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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Two Lives Are We

Written by Mathew Naismith

Here I am trying to get tucker on and all of a sudden I have to write again, I’ve got to stop asking question and visualising out comes when I ‘m busy, I’m a flamin worry sometimes and this is before I write.  

I asked a dopey question, why can’t I experience what the inner self is experiencing at the sometime, the outer human self is missing out here?  Not on your nelly it is, once you connect with your inner self everything your inner self has been experiencing the outer human self will remember as experiencing at the same time.  The outer self is ignorant to this because it’s not of the same mind or more precisely, conscious awareness but it’s still experiencing it.

It’s very much like dreams and astral travelling, everyone experiences these things however most of us don’t remember them mainly because we are caught up with the external existence.

At the human conscious level of understanding we are missing out and at this level, because we can’t remember our inner selves experiences, these experiences don’t have much of a reflection in our human conscious selves so in fact we are missing out but only at this moment. The funny thing is, when we do become reconnected to our inner self everything our inner self has experience is still in the now but at this point in the now we are missing out because we are disconnected.

Whatever we do doesn’t matter, if we don’t become connected to our inner self right now in the now it really doesn’t matter because when we become reconnected to our inner self again it will seem like we were never really disconnected.  You can take my word for that.

If you can make the connection between our dreams (unconscious state) and our awakened (conscious) state this will help you understand the two lives we actually live at the same moment in time between our inner and outer self.  Our dream state can be quite different to our conscious awaken state, our inner and outer self works in a similar way between each other however it’s still one consciousness once we reconnect to our inner self.

Notice I said self and not selves, this is because once you’re reconnected to your inner self consciousness again you realise you were always one consciousness, it’s just human consciousness was ignorant of this. 

Now I better get tucker on before my wife hands me in for a better younger model!!