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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Assisting a Consciousness in Trauma

Written by Mathew Naismith

A psychotherapist/psychiatrist will place a patient into a less destructive mental state/reality by creating a less destructive reality, a less destructive illusion. This allows the patient to move from a destructive reality to a more constructive reality/illusion. Yes, delusions/illusions have there place within humanity. 

Psychotherapists/psychiatrists will not try to bring a patient back to reality straight up, for it is most likely that the real reality caused trauma to the person in the first place. The last thing you want to do is cause more trauma but at the same time gradually bring the person back to the real reality that caused them trauma. As you could imagine, this can take some time to do as bringing a person back to real reality is accomplished through various stages.

As I observe materialists/atheists and spiritually aware people battling it out with each other for supremacy, I have myself observed a certain amount of trauma on a collective scale. As a lot of people have concurred, the human collective consciousness is mentally strained through centuries of trauma/conflict. The collective human consciousness is conditioned to suffering thus creating further and further trauma. As soon as we are born, we are immediately conditioned to being in trauma on a collective scale, this is instead of being conditioned to a peaceful existence.

Spiritually aware people are obviously traumatised by our present reality, our present consciousness, this is too obvious as their own actions depict. As of a mentally ill patient who is traumatised by our present reality and go into a protective state of mind, an illusionary state of mind/reality, so can a collective group of people in trauma. How many soldiers suffer with the same mental conditions? Being traumatised by our present reality is no different collectively.

What do a lot of spiritually aware people do? They escape the present reality by creating their own reality. There are a lot of spiritually aware people who have created another reality for themselves to save themselves from further trauma, this is highly psychologically/spiritually constructive to the collective consciousness. However, it is not constructive to the collective consciousness when, while existing in the present reality, we totally ignore everything we deem to be negative, or, totally ignore everything that creates more traumas for ourselves personally. This is like a mentally ill person creating a reality that is highly destructive, either to themselves and/or everybody else. Simply staying ignorant to what has caused the trauma in the first place, is simply not going to help the collective consciousness, in actuality quite the opposite as is being presently proven.

As for materialists and atheists, what is their trauma?  The trauma of there possibly being more than what they can perceive making their own ideologies and beliefs illusionary and deceitful. Also, the trauma of religion taking over again thus inflicting more trauma on the rest of the world. I don't think we would have been any better off if we where all atheists or materialists from the word go, in actuality history tells us we could have been worse off.     

A psychotherapist/psychiatrist will bring a mentally ill person back to real reality through stages, eventually allowing the patient to hopefully exist within the present reality, not a made up reality. So many spiritually aware people have done just this through different and various spiritual techniques, brought themselves back to the present reality without the feeling of being traumatised by the present reality. Yes of course, as a lot of spiritually aware people believe, everything physical and of the ego is an illusion!! As soon as someone expresses themselves in this way, I know where they are coming from.

If the universe was created by a far more aware and wiser consciousness than our own human consciousness, what the universe represents is a reflection of a consciousness. Just because the universe and everything within the universe is a reflection of another consciousness, doesn't make the universe and everything within the universe an illusion, especially considering the trauma our present reality creates for us. Any consciousness in trauma will enter into any illusionary state to escape trauma, even and probably especially at the cost of the present reality. It is fine entering into an illusionary state of reality/mind to protect ourselves from further trauma, but it is highly harmful to the collective consciousness when done at the cost of all else.

An extreme reaction to trauma is to ignore what has caused the trauma by any means. Excessive expressions of positivity and creating illusions that everything that causes us trauma is an illusion, is of the same mentality of a mentally ill person in trauma, a person trying to escape their present reality, their present state of mind. A mentally balanced approach that is often orchestrated in psychotherapy, is to not put yourself into a state of mind of extreme reaction to trauma, but into a state of mind that is more passive and constructive and less illusionary and extreme in nature. The universe is simply a reflection of a far more aware and wiser consciousness, not simply and categorically an illusion or negative/toxic, point blank.

Think of this in relation to creating your own illusion. How many sports people put themselves into a state of mind that they are superhuman? In ancient battles, often both sides put themselves into a mental state of being superhuman like. Creating an illusion is fine, it is how we create an illusion that really matters.       

I really hope this helps some people, even though what I have written here is of my own mind.       

Monday, 16 July 2018

The Organism as a Whole

"Everything in the universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself." 

Written by Mathew Naismith

Organism: A living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently.

When talking about the organism as a whole, I am making reference to the whole of existence. The whole of existence includes both ego created existences (participation/motion) and an existence not of the ego (observation/motionless. There is no perception of separation of this singular organism as a whole.

The independence of this organism as a whole is independent of the perceptions of separation of this whole organism. While of the ego and by the ego, the whole organism is perceived to be of separate individualistic entities or organisms, however, while not of the ego and by the ego, all is observed as one organism. There is no perception here, just clear observation through the absence of bias. You see, the ego existence, therefore participation, creates biases simply by separating one from the other. This process of separation also creates, for example, racialism and hate; you of course could go on from this and say evil and demonic tendencies.

This is odd for me to think like this as I was brought up as an atheist, of a limited consciousness to certain specifics of existence as whole. I observed that atheism wasn't just limiting my consciousness; I also looked at the whole existence as a singular organism, not of a separated organism trying to control all other organism not of itself.

