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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bright Glowing Souls

Written by Mathew Naismith

Entering into a heaven like reality bright iridescent balls of light came to beckon for me to play & play I did. Intertwined as one we darted off everywhere in utter ecstasy which is very similar to great sex but much much more rapturous & exciting as it seems to be of every ecstasy moment that one could ever experience rolled in one moment. These balls of light were souls that my own soul became entwined with.  The only problem with this is one has to be asked to participate & yes at a certain stage of our souls development we can all be these balls of soul lights assisting those who are ready.

We can experience similar things in the astral plain.  Once these balls of light let go of your soul you feel like you drop but not hard similar again to coming back into your body at times after astral traveling. After you are back it feels as if you’re been totally revitalised in every way, an unreal feeling indeed. So how does one enter into a reality like heaven to experience such a thing? Think of yourself as the soul not just this human vessel in this you will let go of most attachments & inhibitions at the human level.  You can just think on this, meditate on this, day dream it or visualise it & eventually you will obtain it!!