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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Eastern Spiritual Mind

Written  Mathew Naismith

There were two people of different cultures discussing the starvation of people, one person was shocked and appalled by how people are allowed to starve like this, the other person not so shocked and appalled. 

To western thinking, allowing people to starve to death is unkind and certainly not of love or spirituality. To eastern thinking it is different because one existence is not separated from any other existence. So to the western mind it is appalling when humans starve to death but it’s not as appalling when animals, including insects, are starved to death!!

In very recent times, a western minded lady I know was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The eastern doctor sat on her bed, put his hand on her knee and said that she had terminal cancer, go home to die because we need the hospital bed.  The western minded lady was in shock, not just because of the diagnoses but of how she was treated, especially by an eastern minded doctor.

To the eastern spiritual mind, death doesn’t exist; in fact the perception of death is simply an indication of transition from one life to another. No matter what you experience in life, even if you have suffered from life experiences instead of learning from them, all kinds of life experience’s without exception are worthy to experience. One kind of life is not desired over another no matter what, so if your life experience is to starve to death like any living creation without exception, that is karma or simply the way life is or works. So what does the western mind desire to do, change the way existence is but in service to what? Self-gratification, ego.

You see the western mind took offence to the practicality of the eastern mind; your life’s journey is to starve to death, as your life’s path is to die at home from terminal cancer. Of course in the case of the person diagnosed with terminal cancer, the bed was needed for people that doctors can help, not for people who are beyond help!!

In all honesty, if I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I would want to go home to allow another person the bed that can be helped, and no, I wouldn’t have been offended by the eastern doctor’s very caring practical honest approach. Yes, shock horror to the western mind, the eastern doctor couldn’t have been more caring, practical and honest if he tried. In saying this, the doctor obviously needed to be aware in how the western individualised self-cantered mind works. Of course to the western mind, ensuing known pointless medical treatment is more caring!! This is like feeding an already starving people to bread more so the chances of them starving in the future are higher!! True, this is how western kindness, love and compassion works, in other words how the western mind works. If it feels good, it has to be good even when it obviously isn’t.

So to the western mind, being spiritual has everything to do with feeling good and being good within the views of the western mind, in other words, being positive instead of negative. You know what? The eastern spiritual mind doesn’t separate everything like this between what is negative and what is positive. In truth to me and people like me, the eastern spiritual mind is all about the collective’s wellbeing, not the individual’s wellbeing of; if it feels good to the individual, it has to be good to the collective. In truth, which the western mind in all cultures is not about, this is simply not the case, not everything that feels good to the ego individually is good for the collective.  

In all honesty, the eastern spiritual mind is of the balance of western and eastern thinking. Never expect or even demand that the western spiritual mind thinks like this, this is unless influenced by eastern thinking as well.

I am not of an eastern mind or primarily of an eastern mind but I often balance out the western mind with eastern thinking, as eastern spiritually aware people often do.  

Note; when an eastern spiritual mind feeds a starving person, this is different to when a western spiritual mind feeds a person. It is like the love of an eastern spiritual mind is different to a western spiritual mind; there is no attachment to love of an eastern spiritual mind, when the western mind often becomes highly attached to love. Attachments are likened to control, as the western mind is of taking controlling rather than not being of control. The eastern spiritual mind is actually of releasing oneself of control, also meaning to release oneself from attachments even of love.  How many western spiritually minded people of love can detach themselves from the feelings of what love gives them? In all honesty, this is all about taking control of retaining fixated attachments the western mind will never give up, unless balanced out by the eastern mind of releasing oneself of control and attachments.  

The eastern spiritual mind doesn't have to deal with releasing oneself of control and related attachments because this kind of mind doesn't seek to control but to release oneself of control. There are no attachments even to what the feelings of love can give oneself.

In regards to starving people, there is no difference to starving animals, also, this is there life's journey that we should refrain from taking control of. This is the same with the terminally ill person; refrain from taking control of someone else's life's journey is as loving and caring as a spiritual person can get, but of course the western spiritual mind will understandably always think otherwise through attachments created by being controlling.                                     

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Self-Psychoanalysis and Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

At the present time I must sit back and watch a person who is not being properly clinically examined or analysed. Knowing what I know, this is very difficult to do. This eighty year plus person simply can't be bothered helping themselves live, even though there is nothing physically wrong with them to any great degree. This person is trying so hard to become ill or physically disabled. No doctor or social working has bothered asking the four key questions of psycho analysis. As a lot of our ailments come from our mind set, I find it strange that doctors (physicians) are not trained to ask the four key questions of psychology.      

The four key questions can vary in accordance to the situation, but the four key questions are fundamentally of the same attribute. In other words strive to bring about the same outcome through simular means, no matter what the circumstances are. It is important that you ask these questions in sequence for one question leads to ask another particular question, not any question by chance or luck.

Question 1; gives an outline of where to start, for instance, "Are you married or single?" You would ask this even if you knew if they were married or not as you want to set a precedence in relation to the four key questioning process.

Question 2; Depending on the answer to question one, question two is to do with starting to find the problem. A question like, "Are you happy with your partner or being single?"

Question 3; is a vital question. From question three there are a number of directions the patient can go, for instance, I am happy, while you observe the clinching of fists and looking down, or, clinching fists and looking straight at the psychoanalyst angrily. Of course if you say I am good in that area with a show of palms, yet another direction can be followed.

Question 4: After a number of other non-key questions relating to question three, question four is primarily to do with conformation of the analysis of the first three questions. This can vary greatly but in this case, "So you do have a problem with your partner?" 

Yes, spiritual gurus psychoanalyse themselves. Try to remember, psychology is simply a derivative of philosophy, an analysis of natural life. As modern day science owes its existence to both mysticism and philosophy, psychology owes its existence to philosophy. Mysticism is of course the forbearer of alchemy and today's chemistry.            

No true spiritually aware person psychoanalyses the external environment they are experiencing, they analyse their own inner environment. The four key questions are not relating to their external environment but their internal environment.
Question 1- How many spiritually aware people today wish to escape the present environment?