Having researched in the way the Eastern and Western mind thinks in all of us, it would seem that my Eastern mind observed one organism even while my Western mind was focused on the individualistic side of existence. Yes, we are individuals but individuals existing in a holistic existence, an existence of observation of participation of the ego. Ego simply means to individualise existence into separate parts.

A lot of people perceive this individualising, the separation of a singular organism or consciousness, as an illusion. Illusion refers to something that is fake, not of a real existence. So, what is the observer observing? Why would the observer of ego existences observe anything that was an illusion? To do this would be of the ego; this is not the observer, considering the observer is egoless, only the ego would bother to perceive and observe an illusion!!

What is being observed are ego existences, a part of the organism in motion. It's important here not to perceive everything as just being of materialism where matter is the only reality. The observer is not of matter for matter takes motion, the observer is simply motionless therefore not of matter.

The ego often separates one from the other; thereby individualising its existence separate to other existences. Seen as the Western mind is of individualising, you could easily perceive that the Western mind is of the ego and the Eastern mind is of egolessness. I don't think this is far from the truth considering that the Western and Eastern mind is within everyone. What becomes more predominant reflects our thoughts and feelings, either that be of the ego or egolessness/selflessness.

What the ego seems to do on a regular basis is to perceive that ego existences are separate to the egoless existence; this is while the observer observes only one organism in motion. It's still of one organism even when the observer is observing itself in observation, it's all one organism either in motion or not. Look at this way. Yin and yang can often act as one organism when in harmony to each other. When one is asleep and the other is awake, are they still not of one organism?

It's advisable and wise to be aware how our egos behave; separating a singular organism into numerous individualistic organisms to serve its own self-worth.......

It is really good to see that science is looking at everything being of one organism, of non-duality. However, it is sad for people like me observing new age spirituality doing the opposite, trying to separate itself from something it doesn't desire to be a part of. When you are a part of the whole organism, no amount of perceived separation will separate you from this organism. You can become as perceived evil or saintly as much as you like, you are still a part of the whole organism as a whole.

So how do you create a more constructive existence/reality? By simply being aware that you are a part of the whole organism without exception, within this, the destructive ways of the organism become insignificant in comparison to the whole organism. Yes I know, this is hard to comprehend for the Western mind and understandably so.       

Alan Wilson Watts was a British philosopher who interpreted and popularised Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. What is being said here is very much of the Eastern mind, of course the Western mind being what it is, desires to separate itself from the Eastern mind!!                       

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Existing by Past and Future Events

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is obviously going to be a follow on from my last post. In the seven (7) odd years of sharing my insights and changelings through blogs, I have never really touched on (written) this subject before, probably because I seem to exist and create my own reality from the present rather than from past and/or future events. Yes, people like me are guided by past and predicted future events, but we never base our present existence on past and/or future events.

Conditioning: Consider this, why base our present on predicted future events, either constructively or destructively? It's all to do with fear. If we predominantly focus on a predicted bright secure future, we do this out of fear of the present. This makes sense to a fearful person to do this because the present is anything but secure, so to obtain a sense of security, we predominantly focus on a predicted secure future. The same is with focusing on an insecure future, like the end of the world for example; it's all based on fear. So why not just focus on the present and not mention about past or future events? Many of us are simply not aware of what we are doing. Instead of moving away or evolving (ascending) from an existence based on fear, we are escalating further into fear at a phenomenal rate.    

As we are conditioned to time, we are also conditioned to fear, this doesn't mean that time is based on fear though, it means that within time fear can be experienced or not. As time is all about starting and ending points, we can either go with the flow of these starting and ending points, either it be of actual life and death, rich and poor, hungry and satisfied, which is of fearlessness, or we can try to go against the flow which is fearful. I do find that the Western mind is more fearful than the Eastern mind, probably because the Eastern mind from birth was once conditioned to go with the flow where the Western mind is conditioned to go against the flow; of course this is just my opinion.

Western Mind: How many Western minded people take on, become aware of, Eastern practices like living in the present but still predominantly base this present on a predicted future event? When an Eastern mind takes on living within the present, they don't base this on some predicted future event, like so many western minded people obviously do today, they predominately focus on the present while only being guided by the past and future.

Yes, as the world becomes more predominately of the western mind, we will experience more of a reality based on fear. How many people fear looking old today or fear losing some material possessions? Yes, this kind of fear, to one extent or another, has been around forever as the Western mind is not just of Western people, it's of all people. I today relate materialism to the Western mind as most western people are conditioned from birth to materialism, especially these days. Materialism is purely based on fear, the fear of not having enough to the fear of not having it at all.

It is too obvious to people like me that we are presently using the past and the future to create the present instead of using them as a guide. The ironical thing is that the past and the future is unable to exist without the present, everything relies purely on the present, instead of this, we are conditioned to believe everything is created from past and future events. The present is of and created from past and/or future events, in my mind, this simply isn't the case, or more precisely, need not be the case.

