Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Question of Desire in Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting little exchange between me another person called Katie on Google community pertaining to using desire within spiritual growth. One must realise, like Katie, that when using desire as a method towards spiritually awareness that desire can be influenced, unbeknownst to us, by the controlling ego however it is a powerful tool if used correctly. 

I personally believe we shouldn’t inquire at all however seen as we have been conditioned to inquire for many centuries now we should continue this process until we realise we no longer need the ego or even the need to inquire. If we were brought up from the start to rely totally on our inner knowing we wouldn’t need to inquire because all we would need to know would be known through the inner self however we weren’t that lucky so we do need to continue the process of human inquiry but being aware at the same time of how controlling the ego can secretly be.  Katie’s a good example of  this awareness I believe.

Hello Dear Mathew, at this Time in Our Human Evolution Inquiry mixed with Inner-standing is a key element to us waking up to, who we truly are spiritually. For so long most people (not all) have been following the Status Quo: "My family is christian, Jewish, Muslim.... ". Never really taking the time to Inquire or Question whether that particular path was a good fit for them or not.

This New Global Inquire is occurring because our Source Spirit Self is able to connect at deeper levels through the Energetic Changes going on Universally. This Inner Desire is a Deep driving Passion for us all to branch out and reassess and Expand Our Horizons.

The Ego while currently distorted and not functioning as originally design has twisted up the True Meaning of Desire with fear of lack and being in opposition or competition with itself/All life Everywhere. In actuality, desire or passion is what can take us out of seeing and being the Little Human Us and bring us into the Big God Source First Eternal Us.

We as Source had the Desire to Create Manifest Expression with all its nuances of Being.
It is what continually drives me to question why "me do what me do". What is the Program or Belief running the Me instead of "I" running the Show.

I would like to say in many ways I am at a Happy medium but I really do not want to stop where I am at. I do not want to say that I have figured it all out and I do not need to inquire anymore. I want to inquire with every skill I have available ( intuition, Being Awareness, logic, listening....) to stretch my horizons to Live Huge Now.

G'day Katie

I feel the human trait desire is a very complicated trait to have while becoming spiritually aware because it can be so easily controlled by the ego however our needs are a different matter. If we were brought up from the start to only inquire for our needs you will probably find you will actually get to know more than if you inquired by desire.

Spiritualists in India inquire to start the process for a need but then they sit within their own silence sometimes for years on end & when they find enlightenment they realised they needn’t have inquired at all from the start. At the human level we think we need to inquire using desire but that’s not totally true however to get past certain human blockages we need to humanly inquire.  The trick is, from the beginning, not to humanly inquire but rely completely on one’s inner knowing from the start however anyone who is already attached to inquiring through human means will have to continue to go through the human process of inquiry but for one’s needs not desire I believe because desire can be too easily controlled by the ego without us knowing. Just imagine for one moment if we from the very start were taught to rely on our inner selves knowing, it’s extremely far more powerful than acquiring knowledge through human inquiry & of course it would produce a much better world because you haven’t got the ego trying to control us through our desires or even needs.    

When you fall within your own complete quietness all what one needs to know just flows without any inquiry, it’s as if it comes by magic out of thin air which is strange even to me because I’m always in physical pain, I must love it somehow!!!!!!   

Don’t get me wrong here Katie I’m quite ignorant however I am at this point quite content with my own ignorance, I have no needs or desires at this point.

I should also say we don’t always, like yourself, inquire for our own needs or desires but inquire for the needs & desires of others, we think it’s for us but it’s not especially for a truly spiritually aware person as yourself I believe.  It’s funny; we express the ego so that others may gain!!

Love you girl, keep up the good work.

PS Do you mind if I used our little exchange here for a post for my blog, I will even add the link to your site as I feel you will use desire in the right context to help others. 

If you are interested the following link will send you to Katie’s blog titled Alignment In Spirit.
These Teachings about Bio Spiritual Self Help Healing are neither a New or Old Religion, rather they are just keys to Re-Awakening the Organic Inner You, to what you have forgotten about your True Being. With this Re-newed knowledge you will be able to see and know clearly, why you perform certain acts and believe certain things in just the way you do. Please keep an open Mind as you get the first little *aha* moments of Re-membering and then you will rapidly begin to un-ravel the mystery to all the questions that seem to be always Lurking just out of Perceptual Range in your Conscious Mind. These questions are not out of Conscious Perceptual Range by chance, we are running so many programs (like a Computer) that we are totally un-aware of most times.

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