Question 2 - Why do they want to escape this environment?

Question 3 - Question three relates to if the environment is stated as being negative and/or toxic," So why do you think the external environment is negative and/or toxic? 

Question 4 - Relates to the conformation that they are not looking within but are instead critically judgmental of the external environment. This is while one is suppose to be going in and analysing the inner environment or self, not the outer self or environment!!

The external environment is what it is; it is how we react to this environment that makes the external environment what it is. This is like anyone who has suffered trauma from external sources; it all comes down to how they psychologically handle the trauma involved. If handled badly, they will not want to rejoin the external environment as it is too toxic to their psyche. In all self-honesty, are not a lot of western spiritually aware people suffering from trauma attributed to the external environment? The external environment is only as toxic as we perceive it is. To manifest such a mentality of negativity and toxicity, will only bring about more trauma associated with the external environment, not less.

As Jesus stated, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." I am not a Christian myself but this statement is still very true today. As of the 80 year plus person who knows not what they do, hurting themselves and others around them through not being self-honest, so are a lot of other people in westernised spirituality. Try to remember; it is the western mind in all of us that doesn't like to be shown there is something not quite right with itself, even through self-analysis. Like a mentally ill person, often as illusionary inner reality will replace the external reality, how many western minds will be offended by this kind of self-honesty? If you are offended, try asking yourself the four key questions, the following should give an idea of this but please be honest with yourself.                      

Monday, 13 August 2018

Materialistic Extremism Unveiled

Written by Mathew Naismith

 Note: This is quite a long post, sorry for this.

Is materialism of lies and deceit and spirituality of truth and honesty? The more expressive of materialism we become, the more of lies and deceit we become!!

Materialism is based on how we feel. Spirituality is based on how we are. Unlike materialism, spirituality is not based on bad or good, wrong and right, negative or positive, spirituality is actually based on fewer motions, not more motions.

What is desire? A desire to feel good all the time materialistically; the more we desire to feel good, the more motion we are expressive of. Does it always feel good to guide the child you adore through chastising them? Spirituality is not about how good we feel but about what we constructively do. This is probably why a lot of children are not chastised, guided, these days, we have become far too materialistic.

This was in reply to, "Spiritual vision is given to those who live in truth", by Phil Good.

Imagine a reality void of materialistic desires, what then would determine what is and isn't negative or positive? The more motion we express, the more separation we will experience and the more we focus on feeling good. Seen as spirituality, especially Eastern spirituality, is about expressing less motions through practices like meditation and the realisation of oneness, expressing any kind of extreme motion, especially to feel good, isn't of spirituality, it's materialism.  

Don't be tricked by materialistic desires, materialistic desires often deceive us in thinking they are one thing when they are another. Of course if it feels good, it must be good, this could not be further from the truth.

I also love interacting with people who have experienced actual life experiences instead of simply expressing plagiarised life experiences. A life experience copied from books, studies and workshops and recited as a life experience experienced by the presenter. My interaction with Heather, who is a police officer, is always a pleasurable experience for me. So much comes from me with this kind of interaction.

Heather's Reply
Yes, being a Police Officer, I have to support all information with evidence. This has become standard for me and it is interesting to observe how it is not standard for others.
I have been caught out twice recently for posting information on FB that does not have supporting evidence, lazy on my side and poor reporting on the others.            

My Reply
Most often it's the atheists that don't give supporting evidence to their claims, this may seem strange but it's not.

I was once an atheist myself, this was until the rest of my family and I experienced ghostly occurrences on numerous occasions. Everyone, bar my dad, accepted what the experiences were in relation to. My dad to this day is still in total denial of these occurrences. Hard line atheists, as my dad, will never accept the obvious no matter what evidence was forthcoming. 

Giving evidence to their own claims is like accepting the obvious they want to ignore at all cost. Anyone presenting anything that they want to ignore as being factual in any sense, is usually defamed in some way, within this, they are able to continue to ignore what they detest the most, most often the obvious, the truth.

Giving evidence to claims to these people is like accepting someone as an equal. As I have found out myself through various interactions, the last thing these people want to do is look at you in respect and as an equal. Psychologically, most often these people have no idea what they are doing; they are oblivious to their own actions. Having worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, these kinds of behavioural patterns are way too obvious.

Heather's Reply
Very interesting observations. I guess you could say that by avoiding fact so that one does not have to admit the truth, is really about fear.

We know that every 'reality' and emotion we experience is created from within by ourselves, so being intentionally blinkered to what is fact, is all about how you feel about yourself

My Reply
Indeed Heather, fear. How many criminals work on the emotion fear, they often use this emotion against people for some kind of gain on purpose. Are atheists in fear of being wrong and living the fantasy? They often rebuke, in any way they can, any science or other evidence that slightly hints at this, I have witnessed this numerous times in my interactions with hard core atheists.

Do excessively positive thinking people fear being negative? Considering a true positive person sees very little negative in anything, what they call true positive thinking today isn't true. Anything expressed in excess or in an extreme way is not true to the program, it's a virus. Could you imagine the existence of computer viruses without the existence of viruses with our own programs within our minds? Computer viruses would not exist in our computer systems unless they firstly existed in our minds, within our own minds programs and programming.

There is nothing wrong with anything from atheism to religion, science to spirituality, black to white, dark to light, love to hate, etc. Only when viruses are present within these programs do programs become corrupt and destructive. How many people fear the emotion hate? It's all based on fear and what is fear based on? Attachments and the inability to let go of these conditions of attachments. To many people, the condition of love is not to hate in a huge way!!

Do I hate, especially the people in my life who have abused me physically and mentally? What would have occurred if a lot of people loved Nazism or didn't hate Nazism? The thought isn't very constructive. Hate has to be a part of our program in our present situation. Of course we have created this reality that we need to hate at times even though hate is more of a bug than a virus. Hate being a glitch in the system program rather than a virus. Hate within itself is not destructive; it's the program that hate is bugged with that is. All excessive motions indicate a virus, for example, religious fanaticism/extremism is a prime example of a virus to the program of religion. 