Illusion: Is it an illusion that we base the present on past and future events? Seen as everything is of the present, I would say it's an illusion. Consider this, if we base the present on future events like many people are doing today, what then will create this predicted future? The act of becoming aware of a predicted future and living in the present of this predicted future, changes the flow that creates these predicted futures. There are far more predicted (prophesised) future events that haven't happened than have happened, could this be due to the fact we are tampering with these future events therefore changing their flow by simply being aware of them and living the present by them?

In my mind, we need to learn to use the past and future simply as a guide and not to create the present based predominantly on past and especially on future events. Leave the present alone to go with the natural flow of the present, within this, I believe that these prophesised predictions of security, peace and love will materialise, if not, we will change these predictions to anything else but of security, peace and love.

Manifestation: So if we focus on predicted future events of security, peace and love, will this not manifest this within the present? In my mind, absolutely not. The reason for this is simply based on that it's the present that creates everything, not a manifestation of a future event to influence (change) the present. Ask yourself honesty why you are looking for the future to change the present. The answer to this is fear of the insecurities of the present, so we try to manifest a present from a predicted brighter future? This is of course is instead of changing the present itself to something of security, peace and love.

We have not just judged but critically judged the present as something negative, something to have disdain for and fear, within this, we have based the present purely on some kind of favourable predicted future event. We simply don't want to work on the present as it is, it's too negative, so we try to change the present based on a more favourable future event. When everything is created from the very present, this seems a strange thing to do, base the present on future events, in the process, inadvertently changing these future events to something less favourable.

Inadvertently, by predominantly focusing on brighter predicted future events, we are creating the less favourable prophesised predictions instead in my mind. As soon as we base the present in anyway on fear, the outcome of this fear will naturally create something less favourable, in our case this simply means creating the less favourable prophesied predictions within the present.

If we all learnt to just simply be within the now (present), in my mind, all of what is favourably predicted would quite instantly materialise. Take away the effects of what a past and future, negative and positive, black and white, have upon us, all you are left with is the now, yin and yang as one.  

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Only Within the Present

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is only my opinion, but be wary of anyone who is primarily focused on the future/past. I had a friend recently present something to me from another person that was supposed to be spectacular. Anyone guiding people while being primarily based on future events, in my mind, should be avoided at all costs, even if this includes ascension symptoms primarily based on future events. You will find that most, if not all, ascension symptoms are primarily based on predicted future events.

Yes, the future and the past will give us ascension symptoms if we are focused on the past and/or future. Now honestly try focusing on the present only, you will find that ascension symptoms simply don't and can't exist within the present. To have any kind of ascension symptom, there has to be a strong acknowledgment and focusing of ourselves of a past and/or future. Of course the more we focus on the now/present, the less symptoms we will have for a very good reason, ascensions symptoms need a past and /or future events to exist. Yes, ascension symptoms do exist because we simply allow a past and future to exist as our primary focus.

I wrote the following to my friend on this matter.

OK, I am not too concerned about where we are going but how we are getting there which is in relation to the now. I find people like Aluna are more focused on the future than the now. Anyone focused primarily on the future/past, are obviously primarily of the illusion/ego. These people will often use various marketing ploys to keep themselves within the scheme of things, in the limelight.

These people often talk about judgment of others but how often are they themselves in critical judgment of others themselves? I am a good example of her, not just simple judgment but critical judgment. 

Also, why be so worried or focused on the future when the future is already written, secure?  It's a con; the ego has these people in its full control, this is too obvious.

Live within the present for all else is defined by the present only, for everything else but the present is an illusion.......Mathew G

How often are we guided to live within the present? Now, how many of us live by what we preach within living in the now? Too often we are primarily focused on the future which really doesn't exist. Aluna is obvious within being primarily focused on the future. Aluna is making a huge mistake in my mind; this is unless all Aluna desires is an audience.

Look for the people who are primarily focused on the future when the future is supposed to be secure in accordance within their beliefs/predictions. If the future is suppose to be so secure, why not then focus on the present when the future is already written and secure? It simply makes no sense when people like this are primarily focused on a secure future to an insecure present.

The past and future are already written but the present isn't....Mathew G

Consciousness isn't this limited to past and future events Glenys.

Be wary of anyone focusing primarily on the future Glenys. Our ascension symptoms seem to have everything to do with future events with these people, huge mistake in my mind.

 Ok yep can see your point
Now to a lot of people this might seem unfair or even toxic of me mentioning people who are guiding numerous other people further into the illusion, not away from the illusion. Yes, these people are ascending but ascending further into the illusion of time based realities of past and future events, not away from them. If it's acceptable to lead people further into the illusion, why isn't it accepted to point out how people are being misled? Everything is created from the present, not from some future predicted event and why put so much focus on a future that is secure when the present isn't secure? Would it not make more sense focusing on the present when it's the present that creates everything?   

Consider this, can a past and future exist without the present? Seen as all future and past events where first created from the present at that time, the answer is categorically no. Now, can the present exist without a future or past and the answer is definitely yes, but of course to anyone primarily of time based realities of past and future events, the perceptions of the present being able to exist void of a past and future is going to be incomprehensible, and understandably so.

As I have stated before, time itself has always existed, this also means so has a past and future, however within the present there is no starting or ending points, no past or future. Only within time can anything be created from a starting point including time itself, you simply can't create a starting point within the present without time also being present.

