario out there is not having a problem.

A problem is the relation between human will and reality. When will and reality do not coincide, the resolution of this gap between reality and will is the solution of the problem. A problem implies a desired outcome coupled with an apparent deficiency, doubt or inconsistency that prevents the outcome from taking place.

I think if someone has a point of view and you do not agree is creating opposing polarities, that were not there in the first place. This is usually a result of one person thinking they are right and that the other is wrong.

Whereas I personally do not believe anyone is right or wrong because everyone only ever has the knowledge that they have! They cannot know what they do not know.

I guess it depends on your intrepretation of what illusion is.

An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation.

When I talk about illusion I mean that what we see as real in the physical is a perception of a physical reality.

Perception like all energy is not real or solid but we have a physical perception, an illusion of real and solid.

have a nice day Mathew

G’day Tawmeeleus

Are you implying I’m implying what you perceive I’m implying, I’m just implying what I perceive not what you perceive obviously.......Don’t take things to heart Tawmeeleus!!!

Forget the human vessel, we put too much emphasis on it because it’s not who we are so what do we have left? The soul & consciousness which of course we are all a part of. Now the soul can be caught up in human attachments to the extent it thinks it’s just a physical entity however you also have souls that are aware as well. The unaware soul seem separated, the only separation there is is the illusion of separation that’s all which comes down to awareness & this usually comes about by having a soul that has an expanded consciousness through diversity which you call separation or the illusion.   What you call separation I call diversity which we expand our consciousness by at the soul & yes human level as well so this naughty separation isn’t that naughty plus it’s the illusion of separation.  When we look from outside the human emotional square there is no separation, if there was, oneness would be totally unattainable because you perceive separation as I don’t see separation but totality. This is like this that & the other is spiritual but everything else isn’t especially all the naughty stuff but I on the other hand see it as all spiritual.

Think totally non-humanly, in this lies the truth however most people can’t do this because of previous programming from various human sources from the start.  Your only looking at this through human eyes obviously, try looking from outside the square inwards, you would be amazed how unseparated we are!!!

Do you know I get into certain conscious states that I can’t decipher half of what is human, even words have no meaning because to me in this state it’s antiquated & out dated, it’s a real strange feeling loosing most of what is supposed to be recognisable humanly to me. You seem to be just talking about human conscious concepts I’m not!!

We are on quite different wave lengths Tawmeeleus to obviously learn what we must!!!



Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Soul-Our Truer Self

 Written by Mathew Naismith

Fixation to Attachments: It is funny how we trick ourselves in believing we only live one life or multiple of separate lives but to a soul that’s aware of itself sees it quite differently, all our lives are as one so what stops the soul & our human selves  from becoming aware of the truer nature of who we really are?  It all comes down to attachments but this isn't saying all attachments are bad just the ones we become too attached to which tend to enhance the negative aspects of our ego.  When our souls become fixated to one or two attachments from life to life we experience similar experiences, we learn little form this because the biggest thing we learn from is diversity & there is very little diversity when we have fixated attachments & human life is no different.

Let’s take a look at people who study all their lives for an example, they know all about what they have read & studies but where is the diversity in this, there’s diversity in what they know but where is the diversity in what they have experienced from their knowing? The soul & the creative source (God) works in the same exact way that is why God created souls to experience it’s knowing not just know of it’s knowing.  When we are fixated to just learning we are in fact missing out on the experiences through diversity thus we are in fact hindering our soul & human conscious expansionism & in actual fact stagnate within an attachment of fixation. A balance between knowing & experiencing is much more beneficial to one’s conscious expansionism than one or the other or a little of one & more of the other, balance is the key here!!

What we learn humanly has always been out there, we are actually only really remembering what is out there however experiencing this knowledge is different, no experience is exactly the same so experiencing knowledge is quite new as we all humanly & at the soul level experience something quite unique from everything & everyone else. Is this saying we never really actually learn but just remember knowing? Yes exactly which to many will sound too far fetch, why? Anyone who has a fixated attachment to knowledge won’t acknowledge such ramblings which is quite psychologically expected & in fact any fixated attachment will have the same deniable outcome.  

Fixated attachments give us opposing polarities thus conflict & the more our souls become fixated to one or two attachments we actually become more conflictive but on the other hand a soul that has very little fixated attachments will be more harmonious thus less conflictive.  So does this mean a soul that hasn’t got any fixated attachments will be all peaceful & harmonious in human life? No because again we learn from experiencing diversity plus the soul in question might have to have a certain persona to express themselves to teach others around them, a disharmonious person isn’t going to listen to an all loving person because they see it as a weakness thus ignore any teaching from such a person also sometimes one needs to yell to be heard as whispers are usually at times ignored however on the other hand if someone yells too much they too will be ignored which again comes down to balance between yelling & whispering.   This is what makes a good teacher, knowing the balance.

