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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Being Aware of our Own Vibrational Signature

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is carrying on from my last post about healing through vibrations, in this post we will look more at our own vibrational signature.  For any real long lasting healing to occur, it is important identify our own signature but first of all we need to become aware of our own signature. To do this it’s as simple as becoming aware, aware of our present and past vibrational signatures.

First of all what is this vibrational signature? Anyone who spiritually aware most likely has already identified this signature probably unbeknownst to them, it’s the way we are at any given time which is usually more identifiable through our own mentality.  What makes up your mentality is different vibrations you have experienced in life, remembering each experience is also a vibration that we can allow to affect us or not.  Spiritually aware people are very good at identifying these signatures because the more aware they become the more they realise their old signature, the way they use to think and live life which is driven by our mentality.  As we become spiritually the more our mentality changes, we most often realise how less destructive we are to ourselves and others than we were before, this is primarily due to changing of our own vibrational signature which changes our mentality.  Again this is one vibration affecting a change in another, in this case our mentality.

Science recognises these vibrational signatures, as the link below explains, but it’s not to the same extent to what spiritually aware people do at this point in time.  It’s funny to think that spiritually aware people know more about vibrational signatures than scientists but that seems to be the case, we experience the changing effects of this signature every time we become more aware and so do scientists or anybody else who becomes more aware.

Extract: This constant push-pull can create a vibration, as if the atoms were connected by tiny springs in constant motion. The vibration is unique for each possible arrangement of atoms in a molecule, and in the language of quantum mechanics, each vibration has a characteristic "energy level." An electron whose energy matches or exceeds that of a vibrational energy level in a molecule can pass through the molecule more easily.

A vibrational signature is created through a culmination of frequencies interacting to create a unique signature; we are indeed all unique because each vibrational signature, which represents our whole selves, is created through our own experiences through life giving us a unique vibrational signature.  Each experience is a certain frequency that we can allow to affect our present signature hopefully making our signature less destructive.  We do have a choice a lot of the times if we want certain experiences (frequencies) to change our present signature either to a more destructive signature or a more constructive signature.  At times we don’t seem to have a choice because we are forced to be in disharmonious situations; actually we always have a choice no matter what we are doing.  We can allow these experiences, these frequencies, to change our present signature or not, the more we are connected to our own more harmonious signature the less these disharmonious signatures will affect us.  

Let’s look at the science link I inserted in this post again, it stated that, “An electron whose energy matches or exceeds that of a vibrational energy level in a molecule can pass through the molecule more easily”.

I can relate this to our everyday lives.  If we are disharmonious, other disharmonious vibrational frequencies will pass through us more easily but if we are more harmonious, the less chances that these disharmonious vibrational frequencies have in changing our present more harmonious signature.  Each person and situation has it’s own vibrational signature and will put out it’s own vibrational frequencies, it’s really up to us or not if we are going to allow these vibrational frequencies to change our own vibrational signature or not. This is why it’s important to become aware of our own present vibrational signature; it allows us to repel anything not of our own signature a lot better I believe.

Now let’s turn the tables around, instead of disharmonious vibrational frequencies affecting harmonious vibrational frequencies, how about a more harmonious vibrational frequencies affecting disharmonious vibrational frequencies.  I did this while working in the welfare arena, I often changed the vibrational signature of other people while disallowing them to change mine. This doesn’t mean you can change other people’s vibrational signature just like that, for me this was done under a controlled situation, I had influence over my clients but they most often didn’t have the same influence over me unless I allowed it.  By the way, my clients had a lot of influence over me at times, it was very constructive so I allowed it to happen and yes they certainly did influence my vibrational signature.

Each and every person and situation we come in contact with will put out a certain vibrational frequencies that can change the way our own vibrational signature is functioning, it’s truly up to us if we are going to allow these vibrations to change our own signature or not.  If they are destructive or they feel disharmonious to us, it’s best to stick close to your own signature disallowing any disharmonious changes to our vibrational signature.  All we have to do in a situation like this is know how harmonious you truly are, feel it while around other disharmonious vibrations; this will disallow any changes to your own signature.  People with disharmonious signatures to ourselves do this all the times, it’s easy for them because that is the way the world is so we do indeed have a bit of a battle ahead of us but it’s better than being disharmonious.