All this means is that time, therefore past and future events, have always existed, however, what we primarily focus on in the present creates the present. If we focus on the past and/or the future, this will be the present. If we focus on the now, the present, this will be the present. So the idea of focusing on a secure future seems to be the way to go as the future then becomes the present. However, while primarily focusing on a secure future, we are not being of the present which creates the future for which we are primarily refocusing on at present.

The illusion is that future events create the present when they simply don't. Many of us are sadly being guided down this very road by others who are simply living for the future instead of the now, the present, which create future perception of future events. Yes, we can exist by creating our present from future events but it's simply not advisable, mainly due to the future is anything but secure and is limited to certain events. Being that time therefore past and future existence is limited by starting and ending points, it's a bit silly to continue to limit our own potential in this way. The present is simply limitless within it's motions where's a past and future is highly limited to certain events, do we won't or need to continue to limit ourselves to time based realities?

Yes, we can continue to delude ourselves in thinking that the future and past create the present when it's always the present that creates everything within it's entirety. No, there is nothing wrong in continuing to seemingly create the present from future events, but is it wise to do this, not just continue to do this but ascend even further into these delusions? 

To my readers, try to avoid anyone guiding other people who have based everything on future events, focus on the now is my best advice here. Security is created within the present, not the future for it's the present that writes the perceptions of the future.  

 The following photo shows my Nephew Jimmy and me approximately 28 years ago. The photo event is of the past but the event itself is always of the now....... 


Monday, 17 October 2016

What's Really Real - Not An Illusion??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Human conscious is all about what is negative and positive, bad and good, real and an illusion, the question is, why does anything have to be one or the other, in the case of this post, real or an illusion?

Human Perception: In regards to human perception, there has to be a perception of one or the other. The reason for this lies within human consciousness's conditioning from birth as human consciousness is conditioned to night and day, hunger or fullness for example, so their of course has to be what is judged as an illusion or what's real. The strange thing is, what is often visually the most beautiful time of day? When the sun is either setting or rising. This time period however makes up only a few minutes of a 24 hour period therefore is often overshadowed by longer periods of light and dark, light and dark therefore becomes more predominant which in turn influences how we perceive. 

How often do we question if God or, as I prefer , God's consciousness exists or not, it's usually either one or the other? Why couldn't this God's consciousness just be without having to exist or not exist? It doesn't and that is exactly what God's consciousness represents, neither one or the other, it just is without definition, it's neither an illusion nor real. In actuality, this God's consciousness represents what is often the most beautiful/stunning part of the day, it's likened to the time period between day and night for me. You can  also relate this God's consciousness to a state of oneness or pure bliss or wisdom.

Illusions: I still find it strange that so called well connected spiritually aware people, talk about oneness on one hand but on the other hand talk about what is real and what isn't. A consciousness in a true oneness state, has no perceptions of what is real and what is an illusion,  there is no perceptions of separation, anything other than this isn't a true sense of oneness. As soon as a consciousness has perceived an illusion, it has become apart of the illusion because it's now created an illusion by it's own human conditioned perceptions. I call this a black and white mentality.

Let's look at time which is supposed to be an illusion. While existing on this planet, which evolves around a sun giving a consciousness a perception of night and day, this consciousness is conditioned to a 24 hour time brought about by periods of nights and days. When we go away from this planet into outer space, there is no night, it's only day as the sun is always visible and shining. If we then go right away from the universe itself, there is then no perception of day, only night because there is no visible sun to give a consciousness a perception of daylight.

Which reality is real and which reality is an illusion? A human consciousness conditioned to a black and white mentality, would judge which one is what, on the other hand, a consciousness not conditioned to this kind of black and white mentality would think otherwise. This reason for this lies within each reality, being that each reality has it's own reality that it is conditioned to, this conditioning however doesn't make everything else apart from this reality an illusion. We might then think, if every reality has it's own separate reality it exists by, this is anything but a depiction of oneness. This is only the case when a consciousness can only think in what is real and what isn't, a consciousness conditioned to a black and white mentality. If you are in a oneness state of consciousness and you have a perception of everything else but this oneness state being an illusion, you are not truly in a oneness state, there is no true states of illusions or states that are real that are separate from these illusions.

Twilight States: What we seem to have negated here is the twilight between day and night, what is real and what is an illusion. As of the twilight hours of each day represents, a mix of day and night, what is real and an illusion is the same. As of twilight hours in a day, what is perceived as real or an illusion are intertwined which negates what is or isn't real. I am certainly an advocate in that our environment around us tells us who we truly are, this twilight is who we are even though within this particular reality of days and nights, days and nights are predominant. Just because a particular aspect of ourselves is predominate over other aspects of ourselves within a particular reality, doesn't make one aspect more real than another just because it's more predominate.

So often spiritually aware people will get into a oneness state and perceive that anything other than this oneness state is an illusion, this perception within itself tells us that this is not a true oneness state that is being experienced. A true oneness state has no perceptions/judgement of what is real and what isn't, there is no true separation but with the perceptions of illusions and even what is real. Yes that's correct, there is no perception of what is real either in a true oneness state, and in actuality, nothing is real as nothing is an illusion either for one needs the other to exist. This is what I call a twilight state of consciousness, neither one or the other. Because we are humanly conditioned from birth to perceive in a black and white mentality, this is how we perceive everything we become aware of, even oneness itself. Yes, amazingly enough, we even separate oneness from other realities and still judge it as oneness!!

