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Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Hard Way to Learn at Times

Written by Mathew Naismith

Learning from diversity can be a hard road to follow at times, the following is a very disappointing exchange between a good internet friend of mine & myself on my last post titled Living Within Your Divine Self. It is a shame this has to happen but I suppose it’s a part of learning from diversity as well!!

I’ve only inserted the last two responses between us which sound worse than what they are, hopefully!!

Well Mathew,

Have you ever heard the expression 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'?

I think the major difference between you and I is I do not always have to be right all the time. I am human not perfection.

You accuse other people of being conflictive and yet you are conflictive when someone does not agree with you. You impose your beliefs instead of informing sometimes. You can be very intimadating, but I am not intimadated by you.This is not a criticism just an observation because as I said I am not perfect myself.

how could the word omnipresence be a human concept if we only know self?

You say when you were in your teens you had all the knowing of everything. Yet you tell me I get a lot my knowing from books!!! because I have used the word omnipresence.

What I know is from intuition. which is different to my knowledge. Knowledge is what we are taught or 'pick up' knowing is very different to knowledge!

Not very accepting from someone who says that acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

G’day Tawmeeleus

What are you doing on your high horse, I expected better from you when in disagreement of your beliefs!! You’re taking this much to heart & where is your unconditional love? Trust me if you were unconditionally loving in any way you wouldn’t be having ago at me like you are so I would presume from this you don’t know what you are talking about when you talk about unconditional love.

I’m not sprouting I’m right over you all I am doing is discussing different diverse beliefs so please don’t turn this into something it’s not, ease back on the neg ego.

Yes I’m conflictive & yes I’m egotistical at time & all the other bad non-spiritual things but I’m all accepting of all being of the spiritual which is of true oneness not separating everything within its own set slot & labelling it, this is very human nothing more.

Quote:  how could the word omnipresence be a human concept if we only know self?  You don’t get it, who devised the word omnipresence? It was human wasn’t it so it’s of human concept like any written language, think outside the antiquated human communicative concept & then tell me what you see!!

Human knowledge is known to deflect us away from our inner knowing Tawmeeleus especially at the subconscious level.

Reading the last line you’re not being very unconditionally loving at all period. True acceptance is the acceptance of not being accepting as well at times, it’s totality in a nut shell of being totally accepting not just accepting of the things we want to be accepting of but the totality of all.   

Very disappointed indeed, if you’re going through a hard time personally, sorry!!



Monday, 24 June 2013

Learning from & Living within Discord

Written by Mathew Naismith

Some choose to live within discord & others in harmony & of course you have people like me who live within both which denotes full acceptance of what is, it depends upon your will in what reality you want to live in & of course what reality you still probably need to learn from in some cases.  Everyone has a right to live by their own free will however if we like it or not one’s own will will affect others either it be in discord, harmony or both. We have obviously chosen to live within a reality like this where everyone has their own free will to live by which in turn adds to the discord or if you like creates discord because any variant is going to create some sort of discord if we like it or not unless we become accepting of all free will. So does living within discord & harmony give one more balance? It has to because your accepting of all not just what makes one feel good, this is like you have to have the bad to appreciate the good in life type thing, it denotes balance which has very little opposing polarities thus conflict.

I must mention here that what we mistaken for discordant conflict might actually be beneficial as not all of what is negative is just negative, as I have stated in past posts both polarities of neg & pos have their own neg & pos within them, what seems to be just good or bad to one person will seem quite different to others because of their own free will they live by as mentioned earlier in this post.  Using myself as an example; while communicating with someone on a forum site I will at times change tack depending on what the other person I deem needs to learn as we are all indeed each other’s teachers, one minute I will be in harmony with them & then the next I will be in discord & of course they will do the same at times, we are learning from each other’s diversity & yes at time while teaching I too will be the student.  What if we all just lived in love & forgot about discord? Like I said earlier some of us still have lessons to learn that can only be learnt through being discordant plus it all comes down to our own free will which we should all try to be a little more accepting & understanding of, in this comes true acceptance.

If we all chose to live within a reality of love & harmony to escape realities of discord that would have to be a sign of total harmony wouldn’t it? No not at all because we still have an obvious conflict & non-acceptance of what is discordant, in our new reality of love & harmony we are not discordant but we haven’t learnt to be all accepting of all obviously as only through acceptance of all can one truly be at harmony & to do this one must be willing to live out lives of disharmony as well until we become accepting of all not just the things that make us feel good or desire.  The best way to do this is live within both polarities at the same time. I would like to mention here that a person who is truly all loving & in harmony won’t notice discord at all as they will only notice a difference if that!!

True harmonious loving people will smile at these differences & think the said people have a lesson to learn still & leave it at that but on occasions will try to help the said persons however we all have our own road to tread in our own way so no matter what is said we still have to keep to our own road & probably learn the hard way just like humanity as a whole is doing.  