I don't express hate within my own program but I am aware. I am simply aware avoid of as many labels as I can be. Mentioning viruses and bugs by the way are not labels, they are simply an awareness of a difference between having conditions and not having conditions. Is the condition of being aware not experiencing and expressing viruses? No, as being truly aware takes one to be expressive of fewer conditions, not expressive or more conditions.  A pure state of awareness simply has no conditions, the more conditions our programs are expressive of, the less aware we become.

Sorry for this Heather, I love expressing myself to people who have had actual life experiences. Too often do I come across people who plagiarise their experiences. Study and read from literature and then express this as a life experience. Actually, I might write up our interaction here in a post on my blog if that is alright with you.

Heather's Reply

Matthew, really interesting words that I am getting my head around. 

I understand totally when you say that the more conditioned we are, the less aware we are. Fear undoubtedly sits at the root of conditioning, whether it is new or generational. Perhaps an Atheist feels uncomfortable at the thought of bearing the consequence of their actions over a lifetime. 

I see your analogy of viruses and bugs as that, a tool for illustrating your view, not conditioning. Ultimately we both express the same point, that the good and bad that occur in life are a reflection of our state of awareness.

Of course you can use this interaction, always a pleasure Matthew   

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Pleasure Centres of the Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

 As the following explains, the pleasure centre is a part of the brain that gives us a feeling of enjoyment; this enjoyment is often referred to by the ego as a positive. Of course we can become so addicted to this enjoyment that we, the ego, will most often refer to everything that isn't of this enjoyment as being negative and even toxic; this is why in Western spirituality that there are more judged negatives at present than ever. Yes, to be honest, a lot of us are in this state.

Let's say we are into light and love or materialism or anything else that excites our pleasure centre. Everything else other than what excites our pleasure centre often becomes negative or we deliberately become ignorant to the things that don't excite our pleasure centre. What people like me write about is often critically judged as being negative and even toxic, mainly because it doesn't excite the pleasure centre, in actuality, awareness often takes away the enjoyment from our pleasure centre. Let's be honest, we are presently just as much if not more focused on what enjoyment our pleasure centre gives us than ever throughout human history.          

Extract: You may have heard that the brain has a pleasure center that lets us know when something is enjoyable and reinforces the desire for us to perform the same pleasurable action again. This is also called the reward circuit, which includes all kinds of pleasure, from sex to laughter to certain types of drug use.

How many Western spiritually minded people deliberately ignore everything around them that doesn't give enjoyment to the pleasure centre these days? Now, how often is everything not conducive to the enjoyment of the pleasure centre critically judged as being negative and even toxic?

Let's say I am an empath, a person who feels their environment, is everything that doesn't excite my pleasure centre negative? No, but to a lot of empaths and spiritually aware people this has become the case it would seem. To be truly spiritually aware, of a state that Buddhism calls pure awareness, a state of pure bliss to the ego, everything that doesn't excite the pleasure centre of our mind isn't negative or bad. Just because the feelings we get don't excite our pleasure centre, doesn't mean it's negative, it simply means it doesn't excite our pleasure centre. Of course the pleasure centre being about pleasure, the pleasure centre is often controlled by the ego, not just of the ego but controlled by the ego, it is wise to become aware of this in my mind.

Yes, as of any time in human history, we are controlled by the ego, meaning, the ego is in control of our reality just as much if not more than any other time in human history. Let's be honest with ourselves, it's presently all about exciting our pleasure centre while deliberately staying ignorant to anything that threatens the pleasure centres enjoyment. In actuality, lets' be truthfully honest even more, we are living more in fear than ever in regards to Westernised spirituality.

A state of pure awareness means we become aware of everything, not just to the things our pleasure centre desires. If I was to only become aware of the things that excite my pleasure centre, would I be truly and honestly spiritually aware? This state of pure awareness has nothing to do with exciting the pleasure centre, and that everything else that doesn't excite this pleasure centre is negative. Are we truly going to experience the kind of bliss found in this state of absolute pure awareness by only being aware of the things that excite our pleasure centre? There is absolutely no infinite bliss to be found in continually exciting the pleasure centre because the pleasure centre is pure ego, not pure awareness. Yes, we will find that by exciting the pleasure centre we will momentarily feel blissful and happy, of course the ego being the ego, it always desires more and more excitement, more and more pleasure.

Being truly spiritually aware has nothing to do with continually exciting the pleasure centre. Considering that to excite the pleasure centre all the time takes the deliberate ignorance of everything that doesn't excite the pleasure centre, this kind of state has nothing to do with awareness. There is no awareness in this, just pure and utter deliberate ignorance construed by the ego in control to keep the ego amused, happy and excited.

Can this state of pure awareness, a state where there is no separation and where one becomes one with everything void of the limitations of pleasing our pleasure centres, give us feelings of bliss and love? Going by my own experiences, I would say yes, but you must realise, it's only the ego that can feel pleasure, for it's only the ego that needs to feel pleasure to exist. So in all, in our present state of ego, we will feel pleasure, however, it is wise to be aware that it's the ego in control that desires to be only aware of what excites it's pleasure centre, not just of the physical brain but of the non-physical mind as well.

As usual, what I have written here will not excite too many people's pleasure centres, the actual truth about ourselves as a whole rarely does. Please, be aware that a true state of awareness isn't all about pleasing our pleasure centres, of course the ego in control will, as always, state otherwise. Simply, don't allow your pleasure centre, the ego; to control you while becoming truly aware as opposed to partially aware of what pleases the pleasure centre that is apart of  us all. Be aware that (all) pleasures felt are of the ego, also, don't try to control the ego and it's pleasure centre, but don't allow it to control you either.         