As usual for me, this post expresses a strange perception which is difficult to comprehend, there is no question of what is real and what isn't real. This perception within itself to what is real or isn't, is the creation of illusions, as I have always stated, it's an illusion of an illusion created by the perceptions of an illusion and what is even real. I would suggest to my readers to perceive neither and all of the above, why does anything have to be anything, why can't it just be without this kind of perceiving?  Don't separate everything within a certain perception in accordance with a certain reality, it just is what it is within each reality, it's truly this simple.

Note: Please do not take what I have stated in this post a being gospel or of utter truth, it is what it is, but another perception that can often be, as usual in my case, incomprehensible to a lot of people and quite understandable too. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

We are Guests within Time Itself

Written by Mathew Naismith

Hopefully this post will assist people to think outside time itself, it is difficult, while believing that we were created from time, to perceive outside of this time, this  knowing that you are not really of time can assist in getting ourselves to think outside the barriers of time. We are indeed eternal therefore not of time but guests of time as I will explain further. Is it important to know we are only guests of time? I think so especially if we want to heal, or more precisely, change the collective to something more constructive.

We were created in and from time, how is such a creation supposed to think outside of this time especially when all we are taught is also time orientated?  Actually it’s very hard for certain people to even perceive outside of their own taught perceptions within time itself. Anyone who thinks their science or religion for example, is the be and end all, can only perceive within these barriers, they are unable to perceive of any other concept past their own concepts within time,  perceiving to think outside of time is going to be virtually impossible. 

Some people are unable to perceive outside of their own concepts within time and other people can perceive most of anything within time, there are also others who can perceive outside of this time barrier altogether, these are the people who know we are only guests of time not of time itself, in other words we are eternal.  It’s amazing why we all think so differently, it’s all to do with how we think within and out of time.  

Now we could say the mind and body are only of time, they were created in time unlike our eternal selves, our spirit/soul, this I feel isn’t quite correct, the brain was created in time but the mind wasn’t.  Yes the mind can be just of time because it can think it’s only of time but it can also think outside of time. Can the human body exist and perceive outside of time? It can’t even exist as it is outside of Earth’s atmosphere within time, the human body is only of time but the mind isn’t, mainly because it can think outside of time therefore it’s not just of time.  

You could say here that the mind is a guest to the brain, the mind is having a short stay within the human brain just like when we go on holidays, we stay at a venue that gives us different experiences, the mind is no different when staying at it’s venue in the human brain.  I do have to admit though, at times while the mind is staying at it’s venue, the brain, it certainly doesn’t feel like a holiday, I suppose some holidays can be quite chaotic at times!!

The teaching of Buddhism say there is no eternal soul; it’s the go self that wants to be eternal.

The perceiving of an eternal soul is dualistic and of time because everything of time, like the soul, is separated by it’s own individualism when there is no true separation, this makes perfect sense. This is basically saying that time is an illusion and that we are indeed a guest within time, this illusion itself.  This is in line with saying that the mind is the brain when the mind is only a guest to the brain; it’s an illusion when we think the brain created the mind when in fact the mind is only a guest staying at the venue we call the human brain.

The brain has got the mind to think it’s of the brain not a guest of the brain; this is an illusion of the mind brought about by existing in time, so time is an illusion?  

No, time only deludes us to get us to think we are only of time, this doesn’t make time itself an illusion. Why isn’t time an illusion? For the main reason; within timelessness time has always existed therefore time can’t be an illusion, however, time can obviously give us delusions, for example, that we are only off time and not a guest of time.  

So is there an eternal soul? Yes and no, this all depends on our perception of what a soul actually is. In time the soul is separate to all other souls as time is all about dualism but in timelessness all souls are of one entity, one source of consciousness, this however to me doesn’t make time an illusion, this is only the case if we believe we are separated by individual soul experiences within time itself. Also any experience in time only becomes a delusion if we think we are of time instead of being guests of time.  It’s amazing how confused we have become between illusions and delusions, if in timelessness, which we are of, everything has always existed so there are no true illusions only delusions brought about by the mind thinking it’s of time and not of timelessness.  

Like the mind is of the brain, we are but guests of and within time itself, it’s very much like a holiday, it’s the conditions of the destination that defines what kind of holiday we will experience. Can we change the actual conditions of a location of a holiday? If we are holidaying in the mountains, we can’t change the mountains but we can change the way we experience these mountains while on holiday, experiencing anything in time is the same. Yes we have changed the surface area of Earth but the earth is still the Earth as the mountains are still the mountains, unless……. If we stop being guests of a location and decide to own such locations, then we in a sense can change the actual mountains themselves. Instead of humans being guests to time, we think we are of time itself therefore having ownership; we are in a sense destroying the mountains that we came to holiday in.

By not just realising but knowing that we are guests of time, we can indeed change these experiences to something far more constructive and fun as any holiday destination should be, time is after all but a destination for our eternal selves to experience.   

