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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Rune Readings

Written by Mathew Naismith

Just out of interest, I decided to have a rune reading which surprised me.  I was asked by the reader, in this case a bloke of the name of WindSong, to focus mentally on a question or concern. I received the reading and at first I couldn’t see the connection between what I was thinking about and the reading. Eventually I saw the connection & was somewhat surprised.

As this reading has helped me clear up a few things in my life, I thought I would give my readers an opportunity to do the same thing if they like.  Because he is just starting out, he doesn’t have a site or blog to go to, only an email address to contact him through. The readings are totally free at this time.  

So I'm getting more comfortable with the runes, and will use either a three rune spread (body, mind, spirit), or five (heart in the past, heart in the present, appropriate action, obstacle, new situation). If you are interested, formulate a question or concern in your mind, and don't let anyone know what that is until after the reading. Putting it out there beforehand influences the reading. I'll be ready to start Sunday.

Contact WindSong at:

The following was a reading by WindSong to me in relation to me opening up more spiritually thus enabling me to help more people out however the reading was more to do with another dilemma of mine but they are obviously connected .  

Hi Matthew, thank you for your interest. I did the three rune spread; body, mind, and spirit. I narrowed down the information on each rune to what I feel relates to you. Keep in mind that just because you receive a rune like denial, or fear, does not necessarily mean anything bad.

Body: Guilt
Can you recall events that may have contributed to what your body is now facing? Take a moment for thoughts or insights toward healing.
Use this moment to bring quiet to whatever sense of confusion or sadness you may be feeling. You can only accept what has already happened and turn it over to the creator.
Guilt feeds on conflict.
This rune is a reminder to make amends if need be. Is a letter to be written? A call? Someone you must sit face to face with? A prayer?
If amends are impossible or inappropriate, amends of the heart are always heard.
Learn how to let go of the unchangeable.
Mistakes teach.
If, however, you feel no guilt, consider the question of faith restoration.

Mind: Boundaries
What are you thinking and feeling?
Respect and protection for your feelings, health, and well being are usually an issue when you receive this rune. Setting appropriate limits creates freedom.
Sound boundaries are like well tended gardens.
Family values crumble without healthy boundaries.

Spirit: Denial
Are you being mindful of the care of your soul?
For many, this is a time of separating paths. This rune encourages you to admit to yourself, to the creator and to another the nature of your shortcomings.
If denial no longer has a place in your life, you are being asked to have compassion for those around you. It may be as simple as saying "I understand."
Let the light into a part of your life that has been shut away.

These questions are for yourself, but, if you feel the need to share any thoughts, that is entirely up to you.

Thank you again, for this opportunity.


I’ve set my boundaries before this reading but was uncomfortable with these boundaries until I had this reading done by WindSong. These particular attachments that I have, have been bothering me lately.