Friday, 14 July 2017

Pure Awareness verses Pure Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

For only the aware will desist in their destructive ways, all else will continue with being destructive, albeit in a different way, a way that makes us feel even more right while being destructive. As light is destructive to dark, positive to negative, the feminine to the masculine, yin to yang in this case, only that of what the ego desires will an ego controlled reality.  

Pure awareness; is a state that is motionless, a state that needs no further motion to become aware, for all motion is of ego. Think on this, why have motion when in a pure aware state? Motion simply depicts a state that is unaware, for all motion is of an unaware state and all motionlessness is of an aware state. The more aware we become void of a controlling ego, the more of this pure motionlessness we become, however, at no time can we become of this pure awareness while of the ego in any sense, all we can do is become aware of this pure state.

Pure awareness (nothingness) = motionlessness + aware

Pure ego (creation) = excessive motion + unaware

It is quite understandable why in Buddhism this state is also referred to as nothingness; there is no motion in this state, there is simply no need of motion. Other ideologies of course have their own explanations for this state.

Pure ego; is a state of excessive motions, you could say this state is the yang to the yin, the yin being of pure awareness or visa-versa. The more of this pure ego we become, the more controlled and controlling we become. Think on this, why would a state of pure awareness desire or even need to control anything?   

This state of pure ego is of an excessive while at the same time excluding all else, for example, this state being of all light with no darkness, all positive with no negatives or all materialism with no spiritualty or abstemiousness. It's basically a state of extremes, of course if this state sounds familiar; it's for a very good reason, we are simply becoming more and more of this pure ego.

Yes, the ego has made many of us believe that we are becoming more of this pure awareness, even while all the signs state otherwise like all the expressions of extremism, for example, being expressed in the world today. All motions or expressions of extremism depict a state of consciousness that is more of pure ego than pure awareness.

Spirituality: Until quite recently I didn't get why spirituality today is more of pure ego than pure awareness. All negatives are avoided and/or ignored or shunned and how many people desire to become totally spiritual or of this pure awareness and so on and so on it goes? The desire to become of one or the other, pure awareness or pure ego, depicts extremism. No person who is truly aware of this pure aware state desires to become of this state; the awareness within itself is all that is needed.

In actuality there is no state; it's simply awareness that can be used to balance out excessive motions, a controlling ego, or not. This pure awareness simply becomes a state so that the ego is able to comprehend pure awareness and fair enough too, it's basically using the ego against itself by taking away the controlling ways of the ego.

Realities: As of the universe, all realities are created from ego as it's all of motion. Now the type of reality that can be created can range from pure ego states of love and light (positive) to pure ego states of hate and dark (negative), of course what is positive or negative to one isn't to another and visa-versa. Realities are simply created by the exclusion of what is undesirable, for example, multinationals exclude negatives within their realities like being financially poor or the inability to control. On the other hand, spiritually aware people exclude negatives like being negative and of anything that is deemed dark by them, however, not all realities are created from excluding one from the other.

The ego in control simply desires an ultimate state, as of all deemed ultimate states, they exclude one or the other, basically, the exclusion of what isn't desired. This simply means the exclusion of yin from the yang or visa-versa. I find this funny when the ego still judges these kinds of states as being of oneness; the controlling ego certainly deludes us. Yes, these ultimate states are of oneness but only of the oneness we desire to be apart of, everything else is excluded.

However, as I stated before, not all realities are of the exclusion of one or the other, the yin from the yang. If everything of this reality was in perfect balance between each other, meaning, if yin and yang were in perfect balance between each other, a state of bliss would reside within the reality. Within this state of no exclusions, there would be no desire of an ultimate reality because a pure state of balance would reside. As there are states of pure awareness and pure ego, there are states of pure balance which create realties of pure bliss. There is simply no desires of an ultimate state within realities that don't exclude one from the other but have everything working in unison, basically, one not trying to control or dominate or destroy the other.

We simply don't need, as opposed to desire, to exclude anything to reach a state of pure bliss; all we need to do is become aware of the controlling ego and this state of pure awareness. Of course once we become aware of the ways of a controlling ego, we naturally become aware of this pure awareness. Pure bliss for all is all to do with being aware instead of unaware while under the control of the ego. Ego simply denotes an unaware state that an aware state of being doesn't want to exclude but simply needs to quell when out of control; this is where wisdom comes into it. Wisdom simply gives us an awareness of an out of control ego and the awareness of how to quell this kind of out of control state of existence.

The ego is simply unable to comprehend a true state of awareness for the ego is unable to cope with this kind of awareness. The inability to comprehend is all to do with self-preservation of the ego, what the ego doesn't understand or desire, it will denounce or exclude from it's own awareness. This is natural for the ego to do in a self-preservation mode. An ego in control will also perceive an ultimate state of existence, an existence that can be created, such as our present existence. To a lot of multinationals/materialists, the present reality is an ultimate reality for them. For a lot of spiritually aware people it's love and light or this state of pure awareness or being one with God. The ultimate reality is simply governed by the type of control used by the ego, basically, what the ego excludes to create ultimate realities that are imbalanced.

What is an ultimate reality for one kind of controlling ego isn't for another, this is why pure ego states don't even like to comprehend or are able to comprehend a true balanced state of existence. Even a true balanced state of existence isn't an ultimate reality; it's simply just another form of reality that doesn't exclude one over and above the other. A state of neutrality created, not by force or destroying as in light over dark, but by the invalidation of all opposing forces, a state where extreme expressions are simply unable to exist.

Is a reality created from love and light not also of the invalidation of hate and dark?  No, a reality of love and light is an exclusion of hate and dark, not an invalidation where hate and dark can't exist. How many people of love and light despise (hate) being of anything negative or dark? Also, light is destructive to dark, not a culmination of light and dark working in unison. In a true balanced existence, all works as one for the good of all as a whole without exclusions, a true sense of oneness brought about by being equally of pure awareness as of pure ego.                

