Friday, 27 December 2013

Learning From the Source, Directly

Written by Mathew Naismith

Before we start we should remind ourselves that all things have always been, the knowledge we obtain has always been there & yes this is like what certain religions believe in it is written.  Destiny is written even if we decide to change our destiny it is still written, this is because the source (God) or source of knowledge is of no time however we are. This is why I think we misuse human written knowledge which of course relates more to the past because we are of time.

Instead of using knowledge to remember this ever existing knowledge directly from the source like a clairvoyant does we use it according to our controlling factors of the ego, the ego can see a human gain in it in some way either it to gain knowledge over others &/or financial /material gain.  In this all we are doing is gaining knowledge from human sources however if we before reading a book, for example, put our mind to knowing all knowledge has always been & all I am doing is remembering how to access this knowledge we would get a lot more from any said books because all what books are doing is reminding us of this knowledge. Human knowledge is all about the experiences we get from the knowledge which all comes from the source itself however the big difference is we break it up into time periods.  

When we come to realities of time we experience parts of this ever existing knowledge by turning it into experiences so if we looked at books as a reminder instead of gain it is obvious we will gain a lot more from each book.  Books of course are only one example, all media no matter how lame it might seem is from this timeless knowledge however we have distorted this knowledge through our egos & made it a lot harder to remember by & decipher so the human source you use will dictate how well you become reconnected with the sources knowing.  Is this saying books written many years ago will be a better source to become reconnected by because of they were hopefully written with less ego tendencies? Yes & no, again it depends if the book was written under ego control, a fair amount of books these days are written under this control &will make it harder to become reconnected to the sources knowledge because we are far more dominated by the controlling factors of the ego than ever.  This however does not mean all books written today are written under the influence of the controlling factors of the ego but are more likely so then let’s say a thousand years ago. Spiritual awareness is about awareness so be aware of this & listen to your gut/intuition when choosing a book to read to become reconnected.

Like I have said in past posts, I was told not to read especially anything to do with spiritual awareness of any kind & by the time I was in my mid-teens I was well & truly connected eventually receiving direct knowledge from the source itself. We should remember here this is what clairvoyants do, they become directly connected. By the time I was in my late teens I chose to become disconnected from this source as much as I could. My controlling ego wanted me to continue but I said no for the main reason I wanted to gain knowledge for a need not for my own personal desire.  Yes I could have become a clairvoyant but I didn’t have a need for that & this is the trick if one wishes to become truly reconnected. Read a book or gain knowledge for a need not for a desire & only then will you become truly reconnected. In the past three/four years I have begun to read/study upon anything connected to spiritual awareness to some degree choosing what my intuition tells me to read, this blog for example was intuitively influenced .

If we start reading a book to gain something from it even knowledge this is the controlling ego however if we start reading a book, intuitively chosen preferably, to remember the sources knowledge we will gain a lot more from it than we ever thought. Many times in the last three/four years have I been reading a book & had visions & insights even visions not seemingly related to the book I was reading.  Actually what started me off writing period was visions received through reading certain books my intuition told me to read.  Reading a book with the intentions of remembering not gaining first up will start to lead you in the right direction if you wish to become reconnected. Also don’t try to stick to books about spiritual awareness, read any book or read /study from any source that your intuition tells you too & most importantly don’t read a book to gain knowledge but to remember because this knowledge has always been there, we just forgot it was there always. 

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