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I Am All That Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is living any kind of ignorance to our true nature an illusion, in other words, is any reality not of our true nature an illusion?

Recently I came across someone who was quite straight forward within her views that anything not of our true nature is an illusion, she can’t believe that so many people believe this reality isn’t an illusion. We are pure awareness; this is our true state which makes our present state an illusion which I concur with. The reason I concur with this is I fairly much know we are living in ignorance to our higher self, our pure awareness state. Everything about this reality denotes ignorance which is quite the opposite to our aware state, this would have to mean anything of ignorance denotes an illusion because it’s not of our true state which is of pure awareness or does it?

So this is saying that anything of ignorance is an illusion, the first problem I find with this is this sounds awfully like absolute truth to me, how would any of us, obviously of ignorance, know anything about absolute truth?

The second problem I have with this is we can’t possibly experience anything that isn’t of the collective consciousness in some way, this means this ignorance we are experiencing is also of this collective consciousness, it has to be real within a sense, maybe not human sense but in a real sense. The ego wants us to be only a part of a pure awareness nothing else, so we separate ourselves from pure ignorance. We do this by judging and labelling that anything of ignorance is an illusion but where is the oneness in this when we are judging, labelling and separating one consciousness from another?

I also thought this pure awareness state was our true nature until recently, instil I realised we are not just of what we have judged as being pure awareness, our true nature, but of pure ignorance as well. What ego wants to be a part of ignorance especially of an ignorance as pure as this pure awareness?  Once we become aware of what we judged as our truer state, we judged anything not of this state as being an illusion, this to me sounds we are once again being controlled by the ego in a very tricky way!! Do not underestimate the controlling ego; it’s indeed a very tricky little devil.

Every time I’m in a quietened state of consciousness I get quite firm and clear messages saying, “We are not just of what we have labelled our true nature but everything consciousness is, this includes any state of ignorance we may experience”. If any state of ignorance is an illusion, why would a pure aware consciousness want to experience, or even know of an ignorant state of consciousness if this ignorant state of consciousness wasn’t also of who we are?  I don’t think a pure awareness state of consciousness can experience anything it’s not a part of, this means any state of ignorance isn’t a true illusion.  It’s an illusion while we are aware of this pure awareness state but it’s not an illusion when we are aware that we are of both states of consciousness’s in the now, in the present moment.

There is an important point that needs to be made here, when in a pure awareness state,  we are also ignorant to an ignorant state of consciousness while in this pure awareness state, we are in fact still of ignorance when we have stated anything of ignorance is an illusion!! This is actually stating, anything just of ignorance or of this pure awareness is an illusion, either it be of this pure awareness or of pure ignorance, they are both an illusion when they disregard the other because the other is an illusion.

To me our true nature is of both pure awareness and pure ignorance and everything else that is of consciousness. When I was in a quietened state of consciousness last night I realised I don’t want to be of either pure awareness or pure ignorance, this means I don’t want to be of the light nor the darkness but in the grey area, an area of awareness that seems quite balanced. However what controlling ego wants to be of the grey area, it either wants to be of the light or the dark because these areas have a feeling of power and control, being in the grey area has no such feelings but it is of true balance I believe?

I certainly understand, to become knowing of awareness we need to experience this awareness, this means we will look upon what we have judged as pure awareness, our true nature, as being our true selves and look upon anything else not of this awareness as being an illusion. Seeing everything else not of this pure awareness as being an illusion is actually a very good sign, it is telling us we are indeed becoming further aware while we experience this pure awareness separate from ignorance. What I am stating is this ignorance isn’t a true illusion, it’s an illusion that it’s not reprehensive of all we are but I’m also saying this pure awareness isn’t either. Everything of consciousness is who we are.

People like Saddam Hussein and Hitler are a part of me as I am part of them, to separate one from the other hasn’t anything to do with oneness, separating conscious states of awareness from ignorance is the same, all we are doing is doing exactly what our egos desire, to separate anything we deem as inferior to ourselves.

To label and judge certain parts of consciousness an illusion is a part of the growing process, we will in the end I feel come to the same conclusion, nothing that is of this consciousness or any consciousness is a true illusion however I could certainly be incorrect in this as always!!

I know I am not just of the light or dark, I am all that is.      

Friday, 18 April 2014

Ascending, an Illusion

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wish to affirm with my readers in where I am coming from with what I write. I’m not into ascending, I have no need to ascend and I certainly have no desire, we are already ascended beings within a descended state of consciousness. There is a saying that goes like this; “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence”.

We are at present in this descended state of consciousness, on one side of the fence, but we are assumingly aware it’s greener on the other side of the fence, an ascended state of consciousness.  Once we ascend to this other side of the fence we then realise how green it was on the other side of the fence from where we were in our descended state, you realise you were always in an ascended state.  What is causing us from knowing this is in what we desire as opposed to our needs.  

All our needs are on this side of this descended conscious state side of the fence however what we desire is always on the other ascended conscious state side of the fence.  There is absolutely no need to go onto the other side of the fence, our desiring ego wants to be ascended so we are unable to see what we already have and it’s certainly unable to see we are already ascended.  Actually there isn’t another side of the fence; it’s an illusion of the ego. The ego of course is going to want something more glamorous no matter what side of the fence it’s on, so to do this it’ creates an illusion.  It’s actually the other side of the fence that is the illusion; it’s supposed to give us ascension when we are already ascended.