Simply become truthfully aware void of the deception of a controlling ego, of course as always, this isn't for everyone. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Understanding The Spiritually Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's absolutely mind boggling and daunting to anyone primarily of materialism, scientism  and physicality, that any other reality from this physicality is delusional, especially realities that are non-physical within their representations. The mind for starters cannot exist outside from the human brain, the brain creates the mind, not the mind creates the brain. It's delusional that the mind (consciousness) could create the brain and that the mind (consciousness) can exist outside the physical brain matter however.

Spiritually aware people have a perception of a reality that is not of this physicality, it's the reverse perception of a person who is primarily of the perception of physicality, nothing else could possibly exist but a reality based on physical perceptions. This reverse perception by spiritually aware people is based on the kinds of concepts shown below.   


Extract: A group of international physicists have announced that the concept of a human soul may actually be measurable by quantum physics, and have suggested that the human soul has a quantum state just as real as ‘wave-particle dualism’.    


Extract: This is consistent with a new theory of consciousness being advocated by physicist Sir Roger Penrose and Dr. Stuart Hameroff. Penrose and Hameroff a;sp suggest that consciousness is something applied to the brain, not generated by it.


Extract: Yet whatever ideas are put forward, one thorny question remains: How can something as immaterial as consciousness ever arise from something as unconscious as matter? 


The following has no religious undertones, I feel it's stating that everything has a conscious consciousness behind it.   


Non-physicality: This is but a few examples of why spiritually aware people feel that physicality is not the only reality that exists, in actuality, physicality could be but a by-product of these non-physical realities. Just because we are unable to measure non-physical realities using physical means, doesn't make them non-existence, this is where our own intuition and feelings come into it. It all makes sense, to measure anything of a physical reality, you use physical means, to measure or become aware of non-physical realities, you us non-physical means. To a spiritually aware person, their is no question that non-physical realities do indeed exist.  

Now what about these delusional spiritually aware people creating realities based on non-physical realities, it's all about love, peace, meditating, oneness, tranquillity and so on, it's all delusional is it not as they themselves create these realities?

Did we not create our own modern day reality through conscious thought and reasoning to create the physical reality we have today? Why couldn't a non-physical reasoning process create non-physical realities that are just as real, if not more real, than the creation of physical realities?

To a spiritually aware person of peace and love, the physical world around them is anything but peaceful and loving, so to put balance back into their lives, they create realities that are based on these things lacking in the environment around them. This of course gives them a feeling of balance which helps them better cope with the environment around them. It's also psychologically beneficial to balance out an obvious destructive reality with a constructive reality.

Creation: There is of course a question of creation, to a spiritually aware person, everything was created from this non-physical reality/consciousness that has been proven to exist as shown above. It's the brain that was created from a non-physical entities, not the brain that created these non-physical entities that are usually judged as being delusional.

In actuality, spiritually aware people know that all of what is physical, was created from non-physical entities, a consciousness (mind) that has no physical representation of form except in relation to physical realities. Basically, it's physical realities that prove that  non-physical entities and realities do indeed exist, not the other way around, in the existence of physical realities.

It's funny to think, it certainly looks as though the brains mind was created from non-physical means, a consciousness of creation, this means physical realities prove the existence of non-physical entities and realities, a consciousness void of physical form....          

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Truth of Isms and Ideologies

Written by Mathew Naismith

Bare with me on this, it gets quite interesting and informative, This is probably one of my most impartial posts I've ever written, at first this isn't apparent though.

Atheism: While on a particular site, it was obvious I was being bullied by an atheist who didn't want to know if any of my perceptions were valid or not, basically, from the start this person had a preconceived perception, nothing I was going to say was going to change this fixated perception based on atheistic ideologies. There was no point from the start in a continuous discussion on anything remotely intellectual that was of my perception but I persevered. 

Even when evidence was obtained from various sources backing my perceptions, I was still called a liar, in actuality, once I provided such evidence, this person became even more noticeably aggressive to the eventual point of using harassment and bullying tactics. The sources I supplied included, quantum physics, psychiatry and philosophy perspectives endorsing my perceptions. The main problem was, if I was remotely correct in my perceptions that a consciousness can indeed exist outside of the brain, it immediately  questions the beliefs of atheism. Now this brings us to atheism being a belief and even a belief system that is purely based on fear alone.

I then posted a post inferring that atheism is a belief system by using the definition from a dictionary as follow, "The doctrine or belief that there is no God". What followed was astonishing to say the least, they were defending their atheism in the same exact way that a religious person with extreme ideologies would. I am talking from actual experiences here. Lets collate some evidence together to get a better picture of this.

1: The dictionaries state clearly it's of doctrines and a belief     

2: These atheists defended their atheism to the same degree a religious person with extreme ideologies would, stooping to unbelievable depths to do so

3: If their science is unable to prove the existence of God either way, this clearly means atheism isn't based on facts but assumptions and speculations

4: Seen as atheism is not based on facts, it must be based on assumptions and speculations  

5: To have such a blind faith in assumptions and speculations, means atheism is also of  faith. This of course depends on the faith an atheist has in regards to pure assumptions and speculations. In this case and other cases where I approached atheists on the same matter, they reacted as if they had utter blind faith of atheism which is purely based on, not facts, but assumptions and speculations.

6: Faith clearly infers a belief. Definition of faith: A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. Is not science controlling our destiny?

7: Fear: A belief in an ism (atheism) opposing another ism, such as religion, denotes a reaction that infers fear. Why follow an opposing ism if one is not fearful of another ism?

8: With the reactions I had received from atheists on this site and other sites, they fear there atheism being questioned in anyway what so ever

9: If atheism is the be and end all, why express so much fear resulting in uncivil behaviour? If atheism were of facts, what would they have to fear when atheistic beliefs are questioned? Atheists obviously know that atheism can be questioned but they still stick to atheism as if it's the be and end all, a clear depiction of utter blind faith and dogmatism.

