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Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Hard Way to Learn at Times

Written by Mathew Naismith

Learning from diversity can be a hard road to follow at times, the following is a very disappointing exchange between a good internet friend of mine & myself on my last post titled Living Within Your Divine Self. It is a shame this has to happen but I suppose it’s a part of learning from diversity as well!!

I’ve only inserted the last two responses between us which sound worse than what they are, hopefully!!

Well Mathew,

Have you ever heard the expression 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'?

I think the major difference between you and I is I do not always have to be right all the time. I am human not perfection.

You accuse other people of being conflictive and yet you are conflictive when someone does not agree with you. You impose your beliefs instead of informing sometimes. You can be very intimadating, but I am not intimadated by you.This is not a criticism just an observation because as I said I am not perfect myself.

how could the word omnipresence be a human concept if we only know self?

You say when you were in your teens you had all the knowing of everything. Yet you tell me I get a lot my knowing from books!!! because I have used the word omnipresence.

What I know is from intuition. which is different to my knowledge. Knowledge is what we are taught or 'pick up' knowing is very different to knowledge!

Not very accepting from someone who says that acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

G’day Tawmeeleus

What are you doing on your high horse, I expected better from you when in disagreement of your beliefs!! You’re taking this much to heart & where is your unconditional love? Trust me if you were unconditionally loving in any way you wouldn’t be having ago at me like you are so I would presume from this you don’t know what you are talking about when you talk about unconditional love.

I’m not sprouting I’m right over you all I am doing is discussing different diverse beliefs so please don’t turn this into something it’s not, ease back on the neg ego.

Yes I’m conflictive & yes I’m egotistical at time & all the other bad non-spiritual things but I’m all accepting of all being of the spiritual which is of true oneness not separating everything within its own set slot & labelling it, this is very human nothing more.

Quote:  how could the word omnipresence be a human concept if we only know self?  You don’t get it, who devised the word omnipresence? It was human wasn’t it so it’s of human concept like any written language, think outside the antiquated human communicative concept & then tell me what you see!!

Human knowledge is known to deflect us away from our inner knowing Tawmeeleus especially at the subconscious level.

Reading the last line you’re not being very unconditionally loving at all period. True acceptance is the acceptance of not being accepting as well at times, it’s totality in a nut shell of being totally accepting not just accepting of the things we want to be accepting of but the totality of all.   

Very disappointed indeed, if you’re going through a hard time personally, sorry!!