So we definitely have a need to change what we are doing  so ascending to the other side of the fence seems the only way, what else is there to do?

If the collective realised they are already ascended beings in a descended state of consciousness this reality would change quite dramatically and quite automatically because by realising we are ascended beings in the first place we would again automatically ascend to a higher consciousness.  One of the worse things we do to stop this automatic ascension is idolisation which fixates us to a singular ideological standardised view, by doing this we presume our ascension is somewhere else other than where we are.  This of course gives us the illusion; to ascend we need to go to the other side of the fence.  If you like, God is everywhere so there is no other side of the fence, God is where you are right now and so is your ascended self , all you have to do is truly realise this.

Once you truly believe you are already ascended you become a lot more accepting of your present situation even if it’s being in a descended state of consciousness, you become humble and a lot more at peace with the world. Yes we and others will act inappropriately at times compared to our known ascended self, that is a part of the experiences of being in a descended state of consciousness. If we wish to change this all we need to do is remember who we really are, an already ascended being however there are people like myself who are accepting of our descended state of consciousness but not to the point of our own or anyone else’s harm.  I’m quite accepting of my ignorant self in this descended state because I don’t see myself as being destructive, just experiencing.  

Yes we need, as opposed to desire, to collectively change our ways if we want to create a better existence, that would seem to be a must.  

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Illusions of 3rd Dimensional Thought

Written by Mathew Naismith

In any dimension our thoughts are influenced by that particular dimension, it is what makes that dimension what it is so are all these dimensions an illusion because all they are is abstract parts of consciousness? I will get back to this question latter but first how does this dimension make us think which will define what answer I give to the question I just asked. If I was to ask the same question in a different dimensional state of consciousness or mode of thought my answer, believe it or not, would be somewhat different so which answer is correct?  All the above believe it or not at the same time so to speak!!

I have inserted one of my replies to a good internet friend of mine below which will help shine more light on what I’m trying to portray here.

G'day Eric

Yes I do understand these egoless states of consciousness & that one can use the ego to portray themselves as whatever to assist constructively not destructively, it is impossible to be egotistically destructive in these egoless states I believe.

I look at it this way Eric, we know how to use the ego to it's most destructive potential however we haven't learnt to use it to it's most constructive potential & maybe this is what this new awakening is all about.

I know of other entities that live a more physical life than we do but the big difference is they have learnt how to use the ego in quite a different way to us. 

You & I have one particular fundamental difference, I don't believe anything is of the illusion but I believe you do, neither of us are wrong at the same time it's just we are feeling in different dimensional modes of thought, this sounds ridiculous but it's not.

Take a nail for example, in this dimension the nail is a fastener but at the same time, as such, this same nail is something else in a different dimension & people & our thoughts are the same I believe. 

It is funny to think, if I went from this dimension to another holding the same nail that the nail would change quite instantly & of course so would I, the Mayans are a good example of dimensional change I believe.  All what anything is is energy & energy is very easy to change so is the nail an illusion because it changes to whatever in different dimensions? In this dimension not in my mind because it’s all a part of consciousness & anything of consciousness is real.  Just because consciousness isn’t the nail itself but an abstract part of consciousness doesn’t make it an illusion in my mind. Illusions are 3rd dimensional thinking to me because in this 3rd dimension we have a supposed start & end & even cycles are 3rd dimensional thinking, we can’t understand past start & end, illusion not an illusion, it doesn’t have to be one or the other but just is.


While in mediative states we can & do to various degrees touch on these other dimensions however our prime mode of thought is 3rd dimensional for most people & this is what influences us to whatever we experience while meditating but we don’t think while in meditation!! Science has proven we do however this isn’t the point, how do ghosts/spirits & non-physical entities interact with us without thought?  We don’t need the physical brain to be aware & yes think in various dimensions which allows us to interact with other beings/entities in various dimensions. While in mediation we become further aware so our brain responds to this however because our brain is only programed to think in 3rd dimensional modes of thought we still perceive everything in a 3rd dimensional way.   This leads us back to the initial question, “so are all these dimensions an illusion because all they are is abstract parts of consciousness?” We have a perception of illusions existing because we are only thinking in a certain dimensional way which gives us the perception of illusions.

The following link is on an interesting science study on the mind which shows how the mind can be tricked in believing in something to be fact when it doesn’t have to be what we perceived as fact & this is only at the awareness level of the mind which is still in 3rd dimensional thinking modes as a whole.

You could look at these scientific studies & think that the mind is actually starting to think outside of it’s programmed 3rd dimensional modes of thought. What is happening isn’t illusions but a change of perception similar to what we get when meditating. So when our sight improves for example from when we had less vision does this less vision denote an illusion? It would seem so but no, just because we perceived an improved sight doesn’t mean our poor sight beforehand was an illusion; it was part of our perception brought on by 3rd dimensional thinking. This denotes a start & an end & in this case less vision to more vision just by our changed perception. Why does there have to be a start & an end but we perceive there to be so. So this still seems to be saying that 3rd dimensional thinking is an illusion however is it our 3rd dimensional minds telling us it’s an illusion, the real illusion could be that we perceive that these illusions actually exist.   

