Friday, 30 August 2013

3rd Dimensional Fear Still Prevalent

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is by no means an easy feat to rid ourselves of 3rd dimensional fear based attachments; this also includes attachments of desires & attachments to inhibition. When we think of attachments we think of what we desire but attachments are also of the things we have inhibition about as well like fear based emotions towards anything we find disdainful.

In this post I will focus on fear of anything to do with the ego including fearing to express oneself egotistically or judgmentally as it’s all based on fear.  Being involved with many forums I've noticed many spiritually aware people won’t comment on something they specifically disagree with, is this fearing of being of the ego in any way? It’s obvious it is & the less we comment on what we deem as incorrect the more fear this denotes that we have about displaying the ego in any form so is this any different to 3rd dimensional fear based religions & other spiritual practices? It’s still all based on 3rd dimensional beliefs which are based on fear so really we haven’t really come very far within this new consciousness that we are supposed to be thinking differently in as opposed to 3rd dimensional modes of thought.

There is a very apt quote by Albert Einstein that goes like this, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. How would one indeed be able to see a problem within the problem itself, one would have to look outside the square which is a different level of consciousness which is outside the 3rd dimension & is hard to do when we have attachments/inhibition like with the ego for instance.

Everything is of the universal consciousness which of course includes all of the horrors as well, this means we are actually one entity (oneness) now anyone who is afraid of expressing the ego in any way can’t believe we are one because they claim we are being judgmental to others but there is no others there is only one entity so when we seemingly judge others we are actually judging ourselves as one entity which is good not bad.  By judging ourselves as one entity we are actually making ourselves more aware of who we are, this is like joining the dots, once the dots have been joined the big picture is displayed but one in the first place needs to judge in where to join these dots to start with, looking at each other in judgement is the same in my mind. We also seem to, with 3rd dimensional thinking, look at judgment in relating to making judgment on the things we disagree on but it is also judgment to agree as well, it’s all to do with ego no matter what we do & think so how do we think outside of this 3rd dimensional thinking process? Don’t just think you are one entity know you are one entity.

There is a huge difference in just thinking we are one entity to actually knowing we are one entity & this is the key in letting go of any attachments of the ego & not disdainfully fighting off the ego like so many seem to be doing & being fearful of displaying such ego tendencies. This of course comes down to accepting all is of who we are  even if we don’t like it egotistically, what part of the ego would want to be associated with horrors but horrors are also a part of the universal conscious, this one entity. Once we really realise who we are the ego automatically dissipates as if it never existed, we don’t have to force it by demonising & showing distain towards the ego & other parts of the universal consciousness but realise we are really one entity & then & only then will we let go of our 3rd dimensional fears. This isn’t of course saying you can’t display the ego even after knowing you are one entity it's just saying we are more aware of who we are when displaying such ego tendencies so sit back & enjoy the ride to further awareness of ourselves as one entity.

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