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Friday, 28 March 2014

I walk in the dust because the clouds are full of rain.

Written by Mathew Naismith

The dust stirs up around me when I walk which obscures my view to some extent however if I had my head still stuck in the clouds the clouds would most definitely obscure my view plus the consistent moisture would stupefy any awareness that was still left in me.

The moral of the anecdote is it’s much wiser to suffer choking dust & still be aware of what’s going on around you than to stick ones head in the clouds thus obscuring all what one was aware of. 

Human existence is like the choking dust and the clouds represent a supposed better existence than human existence.  One must always be careful of what the ego desires, moist fluffy clouds to dust!!

This was inspired by how glossy and showy spiritual awareness seems to have become to me. Desire seems to be out stripping the basic fundamental principles of spirituality turning it into a side show. I'm sure Buddha and Jesus wouldn't have been attracted by such glamorous desires. When a showy post can out rank a less showier post with far better messages attached to them, I can see the dark egotist ages returning.

People like Jesus and Buddha made obvious sacrifices to assist the collective, desiring glamour over and above the good of the collective wasn’t a part of their being.  The funniest thing is I don’t think they saw it as a sacrifice but a pleasure to serve the collective as we all should if we are truly spiritually aware however, as always, I could be very wrong in this.