Friday, 24 May 2013

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.7


Written by Mathew Naismith

Acceptance & Meditation: Meditation has everything to do with thinking as little as possible & the less one can think the further & faster one is able to go into a meditative state but that’s not the only thing that defines how deep one can go.  Acceptance assists greatly in thinking less as the less one is in conflict the more likely one is able to ease down to be able to meditate in the first place, acceptance gives one peace of mind, the mind doesn’t stop thinking but it does ease it down for a better chance of a meditative state.

So many people have asked why they can’t stop thinking to meditate & the obvious answer is they are non-accepting & conflictive of something in their lives, if they looked at what they can’t stop thinking about it would likely be a conflict of some kind however a conflict doesn’t mean that you’re agitated or even upset about something, it could be something as little as remembering to do something. Thinking about not remembering to do something doesn’t seem like a conflict but it is because you’re not accepting you just might remember to do that thing, your non-accepting because you think you will forget, in other words you’re in conflict with yourself over the chance of forgetting.

spirit harmonyChanging Thinking Modes: Relating conflicts with remembering sounds pretty lame but it’s not as it just shows how conflictive we have become in our life without knowing it, how are we going to go into a proper state of meditation if we are continually in conflict? The way we can overcome this is before we go into a state of meditation is tell yourself I have no conflict with anything as I accept all for what it is at this point in time, if you truly believe this you should feel very calm & relaxed & in some cases you just might feel euphoric in some way to the extent of feeling a strong sense of love &/or peace around you.  The reason I say at this point in time is so you feel at ease of being just accepting at this point in time before meditating, if for one moment you thought you would have to accept your conflicts for the rest of your life you will consciously &/or subconsciously automatically go into a conflictive mode again which of course we want to avoid.

This sounds like brain washing to some extent & you would be right because what we are doing is reprograming your mind to think differently, instead of thinking in a conflictive mode all the time we will now trick the mind to think in a more relaxed calming way. We have been brought up to think in a certain way which dictates how we are going to think & be for the rest of our lives, thinking in an accepting mode instead of non-accepting mode is just another  way of thinking we know little about. Practicing in meditation carries on with this brain washing because it also teaches the mind how to think in different modes even though you are not thinking while you are meditating. When you come out of the meditation you usually feel different & your mind picks up on this new mode of thinking.

spirit acceptancePulling Away From Non-acceptance:  It’s not so easy to pull oneself away from taught practices from birth & as we grow they become habitual & even harder to rid ourselves of because we usually can’t recognise that we have non-accepting conflictive habits to deal with.   The easiest way to do this is just become accepting, I know this goes against the usual taught mode of non-acceptance thinking but if you could just think “why not as I have nothing to lose by thinking in another way which could help me immensely especially with my meditation” it will change your life forever because now you have started to think differently & will now see the world in a different light.

I myself have trouble with accepting but it’s not with this non-accepting reality but with accepting a different mode of thinking which will take me away from this non-accepting reality & put me into an accepting reality, the conflict is that I just love this reality for what it is, now that’s accepting!! In other words I love the way I think now in this reality & I don’t wish to think differently & believe it or not most of us on this planet are the same. If you think about it for a moment, if I was one of the one’s wanting &/or trying to escape this non-accepting reality wouldn’t that be even more non-accepting & conflictive? The answer to that would have to be a yes so that means everyone who wants to move on to a different way of thinking is being conflictive? No because it depends on how, why & more importantly your personal feelings on the matter, am I trying to escape or am I just wanting to experience a different way of thinking &/or I just want to improve on our living conditions.

In just wanting to improve on our living conditions can be conflictive because of two things, one you shouldn’t be thinking it’s an improvement because you’re supposed to be accepting of this reality for what it is just another way of thinking & two are you trying to improve on your own living conditions to escape a more non-accepting condition/way of thinking/ reality?

You have the people who can’t wait to escape this reality & way of thinking & who are obviously non-accepting & in conflict of this reality or on the other end of the scale people who are all accepting of this reality & never want to change it but are still non-accepting because they don’t want to change to another way of thinking/reality or you have the people in between who make up the majority of people on Earth who will accept change when it happens.  These people, who I am a part of, have conflicts but not to the grand scale of the other two, there conflicts just coincide with everyday life of living & thinking in a certain way to whatever that might be within that particular reality which at the moment is in a non-accepting way.

When we first discover a different way of thinking we tend to think that is the way to think not the way we are now but every reality is dictated by a certain way of thinking & one isn’t wrong or right or even better than the other they are just different. In thinking in this way we have no conflicts & begin to feel at peace& in harmony with the rest of our environment, its utter blissful thinking indeed.