Saturday, 4 July 2015

Is Spiritual Awareness About Feeling Good?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is spiritual awareness about feeling good especially within oneself?

I can tell you now, there is not a definitive, a clearly defined, answer to this question as everyone has a different perspective on this, some people say most definitely and others say most definitely not, so which one is correct or true? For me, the answer to this question is neither, it’s neither one or the other, it’s both.

The question isn’t if spiritual awareness is definitely not or is about us feeling good as this isn’t an apt or correct question to ask, the correct question to ask is, is spiritual awareness about feeling good? This is due to there are no absolutes within consciousness, therefore spiritual awareness, as all awareness is defined by this undefinable consciousness. This is all due to this consciousness not being governed by barriers like man’s consciousness, consciousness truly isn’t defined within certain barriers, man creates barriers, an undefinable unrestrained consciousness doesn’t therefore there are no absolutes. 

The answer to this question is most definitely, spiritual awareness is about us feeling good, especially within oneself, however, at the same time it’s not. This isn’t due to there being an absolute or not within consciousness, it’s due to the awareness of consciousness one has.

The law of attraction; seems to be quite popular these days, does this kind of existence allow one to be truly aware of anything they are not trying to attract? Such people are only going to try to attract what makes them feel good or benefits them in some way, everything else is discarded, this means such consciousness’s are going to stay quite unaware of the rest of what consciousness is about. In this case spiritual awareness is absolutely about one feeling good even though such consciousness’s are quite unaware of anything else other than what they are trying to attract.

Now the reason why other people say spiritual awareness isn’t about feeling good has to do with two things, one, if you are only trying to attract what makes you feel good or benefits you in some way, you are not truly being spiritually aware as you are not wanting to be aware of all of what consciousness is about. The second thing has to do with barriers, as soon as you exist to only attract what you desire or what benefits you, you have set up barriers.

Now the question I think we need to ask here is,  what creates such barriers?  Ego, a controlling ego can only exist if it sets up barriers as barriers are all about control are they not?  You take away barriers, you take away the control the ego can have on us, you still thankfully have an ego but it’s no longer controlling. Once we take away our barriers to an undefinable consciousness, the controlling ego can no longer exist, this is all due to the controlling ego being primarily about absolutes caused by such barriers.

Going with the flow: You have people who don’t try to attract one thing or another, these people just go with the natural flow of life, not against it, this means going along with the cycles we are all influenced by. 

Let’s look at this in a different way. Do doctors and nurses only attract healthy people, could you imagine if they did, all the sick people would be ignored, in other words these doctors and nurses would become quite unaware of the people who are ill. Now what about most multinationals and politicians, they are obviously about the law of attraction, “only become aware of what you want to attract”. This to me seems to be why so many sick people are used as a money making machine, it’s all to do with the law of attraction. All I can say is I’m glad most doctors and nurses are not into this law of attraction to only make themselves feel good or benefit them in some way, they are aware of the sick and the healthy. 

Is spiritual awareness about making us feel good? The answer is absolutely no, however, the more aware you become of the whole of consciousness, the better you feel, this is all due to a better understanding of consciousness itself in all it’s expressions, not just the expression we want to feel. In other words you automatically feels good, as a doctor does when they heal someone. The reason a doctor heals people is because they are aware of how consciousness affects the body, true spiritual awareness to me should work the same.   

Yes, the law of attraction is also supposed to be about healing but it’s not, it’s about desires which are inline with multinationals and politicians, not doctors and nurses. Most doctors and nurses, I know personally, work on a need to heal, not a desire to heal, through attracting the sick not the healthy.

I think in all it’s wise to be aware of the barriers we put up that stop us becoming aware of all of what consciousness is, within this, we can avoid barriers and the need to heal anyone, for it’s these barriers that make us ill through being unaware of (all) of what consciousness is and being only aware of what we desire it to be.      