I think all the evidence that has been collated here, infers that atheism is indeed a belief system and based purely on fear, a fear that purposely stays ignorant to any other perceptions not of atheistic beliefs because of fear. Consider this, don't atheists often criticise religion for expressing these same traits that atheists obviously express as well? You can then add hypocritical to their biases. I should point out in all fairness, not all atheists are like this, some atheists, very few it would seem, are quite open minded, they just don't believe in a God or divine entities but I have found out some of them do believe in a consciousness existing beyond the brain.      

Science; like atheism, is purely based on assumptions and speculations, there are no facts in science, if there were, science would be dogmatic within their concepts, science can't be this dogmatic because science knows that the whole of existence evolves and changes, there can be no fixated concepts which means no utter facts. This of course doesn't stop people into science stating that science is about facts which of course infers dogmas, a fixated preconception of concepts and perceptions that can no longer be further proved. This analogy of course is again only an assumption.

General science might be fixated to these facts (dogmas) but quantum physics and metaphysics isn't, when two protons can communicate, not just interact, between each other, physicists know that consciousness isn't just of the brain. Consider this also, what caused the human brain to grow bigger over time, was it the brain miraculously growing bigger through evolution for some reason or was it consciousness causing the brain to grow bigger over time? Our brain grew because of our expanding consciousness, not our consciousness grew because of our expanding brain, conscious awareness causes the brain to grow, this is well known in science to occur. Consciousness before the brain...

Let's take this further, science can now computer emulate creating a mini-universe, did this not take a creative consciousness to do this? This infers that the universe we exist in, could have been created by a consciousness way beyond human comprehension, in actuality, some scientists believe that is exactly what occurred. It's a good idea to do your own research on this, you just might come across something I didn't. I don't want to detract from what you discover through my own perceptions, this is well known to occur.

New Age spirituality; is also based on fear, the fear of fearing and the fear of being in judgement and the fear of expressing the ego altogether. To know that fear is of being of fear, one has to judge what is and isn't fear. What makes us feel fear? A judgment of fear when fear can be highly beneficial to making us more aware. It's a bit silly denouncing fear when it can be so beneficial to us if used correctly.

How often do new age spiritually aware people denounce religion as being based on fear? Is this also not of judgment and slightly hypocritical? How often do these same people judge science as being some how of a lower vibration or less worthy in some way to their own beliefs? Consider this, is not all of what was created, from the same source of energy? Isn't everything of this source therefore worthy within it's own right? Everything has equal value, this also includes atheism and agnosticism.

Religion: The way religion is expressed by church leaders, especially in the west, can be totally based of fear at times, the bible can also be interpreted as being based on fear and on fables. The bible however can be interpreted in many different ways. I found if you read the bible as a non-fiction book, the bible makes no sense until you read it as a fiction book. When you read the bible as a friction book, you begin to become aware of the hidden meaning of the bible which then refer to a book based on non-fiction. The bible is encoded and if you are unable to read in symbols, the bible will stay a fiction book based on fear and fables. It's very difficult to read something that is of the infinite with finite perceptions. 

All these isms and ideologies are based on assumptions and speculations, a person into science or atheism  might say that science is  more of factual assumptions and speculations than religion or any other ideology, of course a religious person would state otherwise. People into science/atheism and religion might also state that their ism and ideology are more than assumptions and speculations but this is purely based on their own perceptions, not on other perceptions. In actuality,  no ism or ideology is more worthy than another when they were all created from the same source.

How many isms actually concur impartially to all this? Very few because each ism has it's own fixated preconceived perceptions based on their own perceptions. It's preconceived because usually each ism has it's own perceptions, anything out side these perceptions are usually denounced as being somehow less worthy of consideration.

The point is, everything was created from an infinite source of energy, facts however are of a finite perception because they have limitations where assumptions and speculations are infinite. For any ism or ideology to proclaim their of facts, their actually stating their perceptions are only of the finite, religious people and atheists mistakenly, in my mind, do this on a regular basis, especially when they are in opposing opposition with one another. It's this act of opposing that causes a consciousness to perceive primarily in the finite, which to me is always going to lead to conflict, this I believe will only stop when we start to perceive in the infinite. In a religious/spiritual sense, this infinite represents the connection to the source of all creation known to many as God or the source of all creation, I'm not sure if atheism and science have a name for this infinite source of energy but matter itself, matter and anti-matter.     

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A True Expression of Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

We often have a perception of true spirituality being one that sits, eats and exercises in just the right way, according to certain perceptions, which are governed by a certain ideology or ideas of what is and isn't spiritual. I am however going to bring forth a different perception on this which obviously isn't going to go down too well with certain people. I'm going to state that we couldn't be more of a higher expression of connectedness to our truer being if we wanted to within this reality.

Firstly, as of  many people, at the most traumatising times of my life have I experienced a true sense of  enlightenment, my wife has also experienced the same thing when in traction. Trauma of course being the complete opposite to a calm harmonious collective state of being. Now consider our present collective human traumatised is this state at present? We couldn't be more expressive of a higher state of being if we wanted to.

It's important not to look at the human collective consciousness as a separate part of our own collective consciousness either, look at it as one consciousness, this is a truer sense of oneness. Yes, the ego wants to separate one kind of consciousness from another as it often deems one inferior to itself, remembering that the ego is all about creating delusions and illusions.

I'm sitting back and observing the human consciousness and all I can see is an enlightening experience as oneself would personally experience in trauma. We, as a collective, couldn't be going through more of an enlightening experience if we tried.

I think at this point it's wise to know what spirituality actually means. To me, spirituality is in reference to the spirit within all things, it's like in 3rd dimensions carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen are the base elements in all living things. Spirituality is the base element within all things, basically, the sixth sense, a sense that is mostly only felt as a feeling in a 3rd dimensional reality. To me, the spirit within all things is of all senses and at the same time of no senses, this is because once a consciousness becomes aware of all senses being as one, this awareness negates the purpose of senses.

