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Friday, 7 July 2017

Save the Children through Humility

Written by Mathew Naismith

Indeed, save the children from realities of fear; realities and realizations primarily built around fear, of course most of this fear based conditioning is false.

In recent years, we have had North Korea expand on it's military might, this has instilled fear within the children of today but deceptively so.

How many countries have North Korea invaded or terrorised through bombing and other means? Now how many countries has the US backed coalition forces terrorised in this manner, and falsely so? Where are the weapons of mass destruction? To start with, this is deceptively and falsely instilling fear within the children; obviously this is OK to do as North Korea is an obvious bigger threat, even though North Korea isn't invading other countries to simply pilfer their resources.

What are we doing? So one form of fear, based purely on deception, is OK but falsified forms of fear are far more threatening!!

What kind of conditioning are we subjecting the children of today? Not a real threat but a falsified threat when the real creator of fear is the one falsifying and conditioning our children to fear.

What are we teaching and conditioning our children to? That it's OK that the right country, as opposed to the wrong country, invades other countries to pilfer their resources. That falsification of fear based realizations is normal and should be accepted. That all fear purely based on deception is the right conditioning for our children.    

Let's perspectively look at how else we are conditioning our children to fear and be in fear.

Modern day spiritually in the West is more based on fear today than it has ever been.

How many people fear expressing the egotism or judgement? If we express the ego or judge, this makes us look bad in the eyes of other spiritually aware people, and/or, we can't be spiritually aware if we express ourselves in these ways.    

How many more negatives are there out there today? It would seem even the word balance or moderation is negative these days, of course to extremist ideologies this is going to naturally be the case. Positive has become extreme to negative, light has become extreme to dark and love has become extreme to hate an on and on it goes.

What are we conditioning our children to today? 

The answer to this question is too obvious for people like me; it's all to do with control. What does a sense of control depict? Fear, fear of not having control or of losing control once we have it, and of course, one can never get enough control and empowerment. Is this like a multinational that can't get enough wealth and power, it's never enough? So if it feels good, it must be good so the more we feel good the better it is? 

We have completely based our whole existence on fear from the multinational point of view to spirituality. What are we instilling in our children?

It would seem we completely don't care what we are conditioning our children to and if you do care, you are dark or negative and even toxic. The amount of times I have heard toxic expressed towards other people, especially from so called positive people and people of love and light, is astonishing. To judge anyone toxic is an expression that is purely based on fear, it's as simple as this.

We first of all fear being toxic, then we avoid all people who we judge as toxic in fear of some of that toxicity rubbing off on us or we fear their presence. The fear of a toxic person having any control over us is huge these days. Consider this; would a truly humble person express this kind of fear?

What would have occurred if people like Buddha or Jesus were instilled with this kind of fear? Poor and diseased people would become toxic to avoid at all costs, and for the Romans, we ignore them because they are so negative (dark) and Buddha certainly wouldn't have faced he's ego face on.

So what is the answer, or more precisely, one of the answers?

First of all, in my mind, there is never a single answer but multiple answers to a particular question or situation; it's that the ego can usually only comprehend one or two answers at best at a time.  

One of the answers is to teach the children humility; this simply means accepting the control from others while not belittling yourself to this control. Yes, this means accepting control from people we find negative or toxic, the trick is, never see these people being above or below yourself. This is simply obtained by desisting in the extreme expressions of what is and isn't negative or toxic, simply avoid all extreme expressions, not in fear but in awareness of what extreme expressions create.

I hope the following furthermore helps in teaching our children humility.    

Extract: For example, you may have seen an athlete who scores a touchdown, drops the ball and goes down on his knees to give thanks for his achievement.  Or another player who scores but then runs around the field pointing at himself and calling attention to his or her achievement.  One of these people is being humble and grateful, while the other is being arrogant and boastful.