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Thursday, 31 March 2016

What is What and Faith

Written by Mathew Naismith

In realities influenced by time, it seems to matter what is what, what are we doing here, what is our purpose, what is the difference and so forth. Any consciousness influenced by timelessness however has a different perspective, this is usually called blind faith, for example, a consciousness that believes in a creative consciousness or God or an infinite source of creation/awareness/wisdom, naturally has a different perspective to other conscious forms that don't have an expression of faith. The reason for this lies with faith itself, considering that the faith in anything infinite, naturally defuses numerous questions thus helping in quieting our minds.

Having faith in anything within time, is a big ask considering that purely time based perception are unable to perceive beyond finite perceptions, this of course is due to their conditioning to time. Faith however takes us out of time based perceptions and perspectives thus lessening the continuous questions of what is what, in turn, quieting our minds.

In relation to time, certain quantum physics theories state that realities and time are possibly an illusion for various reasons as the video below explains. To me, their not just illusions and that is that, this sounds like a perception base purely on time because perceptions influenced by time usually set up boundaries and rules, what boundaries and rules are there in timelessness? There are none because to have limitation is of the finite, not the infinite.   

Perceiving from a state influenced by time to a timeless state, gives us the perception that time is an illusion, this of course is also stating that hate and love are an illusion as well. However, when you perceive from a timeless state to state of time, your perception is quite different. The reason for this is obvious, there are no limitations, once a consciousness is no longer only influenced by time, the limited question of what is what becomes obsolete as this kind of questioning and querying has limitations.

Because there are no limitations, this alone should prove that time is an illusion as time is very limiting? Not at all, remember, there are no limitations, meaning, time within itself is real, to state otherwise is limiting!! Time, therefore finite thinking,  tricks us to believe in illusions, basically, it's an illusion of an illusion....however.

To state that time isn't an illusion, is also limiting, time has certainly obscured who we truly are to start with, giving us the misperception that this is all we are, this is an illusion. One of the main reasons time isn't an illusion resides in that times has always existed, if time exists, time can't be a true illusion, only the perception that time influences us with. The main influence being a perception of finite as opposed to the infinite.

As of always in time, what has evolved from what? This kind of querying is of course perceived on the perception that time exists and that there is always a starting and ending point of origin. This perception of course denotes a perception influenced by limitations therefore time. In recent days, I had a theory that denotes that consciousness and thought was created from awareness, the following is my response to this.                 

Good point, is consciousness and thought the creation of awareness instead of awareness and thought being the creation of consciousness? In time, one would presume one comes before the other, in timelessness however there is no starting or ending point for one to be created from the other...

Basically, I'm stating that consciousness is awareness and thought, however  for an example, not every state of thought, awareness and consciousness, is wise as thought and consciousness can lack awareness which is fundamentally vital for wisdom to exist.

We would think that to be wise, wisdom is created because of awareness, in actuality, wisdom is at the exact same point as awareness, wisdom doesn't come from awareness as thought and consciousness doesn't come from awareness.

Because we are conditioned to time, we perceive everything has to have a starting point of origin but it doesn't, yes, in time it does, this is the illusion, but not when we consider timelessness as well.

In time, consciousness and thought can be perceived as coming from awareness, however in timelessness, this is another matter. there are no boundaries therefore their are no rules to what should come before or be created by what....

As of the big picture, there is no boundaries, this means no consciousness or awareness is able to actually observe the whole picture as it has no boundaries, it's infinite, we can however perceive the enormity of the big picture.

I should also state that most human isms and ideologies are time based or influenced in some way by time. 


To me, it's important to have faith as faith is of the infinite self, it has no fixated limitations, on the other hand disbelief has numerous fixated limitations. We do indeed have a choice in what perceptions we live by..........