If spirituality is in reference to all things, biologically living or not, everything we do is in accordance with being spiritual, this is why so many in trauma can experience their most awakening times. However in stating this, a lot of people also experience their most awakening/enlightening times while in total harmony, it seems to take extreme disharmony and utter harmony to experience our most awakening times in our life. Are extremes needed to awaken us? It would seem so but why?

I think the more a consciousness is unaware of the spirit with in all things, the more extreme of an experience is needed to awaken itself to the spirit within all things. Are we at present, on a collective scale, that unaware considering the trauma and the extremes that are being expressed in this reality?

Now let's consider a reality void of extremes, basically, a balance between yin and yang for example. We, within our present state of extremes, would think any consciousness within such a balanced reality wouldn't experience any sort of awakening, this couldn't be further from the truth. When you consider that the spirit is within all things, within a balanced reality, all things automatically become one, within this reality, there is no extremes because extremes have no purpose, in actuality, in this kind of balanced reality, it's impossible for any consciousness to express any kind of extreme.          

We so often believe harmony is more spiritual than disharmony, harmony is more conductive to spiritual awareness and wisdom but at the same time being aware of an opposite as in disharmony. How much of a balance do we have when we segregate harmony from disharmony, yin from yang? The more we separate the yin from the yang, the more extreme our experiences have to be to become spiritually aware.

I'm very accepting of my harmony as I am of my disharmony, however, I do often allow extremes to also influence me, this influence is all to do with our conditioning to extremes and an imbalanced reality. I also try not to judge this as being one thing or another either, it just is the way it is within realities like this one.

I wrote a post about flat lining some time ago, flat lining isn't to do with dying but a state of far less motion, therefore extremes, thus the flat line. This flat line indicates perfect balance, and yes, harmony, for once balance is obtained by a consciousness, harmony automatically becomes that realities prime influence, In this case, there is no need for a consciousness to experience extremes to become spiritually aware of the spirit within all things.

A true sense of spirituality isn't experiencing extremes, it's experiencing balance which automatically creates a reality of harmony, in actuality, harmony and disharmony become one thus we feel the feeling of harmony.......perfect balance.

While holidaying in nature recently, there was no need for me to experience an extreme awakening, as I stated in my last post, my home environment is just as awaking and harmonious. You could say my wife and I experience balance between our home environment and nature, there is no separation or segregation between these two realities.     

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Spiritual Exemplifications

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've written the following in response to my recent interactions with other people, I'm actually going to conduct a talk on this matter through a group of like minded people I've recently interacted with.

It has come to mind, through recent interactions, that a basic understanding of terminology used within spirituality is needed. What a lot of us are aware of within these terminological expressions is too ambiguous and numerous, there seems to be  no basic conceptual comprehension. This of course makes communicating our own perceptions quite difficult for other people to understand, I do hope the following assists in this area.

Consciousness: An alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation. Cognition is in reference to the process of perception and learning and reasoning. Cognition is mainly to do with  psychological processes, it's how the psyche processes what it becomes aware of . For example, if our perception is fixated to a certain ideological perspective, all we will become aware of is a cognitive state that is unaware of any other state to one degree or another.

The openness of our cognitive state (consciousness) determines what we will become aware of. Remembering our meditative states takes an open cognitive state of consciousness, our cognitive state is certainly important in spirituality even though we are supposed to think less and feel more.

You might find this interesting, once you deplete the thinking process, this thinking process is taken over by feelings and intuition. This is very much the same when we lose one of our five senses, the other senses become more in tune or heightened. Take away the thinking process of the mind, all our other senses become more in tune or heightened. Take away the controlling ego, what of our other senses will this bring to fruition?

It is well known that this universe was created from a consciousness, a cognitive state that isn't influenced by certain senses but all senses, this means everything is consciousness before it becomes a reflection of this consciousness. In our case, the reflection of consciousness has given this concussions form, the physical universe and everything within this universe, in other words everything is consciousness.    

Spirituality: Spirituality is to do with the spirit of all things, being that everything is created from the essence of consciousness itself, the essence being the spirit within all things. Now if spiritualty is determined by the spirit of all things, spiritualty actually refers to everything in existence, in other words spiritualty is in reference to everything. However, spirituality is more defined by the spirit within all things, a cognitive perception that is beyond material ownership, basically, a perception that perceives beyond a controlling ego, a perception that is aware of the spirit within all things without question.  

Spiritual Awareness: Again, it's an awareness beyond the conditioned  perception controlled by a controlling ego. Spiritual awareness allows one to disconnect with our physical senses and mind thus allowing us to become aware beyond these fixated senses.

Basically, spiritual awareness is about switching off our conditioned senses and turning on our other senses that are normally beyond these fixated senses comprehension. In this case, once we switch off the controlling factors of a controlling ego, our other hidden senses take over giving us a much more open perception and understanding of ourselves and our environment.         

When we lose one of our five senses, the other senses become more heightened (in tune), this gives us quite a different perception, spiritual awareness is no different......

Psychic/Sixth Sense: A person apparently sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception, the natural range being the natural behaviour of a controlled consciousness fixated to using the five senses above all other senses.  

Once again, psychic is in reference to a perception beyond normal human conditioning. This perception allows a consciousness to naturally utilise our other senses, these senses being relative to being psychic, in other words being psychic means one is utilising their other senses beyond the five senses, this is often called our sixth sense.

Conscious Changes: We all know that the 2012 conscious change didn't occur, it didn't just happen so we, while still being influenced and conditioned by the masculine, thought is didn't eventuate.

The masculine is all about power and control, this means once a change occurs under this influence, it will happen quite dramatically and often instantly.  

What we haven't considered is that the feminine isn't about control or power, so isn't it understandable that any change under this influence isn't going to forcedly and instantly and even noticeably occur? This is because the feminine is nurturing and very subtle in it's expressions, any change influenced by such a change, will gradually occur. In actuality, the change occurred right under our noses purely because it occurred in such a subtle way. Any change occurring in such a subtle way, is a very good indication of this 2012 conscious change occurring.  As for myself, the change was quite noticeable, this is the time I started blogging my channellings and perceptions that obviously go beyond normal human conditioning and reasoning.   

