Monday, 14 March 2016

Yin and Yang of Illusions and Non-Illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post, as the heading portrays, is a depiction of illusions and non- illusions using the balance of yin and yang, meaning, what I’m simply doing is looking at illusions and non-illusions in a yin and yang way. The question of what is and isn’t an illusion keeps popping up, I hope the following will make this perception of what is and isn’t an illusion clearer.  

Before I go on, I think it’s a good idea to take a look at the following video to understand the principles of yin and yang better, this will in turn give us a much better idea of what is and isn’t an illusion.    

First of all the yin and yang symbol shows no separation from one to the other, they are intertwined and act as one. At times it is hard to perceive which is yin and which is yang because one can act as the other does, this is why there is no true separation, only a perceived separation.

You have got to wonder, why have so many spiritual and scientific teachings taught us to separate one from the other when there is no true separation to begin with? Of cause only through a controlling ego do we perceive separation.

This brings us to perceptions of illusions and non-illusions, to ask what is and isn’t an illusion in the first place, is to separate one from the other thus losing the principles of yin and yang of there being no true separation of any energy or non-energy source.

As of human perceptions, any inner perceptions that are different to human perceptions is judged as being more real. We think less in such inner states and in these states we perceive anything else is an illusion. At the same time other people's perceptions state that anything else but a logically thinking mind is an illusion. Of course the ego self tells us that one or the other is real over and above the other, within this perception, we have separation when nothing is truly separated. The real  illusion is thinking one perception has to be more real over and above another!!

When we invert the yin and yang symbol, does this change the principles of yin and yang, does separation occur between yin and yang? No, for the simple reason that yin and yang are entwined, they are existing as one even though yin is depicted as one perspective and yang as another perspective.

Now look at how most western thinking people perceive, we have to admit we do separate everything within our perceptions. Separating illusion from non-illusion is the same as separating yin and yang which is impossible to do without creating an actual illusion. Basically what I am saying is, as soon as we separate one from the other, we have created an actual illusion without perceiving that an actual illusion exists. When we perceive there is a separation of illusions and non-illusions, what are we doing? We are once again separating one from the other when no separation can possibly occur, within this, we have created an illusion.

When you go into a really deep state of consciousness, you realise there is no true sense of what is or isn’t real or what is or isn’t who you truly are because there is no separation of one from the other. We most often mistakenly perceive a thoughtless consciousness is the real consciousness or that any other consciousness is an illusion, within this perception, and that is all it truly is, we have created separation which creates our illusions. As soon as we separate one from the other by perceiving one is real and the other isn’t, we have at that point created an actual illusion as opposed to a perceived illusion.

So in whose perception is something real and everything separated from this perception isn’t real? Be honest, all we are talking about here is fixated perceptions, so is one fixated perception more of the real world than other perceptions? If you said yes, you have once again fallen into the trap of separating one energy source from the other making one of the energy sources an illusion, of course this is but a perceived illusion brought about by separation.

Let’s now perceive a pink flying elephant, within our perception influenced by gravity, we perceive that no elephant is able to fly to begin with, especially a pink flying elephant. Now put yourself into a reality not influenced by gravity, is now an elephant able to fly? You take away the perception of gravity, you give the ability for everything being able to take flight, even a pink elephant!!

To most of us, gravity is real, to some of us that have experienced zero gravity in various conscious states, zero gravity is real which often mistakenly makes anything of gravity unreal or an illusion, this of course includes the mind and anything the mind perceives.

What do we have with both of these perceptions? Separation, both of these perceptions are into separating one from the other which most often includes one perception perceiving that all other perceptions are an illusion. What do we create when we separate one from the other? Illusions…..the real illusions are not about one perception being right above all other perceptions, it’s about separating one from the other when no true separation exists and never could exist.

So what is real and what isn’t, what is wrong and what isn’t, what is an illusion and what isn’t? This is silly, as soon as we ask such questions, we have immediately created an illusion because we have once again separated one from the other by asking such questions to begin with. It is indeed all within the questions we ask, to ask such questions in the first place denotes a perception of separation. Try asking questions not influenced by separation and then see what answers come up, you will be surprised…..

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