Attachments & Fixated Attachments: We should start to recognise from what is written in this & my previous post titled Persona of the Soul how diverse our souls are & how they have obtained their own unique persona/character, what is above is also below.  A lot of us don’t think about having a soul or are totally in denial in having a soul but even more people are unaware that every soul has its own unique persona just like we do as humans so what’s the big deal in knowing that we just don’t have a soul but our soul also has its own unique persona?  The big deal is in knowing this is we can then define what our attachments & fixated attachment are which are hindering our own conscious expansionism or awareness  but also define the difference between attachments & fixated attachments. The biggest plus is once we are aware of the soul & of the soul having its own unique persona we are then able to become more connected to our soul & the more connected we are to the soul the more aware & harmonious we will be.

So what’s the difference between attachments & fixated attachments? I’ve already explained about fixated attachments so I will focus on just having attachments without any fixated ideological mode of thought attached remembering even after death we are in thought as thought isn’t just of the physical brain like most of us think.  Like I explained in my previous post titled Persona of the Soul as we live life to life we accumulate certain attachments like the people we live our lives out with life after life playing out different roles which give us diversity on the other hand a soul who is fixated to a certain role of attachments will only keep playing out a similar role life after life thus become less diverse within its experiences.  The more diverse the said soul is from life to life the more consciously expansive the soul will be thus more aware & the more aware we are the more connected we will be to the soul, it really comes down to making the soul aware of itself instead of being blocked by fixated attachments however on the other hand just having attachments can be quite helpful & usually these other souls in whom you have an affiliation with will be your guides, who better?

It is an unusual feeling finding out you really have two personas, one is the persona of your soul the other is of your human self however each life has its own unique persona so in actual fact we have as many personas as we had lives but once you recognise the souls persona you will begin to become more & more of the persona of the soul for the main reason that it’s the real you plus if the soul has no fixated attachments you will feel a lot more at peace & harmonious because we then see all our lives as one thus feel less venerable & see what each life was all about which lessons the traumas of any said lives by quite a bit remembering traumas are also of fixated attachments. Once we realise our truer selves human life becomes a lot easier to live mainly because of our new found awareness in both our human & soul selves.       

Friday, 28 June 2013

The Act of Being Truly at One

Written by Mathew Naismith

I would like to state right up front this post isn’t for everyone who has a fixated mode of thought &/or has a problem in seeing outside the square, only people who have a more advanced soul should read on as this post can be quite conflictive & confusing to anyone who has a set ideological mode of thought which will make what is written here incomprehensible thus pointless, however anyone who has read most of my past posts but who hasn’t got an advanced soul  like me might get something out of this post without too much conflict because one would have learnt from my past posts a little about acceptance & it’s the acceptance of the totality of all that is the key here.

Learning True Acceptance:  What is true acceptance? It’s the acceptance that everything is of you & is always within you no matter how one feels even when in certain states of consciousness of unconditional love & oneness. While in this state of blissfulness if you can’t imagine being a mass murderer for instance you’re not truly at one & all accepting, you’re feeling the oneness & bliss but you’re not knowing of this oneness & bliss it’s just a feeling  still. Most people entrap themselves within this consciousness which to an emotional human being isn’t a bad place to be entrapped which was fine for our past consciousness however even though we have a feeling of being at one with everything were not because in this state we couldn’t imagine ourselves being any more than just being unconditional loving which of course isn’t of everything so how can it be true oneness? Well of course it’s not but we have a strong emotional feeling it is even to the extent we know it is which of course is induced by our emotions & yes we do still have emotions when in non-physical form & various conscious states, how do ghosts/sprits & other non-physical   entities interact with us & each other, without emotions you have no interaction as it’s our emotions that drive us to interact & yes emotions are of the ego as well.  

To truly know that you are at one is by imagining yourself acting out any role in human life including being a mass murderer for instance, if you can’t imagine this within yourself you can never be truly all accepting thus truly at one until you can imagine yourself being anything of man. If this seems incomprehensible to you you haven’t got an advanced soul & shouldn’t be reading this in the first place unless you have read most of my posts on acceptance which will help you comprehend more of what I’m talking about here.  So is everyone supposed to comprehend what this post is about? No but on the other hand yes eventually as we are now entering into a new consciousness which means all our old modes of thought need to either go completely or adapt to the new consciousness, this is saying all of our knowing within this consciousness is now null & void which is very hard for anyone to comprehend or accept but the this new consciousness will teach us to do just that I believe.  