Note: Please don't take what I have stated here as being gospel or of absolute truth, it's only my own perceptions of what is.          

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Spirituality - A Perspective Void of Perfections!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is spirituality about perfection, do we not practice in various spiritual practices to become more aligned and in tune with our truer inner being?  In actuality no, this would be like saying able people are more of perfection than disabled people, having the opportunity to work with disabled people, this couldn't be further from the truth. What actually defines what is and isn't a depiction of perfection or a true connection to the inner self? The answer to this question is simple, only a consciousness controlled by a controlling ego could perceive and judge what is and isn't a true depiction of perfection.

Consider this, how many people have experienced a true inner connection when in trauma, a state of anything but being aligned? You certainly don't have to sit, eat, drink, sleep  and exercise in the right way to experience an inner connection, and in actuality,  anyone who judges anyone else of being of a lesser value in anyway because their not, in their own perception, doing the right thing, can actually become disconnected, not more connected. The reason for this is simple, control, they inadvertently use the controlling ego to take control, it's all about control like the churches were in the Dark Ages, it's same mentality believe it or not!!

I am good friends with an 80 year old yoga teacher who is into the science, spirituality and exercises of yoga, at times I have to earth her, meaning, her ego can also get away from her, at times quite excessively. This is quite understandable as any ideology that makes us feel more superior and/or better within oneself, can, at times, become dominated by a controlling ego, this can occur unbeknown to ourselves. As human history quite plainly shows us, any spiritual ideology perceived and enacted in a certain way, will actually encourage the ego to become more controlling, not less controlling. Of course any sense of control is a sign of the ego being in control, not our truer being, this is because our truer being is anything but controlling, if it was controlling, we wouldn't be here experiencing such a chaotic existence for starters!!

I actually surround myself with what certain spiritually aware people would judge as being imperfect in some way because they don't, in their own perception, do the right thing to become truly spiritual, in other words, perfect, in some sense, over and above other people. The reason I surround myself, with what is judged as being imperfections,  is to become less judgmental of what is and isn't a depiction of perfection. I'm not allowing my controlling ego to control my perceptions of what is and isn't a depiction of a perfect spiritual aware person, in actuality, a perfect spiritually aware persons just doesn't exist.

Some people might say that God's consciousness or people like Jesus and Buddha were perfect, if such consciousness were to be in this way, would  they not  judge an able person being more worthy than a disabled person!!

Having to sit, eat, drink, sleep  and exercise in the right way, gives us a sense of what is and isn't a more worthy way to exist and become connected to our truer self, in other words a perception of a more perfect existence. However, a perception of perfection is always a sign of the ego in control for only an ego would judge what is and isn't a depiction of perfection!! Jesus and Buddha weren't about perfection, yes I know, the ego tells us otherwise, this is something we need to all become aware of if we want to exist in a more harmonious existence.

Earthing: Earthing ourselves is important if we want a truer sense of awareness, if our perception isn't earthed, it then becomes the domain of the controlling ego so it's important to earth ourselves. I actually have a natural tendency to earth, not just myself but others around me, this can even occur unknowingly to myself hence natural..... 

This of course doesn't always go down well, the controlling ego often repels or disregards any sense off earthing mainly because the ego then losses control through the earthing process, this is the last thing a controlling ego wants to occur.

At first, my yoga friend most always repels my earthing of her until she reawakens the aspects of the ego in control. It matters not how connected and infallible to the controlling ego you think you are, it's wise to know that the controlling ego is always waiting right outside the door to once again take control in such a reality. Don't get the wrong idea about my yoga friend, I actually brew a particular beer for her and she also drinks wine, to a number of other yoga people, this would be taboo and not a sign of a true person heavily into yoga. Of course only an ego in control would judge so!!

I don't know of anyone who doesn't love or like my yoga friend in some way, she certainly has away about her probably because she earths herself. I of course also help with this earthing but if she wasn't also earthed in some way, she would totally and always repel my natural earthing abilities. We can so easily lose ourselves in the ego while heavily involved in any ideology, once again, human history quite plainly shows this.

Most spiritual ideologies tell us to refrain from certain practices not conductive to becoming spiritually connected, these practices are often linked to the ego in control. For example, any drinking of alcohol is a sign of weakness in regards to the ego, if you have to drink alcohol for any reason, this is a sign of the ego being in control, you also have no self-empowerment/control. This of course pertains more to excessive drinking than social drinking, believe it or not, social and even excessive drinking can be earthing. The reason for this is simple, as we become more connected to our truer self through various spiritual practices, the more earthing we need, no one earthing process is more or less worthy than another. Your present environment will tell you what is the best earthing process for you, it's wise to try to not  strictly go by what certain spiritual ideologies tells you to do, in other word go with the flow of the environment you are presently in is my advice.

Enlightening Experiences: Consider this, how much control do you have while going through excessive trauma? Most often none, if you did, you wouldn't' be going through such traumas in the first place.

Why do so many people expedience their most enlightening times while going through such excessive trauma? Excessive trauma takes away our control, I think this is why we can experience these enlightening moments, you can however also experience an enlightenment (an awakening) while excessively in control. It would seem it takes extremes to experience an awakening experience, this is because any extremes will bring on an extreme experience!!

Any extreme however has a down side which is usually created through a controlling ego, the down side to extremes is of course a controlling ego controlling you. All of a sudden you are enlightened and know it all, this enlightening experience is the be and end all but in reality it's not, not for everyone. The ideology that has also brought on such an experience, also becomes the be and end all for everyone, this again is not the case. We see the light, we perceive perfection, yes, even the light we experience isn't perfection as an actual form of perfection just doesn't exist within spirituality. Yes, to a controlling ego there is perfection, this means able people are more worthy or white people are more worthy than black people!!

To perceive perfection in spirituality is a sign the ego is still in control, its truly this simple.