Some of us are starting to think outside these 3rd dimensional modes of thought & at this point we see even more that this dimension in particular is an illusion!! The problem with this is when we start thinking in other dimensional modes of thought all else will seem like an illusion & in our case all else but the creative consciousness itself is an illusion however is this other dimensional way of thinking giving us a true perception of what really is? We must remember while thinking in 3rd dimensional modes of thought we had the facts but now we realise we didn’t, how do we now know we have the facts now while thinking in different dimensional thought waves? It’s but another dimensional way of thinking. But we don’t think however science has proven we do & in any case ghosts have no brain to think with so what gives them their perception? Different dimensional modes of thought which gives these ghosts their own perception of things which is the same with all consciousness. We should remember here that even in a meditative state or after our demise, as such, we are still affected by various dimensions which give us our perception no matter how in thoughtlessness we think you are in, this thoughtlessness is only perceived by us because of a particular dimension we are in at any given time.

So are these different dimensions that give us our modes of thought & following perception all an illusion? Yes if I was to only think & had a knowing in 3rd, 4rth or 5th dimensional waves but there are a lot more dimensions out there that give us a perception of something somewhat different to just saying everything is an illusion, it all just is.  Now we can’t just think everything just is, that’s illogical. Logic is but another thought process that changes with different dimensions, what’s logical in one dimension isn’t in the other which brings us back again to the nail.    

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Separation or Just Diversity of Consciousness’s

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is a very interesting exchange between a good internet friend of mine & myself on the various topics, we are indeed all on different wave lengths but of course we learn from diversity & the following is no different.   

Hi Mathew,
Again Who is it that is reincarnating?
Is it love or is it a self?
There is no I in love.
Unconditional love does not need karma or self'it just is'
take care

G'day Tawmeeleus

You have a problem with the I & self, I don't.

It is the smaller me who is reincarnating or self as you like to put it for the main reason to give my soul experience to learn by through diversity, you can't learn through diversity in being we or I collectively it has to be self & just I which is what gives us diversity to learn by.

I'm sorry but this I stuff that's so popular at the moment is rubbish to me because it represents segregation for starters of one consciousness to another which represents opposing polarities & conflict not oneness. To believe in this segregation you would have to believe everything of time & space to be an illusion when it can’t be because it vibrates so it exists just in a different consciousness not in an opposing consciousness because to have one consciousness the illusion & the other real you have opposing polarities but if there just different consciousness’s there is no opposition or conflict just a difference.

This is exactly what man has done right throughout the old consciousness just past, we need to think differently now for the new consciousness to take effect I believe & stop finding opposing polarities to everything.

Hello Mathew

No. I do not have a problem with any of it,not the way you imply, asking questions and putting another scenario out there is not having a problem.

A problem is the relation between human will and reality. When will and reality do not coincide, the resolution of this gap between reality and will is the solution of the problem. A problem implies a desired outcome coupled with an apparent deficiency, doubt or inconsistency that prevents the outcome from taking place.

I think if someone has a point of view and you do not agree is creating opposing polarities, that were not there in the first place. This is usually a result of one person thinking they are right and that the other is wrong.

Whereas I personally do not believe anyone is right or wrong because everyone only ever has the knowledge that they have! They cannot know what they do not know.

I guess it depends on your intrepretation of what illusion is.

An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation.

When I talk about illusion I mean that what we see as real in the physical is a perception of a physical reality.

Perception like all energy is not real or solid but we have a physical perception, an illusion of real and solid.

have a nice day Mathew

G’day Tawmeeleus

Are you implying I’m implying what you perceive I’m implying, I’m just implying what I perceive not what you perceive obviously.......Don’t take things to heart Tawmeeleus!!!

Forget the human vessel, we put too much emphasis on it because it’s not who we are so what do we have left? The soul & consciousness which of course we are all a part of. Now the soul can be caught up in human attachments to the extent it thinks it’s just a physical entity however you also have souls that are aware as well. The unaware soul seem separated, the only separation there is is the illusion of separation that’s all which comes down to awareness & this usually comes about by having a soul that has an expanded consciousness through diversity which you call separation or the illusion.   What you call separation I call diversity which we expand our consciousness by at the soul & yes human level as well so this naughty separation isn’t that naughty plus it’s the illusion of separation.  When we look from outside the human emotional square there is no separation, if there was, oneness would be totally unattainable because you perceive separation as I don’t see separation but totality. This is like this that & the other is spiritual but everything else isn’t especially all the naughty stuff but I on the other hand see it as all spiritual.

Think totally non-humanly, in this lies the truth however most people can’t do this because of previous programming from various human sources from the start.  Your only looking at this through human eyes obviously, try looking from outside the square inwards, you would be amazed how unseparated we are!!!

Do you know I get into certain conscious states that I can’t decipher half of what is human, even words have no meaning because to me in this state it’s antiquated & out dated, it’s a real strange feeling loosing most of what is supposed to be recognisable humanly to me. You seem to be just talking about human conscious concepts I’m not!!

We are on quite different wave lengths Tawmeeleus to obviously learn what we must!!!