  1. Seeing your two somewhat diamentral opposite viewspoints on what consiousness is or what others deem it to be , as a very interesting and useful discussion !
    Jumping inn here not because I got some great answers, but to learn. And conciousness is one of the thing I mostly work on from a personal level. I `ve always really struggle with a clear definiton and I am not sure there is. Our perspective of consiousness is highly influenced by language, definitions by experts ( psycology), and yes from the Secrets and others more service to self perspectivs.
    Must say I agree with your " all there is conciousness " theory, and want to put in that even the ego ( like in the Secret ) is absolute about cosciousness. As I see it perhaps the most important. It is hard to climb the ladder whithout the first steps missing. And yes the ego barrier has to be broken at one point, when you realizes it only gives you a short lived " feel good " experience. And to breake the barrier you have to open to a higher truth consiousness which is only based on love, but also love for yourself. You see that all is connected and by helping others with whatever it is , is helping yourself. This is also a form of ego, in my mind , but an ego that sees you and I as equal and as important as oneself. From here the healing can start. Dont know if this makes sense!

    Here I will give an exsamples of my experience with the complexity on consiousness, when I stated that the ego inside the barrier is perhaps the most important state in spirituality work. A " not so spiritual " individual, working from their service to self egomind, is a person often showing others by exsample what consiousness / spiritual awareness is NOT about. Because it is important to know whats not working. So when you standing up - you never want to crawl, ever again. I personal learned from competitions , - one of the most ego sentered activities on this planet, I believe. Going from I AM BEST mentality to I really hope for others to having succsess, felt right and propelled me into seeing higer truths based on love. What do you think. Am I a little off here maybe?
    When I trained myself to be " IN THE FLOW " and I experiensed that a lot, it was absolutly to connect to a vast energyfield and a not definable consiousness. But It allowed me to preform at an " egobased winning mentallity " , thereby confirming my earlier said statments, for me anyway.
    So to define what spiritual awareness and consiousness is all about, is for me impossible. I totally agree in your main theory., the consiousness of all - and perhaps ever expanding, but firmly based on love and service to others.

    Untill we reach the oneness of all there is, and probably thats not the end of it eighter. lol, we have to do our very best from the place we find ourself . The real secrets and consiousness journey, will truly be exciting to experience.
    Thank you for sharing your great reflections on this most important subject !


  2. G’day sigbjørn ørjansen

    Interesting my friend, you certainly show an open minded perspective, this is needed to perceive past perspectives influenced by the ego, in other words understanding beyond human fixated understandings.

    The way I look at consciousness is, if you are aware of it or perceive it in some way, that is consciousness, in other words everything is of consciousness. Indeed the ego is also of consciousness otherwise we wouldn’t be able to express it, in other words the ego is worthy as everything of consciousness is, within this perception, nothing is truly wrong or right, worthy or unworthy.

    Indeed, helping anything is of the ego, however, helping yourself or helping others to serve you is the ego in control, anything controlling is of barriers which stop us from being aware of anything beyond a controlling ego, this is very damaging to us so yes what you say here makes perfect sense to me.

    To be non-spiritual, in other words being about the self more than others even to the point of being egotistical, is spiritual aware building, but only if we awake to such awareness, many people become too fixated to this and never wake up, this is when the ego makes us ill in mind body and spirit.

    Being non-spiritually expressive, is still being in service to you and others as long as we become aware of how destructive ignorance can be. Competition can actually connect us to a consciousness beyond human perception, how many sports people find themselves in this zone once they focus on their own abilities or their own self, in this zone you are no longer competing with others once in this zone. How many of these people know nothing about the score instil the end? It’s basically becoming one with the ball or the car for example, the zone is about becoming one with what you are doing. To get into this zone however takes a lot of competitiveness and love of the game, it’s amazing how egotism can lead to such a connection, a spiritual experience of becoming one with yourself and something, so yes it’s all a part of consciousness.

    Reaching oneness; I think once we reach this oneness, we do it all over again because it’s all of consciousness either it be of oneness or otherwise, everything of consciousness is worthy to express without judging one part of consciousness, or another, as not being worthy in some way. I also think consciousness is infinite within it’s expressions, experiencing oneness is but another expression of consciousness, nothing is absolute.

    Thank you so much in sharing your experiences and thoughts with me
    sigbjørn, I’m going to share this with others if you don’t mind.