Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

WOW (Wholly and Overly Wonderful), what can I say, the further I allow myself to open up to consciousness in an unbiased way,  the more magnificent this consciousness seems to be. Yes, I'm allowing my emotions to take flight but this is at this moment helping me to delve even deeper into the magnificence of consciousness. This is wholly due to emotions being a big part of consciousness, emotions are one of the main reasons we are so expressive of consciousness itself.

Emotion; allow us to experience consciousness in every way possible, emotions are one of the biggest reasons consciousness itself is so expressive, could you imagine how consciousness would express itself without emotions? It's actually inconceivable, how would any consciousness period express itself without emotions? Emotions are obviously one of the primary reasons why consciousness can express itself so much, just think how many emotions humans can express and this is just at the human scale of things.

How many different languages are there? This is how many different ways we can be emotionally expressive but all we are doing is talking about the various languages here, what about the cultures that go with such languages and the climate they are in. Everything influence us to be a little different in our expressions of consciousness, as individuals we are being expressive of conciseness, as a culture or a nationality we are being even more expressive, as a species even more so, now what about the collective as a whole. It's utterly infinite in how expressive we can be of consciousness, consciousness itself is certainly WOW within it's own expressions.

Take how the moon, and astrology period, influences us to express consciousness, this is over and above other influences like language, culture, the country and climate we live in and so on. Everything around us and everything we are, influences us to express consciousness in a slightly different way to others. Now take in consideration of DNA, no one's DNA is the same, all this isn't just a different expression of consciousness itself, this difference also influences us to express consciousness differently to other conscious forms and formless energy sources. 

Take living on a planet with more than one moon, how differently expressive would such conscious forms be to our own? Consciousness is infinite within it's own expression of itself, it has no boundaries or limits to how expressive it can be.

Oneness and illusions: An unbiased view isn't about judging certain consciousness states as being an illusion or not, wrong or right, it's about becoming aware of how expansive consciousness is within it's own expression of itself. To me, we are all an expression of consciousness no matter how infinite consciousness is expressive of it's own consciousness,  to us, all these numerous expressions of consciousness are an indication of a fragmented consciousness, a consciousness that has many different parts to itself. This of course to us seemingly has nothing to do with oneness.

What's actually being expressed, is it something other than consciousness? No, no matter how fragmented this consciousness seems within it's expressions of itself, it's still just an expression of consciousness. We could also say it's an expression of consciousness's, more than one consciousness which means a consciousness that is fragmented, not whole. This would be true but we are still only expressing a consciousness none the less.

We can express so many different kinds of emotions, they are certainly not all the same to us even though they are only an expression of a consciousness. Within our various ways of expressing emotions, we have created a reality of duality, this in turn influences us to be expressive of consciousness in numerous other ways, there seems to be  absolutely no oneness within such dualistic reality. Even though we are only expressive of a consciousness, each conciseness expresses itself differently, this seemingly has nothing to do with oneness.

Some people say that all physical realities are an illusion, others say all realities are an illusion and there are even people who say consciousness itself is an illusion, which perspective is correct here?  This is of course depends on what perspective we are looking from, in other words  in what direction are we perceiving what is and isn't an illusion? We of course are looking at what is and isn't an illusion through what is judged as an illusion in the first place. Look at this way, we are judging certain expressive forms of consciousness or consciousness period as an illusion, could we judged any part of consciousness being an illusion if we weren't expressing this consciousness in the first place?  We are relying on an illusionary expression to judge what is or isn't an illusion, we are doing the same with oneness, you can only truly judged what is and isn't oneness if you are in a true oneness state.

We can experience form and formlessness at the same moment, OBE's are a good example of this, we can also experience oneness and fragmentation at the same moment as we can be the observer observing our own interactions. We have deemed ourselves being only in a fragmented duality state of consciousness when at the same moment we are in a true oneness state. It all comes down to the illusion being the illusion itself, once you judge what is and isn't an  illusion, you have created the illusion when  illusions don't exist in the first place.

You could easily say that having illusions of illusion are an expression of an illusion, in other words thinking that physicality is all we are is an illusion. It is to us in our present perspective, however, in a more holistic perspective it's not, this is due to consciousness itself being expressive of it's whole self within it's entirety. In realities like this one, we are expressive of consciousness, in other realities they are also expressive of consciousness, when you look at all these expressions of this one consciousness as a whole, you become aware that each individual expression of this consciousness makes up a whole consciousness. This means no matter what we experience in any given reality, consciousness is whole because each expression makes consciousness itself whole.

Now look at what is and isn't an illusion and what is and isn't oneness?  As soon as you judged what is and isn't an illusion and oneness, you are being entrapped within your own illusions of illusions. No matter how you express consciousness, each singular expression makes up a whole consciousness. Could you imagine a true oneness consciousness judging one part of it's expressive self as an illusion, once it did this. it's no longer of this oneness, however, judging what is and isn't an illusion is also another expression of consciousness that gives this consciousness it's wholeness, it's oneness, go figure!! 

Ego: Yes, the ego is but an expression of consciousness, however this isn't saying that consciousness is controlled by the ego, this is saying expressing the ego is but another expression of consciousness. Most of us are expressive of the controlling factors of the ego, this means the ego controls us, this is but an expression of consciousness that we have chosen to express. Yes, all emotions are of the ego but not all emotions are controlled by the ego, the controlling factors of the ego change how we express this consciousness. This is why we need to be aware of what we judge as being wrong or right, positive or negative, after all, it's all but an expression of consciousness.

Now at any point should we control the ego to stop the ego being in control off us?

When we become too destructive, it's probably wise to become less controlled by the ego, in other words less expressive of the controlling factors of the ego, at this point we feel we need to take control of the ego instead of the ego taking control of us. We should consider here what control denotes, what expression of consciousness needs to always have control?  A controlling ego of course, by trying to take control of the ego is being expressive of the controlling ego. Try instead of letting go of control, trust me, most of us will have problems with this only because of the controlling factors of the ego. If you have to have control over anything, you are still expressive of a controlling ego, most of us are including myself at times, this is due to influencing factors within our environment as explained earlier on in this post.

One of the main influencing expressions of consciousness is a controlling ego in this reality, it's a part of this reality, the trick is when to completely let go of control all together. This is difficult to do because everything around us influences us, mainly to be controlling, we want to control instead of being controlled, the funny thing is, the more control we think we have, the less control we actually have, this is due to being controlled by a singular expression of consciousness like a controlling ego, we are still being controlled in this case.

Consciousness is certainly WOW (Wholly and Overly Wonderful) without a doubt but only when you become aware of what consciousness actually is. It's not this that and the other, no matter how we express it, it's still just consciousness.                       

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