Later on in this new consciousness we will learn to be more accepting but for now most of us need to be content with learning to still be all accepting within this new consciousness because that is what new consciousness’s are all about learning & becoming further aware of our true being through various experiences which at times means being something quite grotesque like a mass murderer for instance.  I would advise anyone who can’t comprehend &/or accept any of this at this point to have a life progression performed on themselves as this will show how diverse our lives have been, it’s through diversity we learn & a life progression will also show that we haven’t always been nice people either which a lot of people won’t handle especially if your entrapped in a consciousness of just unconditional love & oneness. I would also like to point out anyone performing life progression on others should be aware that this can adversely damage any said person psychologically however most people have a defence against this, it’s called denial which isn’t a bad thing at times.  Like with anything it has its positives too!!

I’ve experienced some very dangerous situations in my life by telepathically connecting myself to the most heinous people when committing certain heinous crimes against society, it’s dangerous not just because of the awful feelings one gets which can quite easily transfer into my own mode of thoughts but from non-acceptance which could have led to various psychological disorders but because I have personally already experienced certain adversities through life I was able to cope. So why put oneself through such experiences? By doing so I realised who I was not just now but in past lives, it made me remember things about myself I had forgotten & through this I now don’t judge others as much as I used too in other words I’ve become more accepting.  This of course has led me to become more connected to my soul’s core making my soul aware of its true self. I would like to point out that some people talk about one’s true self as if it’s the human true self but the human self is only a vessel for our souls to experience & learn through that’s all believe it or not, it’s our soul that is our true selves not this crude humanistic form however I do love it all the same!!

Reconnecting to the Souls Core: So is this saying that anyone who has lived many varied lives has a more advanced soul?  Yes most definitely, it’s not just the human self that needs to be all accepting but the soul as well which we tend to mix up, it’s the human self who is the teacher not the soul as it’s the soul that is learning here not the human self believe it or not as it’s just a vessel for the soul to learn through.  The human self can be more aware & knowing than the soul believe it or not as the human self has a vast array of knowledge & diversity to learn from however if you have a more advanced soul human knowing doesn’t even come close to the knowing of an advanced soul when one becomes more accepting as it has a knowing that it is connected to everything not just what is of man & this is why some spiritually aware people have certain gifts, they have become connected to their inner core of their souls. By experiencing various diversities & accepting what one is one is then able to reconnect the soul again to its inner core from when it was created in the first place thus become more gifted & the more accepting one is the more the knowing one will have & yes the more gifted one can be as well but only through one’s own choice or will of course.

We must recognise that it’s the soul that has the biggest attachments here as it can carry various attachments from life to life living out many lives within certain attachments which of course hinders its own awareness of itself however, this is where diversity comes into it, if we vary our attachments at the soul level we will humanly learn more about ourselves thus force our soul to become aware of its inner core in other words it’s true self without attachments. This is funny because we didn’t just need attachments for our souls to become aware of itself again but varied & numerous attachments & the more varied the said attachments the more aware the soul will become of itself again but of course this is usually done over a number of different lives however if one becomes all accepting in one life time one can fit many life times into one if one wishes but it can be quite harrowing & psychologically upsetting & even dangerous to do at times so I don’t really recommend this unless under someone who is in the know or you are sure you yourself is knowing enough to proceed.

Let’s take a look at people who have traumatic lives &/or experienced many things in one life time, you will notice they are not just knowing but are also aware depending on what they have experienced in that one life, this is the same thing as acceptance because through experience they have become accepting however this is only so if one has learnt from their experiences.  Anyone who has become attached or addicted to drugs or alcohol for instance because of their experiences has a fixated attachment & anything fixated especially modes of thought lead to very little chance of becoming more humanly aware of oneself which in turn stagnates the soul into a certain pattern of attachments which can last many life time’s so to learn from one’s life one needs to be more accepting. Non-acceptance just leads on to taking things like drugs & alcohol however isn’t this too part of the experience we learn by?  The problem with this type of experience is again we can become too attached which leads to non-acceptance of more than what one is attached too, we need to vary our attachments to become more aware at the soul level which most of us have done to one extent or another through various lives.  

In all one needs to be accepting of all of what one is which includes knowing that you are no better or different at the soul level to the person next to you no matter who or what they are in any state of consciousness you may find yourself in, we are all of connectedness which is what we call oneness so being non-accepting of all of who we are is really being disconnected & being spiritually aware people that’s not what we should be about but in certain circumstances that is exactly what we are doing still!!!