Monday, 12 January 2015

You Can Only Create Realities from Subjective Intentions/Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post came about through a discussion with another person in regards to scientist Robert Lanza and his theory of biocentrism which supports a consciousness existing outside of the human mind. What I have done is relate subjective consciousness to active intentions and objective consciousness to passive intentions.  This post will probably be a little too heavy for anyone who is only into passive intentions.   

Extract: “Humans use aesthetic rules for defining truths, including what is good and evil, what is moral and immoral. Common rules include conditions of beauty, symmetry, color, tone (light versus dark), fashion and order.

Even if the rules were valid, it would mean truth is subjective. If truth is beautiful, your definition of what is beautiful differs from others' definitions. Further, an individual's perception of beauty changes with time and experience. A culture's perception of beauty changes with time. Compare the depictions of the desirable feminine body from 1450, 1850, 1950 and this year.
Cultural definitions of 'objective truth' are formed by cultural sensibilities, including fashion, politics, gender, race, beauty, geography, self interest, desire for social order, etc. There is no indication these are identifiers of objective truth, or are even related, but they are still used as criterion.”

It is obvious that physical subjective thought/consciousness creates realities either that be created through active or passive intentions, would not a non-physical consciousness also be able to create such realities?  

Let’s ask another question to define this; can a reality be created without a subjective consciousness when we have physically proven, through our own human intentions, that you can create realities through subjective thinking/consciousness?  Try creating a reality without subjective consciousness; it’s virtually impossible as I will explain further.    

Now let’s see where passive and active intentions fit with objective and subjective consciousness.

Passive intentions are about intentions that are not forceful and domineering, this means passive intentions are more about objective consciousness. If we tried to create a reality based primarily on objective consciousness, it wouldn’t evolve because of it’s passive nature.  To force an action you need subjective consciousness to do this.  This however doesn’t mean objective consciousness doesn’t play a part in creating a reality; the objective consciousness gives a bases for subjective consciousness to create from.

For an example; actual spiritualists don’t express active intentions, they are very objective within their consciousness, it’s the interactions of other consciousness’s that are subjectively responding to such spiritual people that cause an effect.  If this objective spiritualist was totally on their own, they couldn’t create any kind of reality without subjective intentions.        

 It is obvious going by this that passive intentions or more of objective consciousness and active intentions are more of subjective consciousness.   

This means even though objective intentions are the bases for creation, they actually don’t create themselves, creation obviously comes from subjective intentions.  

Now what type of reality are these subjective intentions going to create?  This depends on our active and/or passive intentions, a more active intention is going to create more change but passive intentions are just going to go with the flow of life not against it. Passive intentions actually mean making less changes to the environment as a whole including ourselves. 

Take a science discovery for example; they are supposed to be produced by an objective consciousness without an intention, as soon as this discovery has an intention, it becomes subjective.  At this point it can either become passive or active within it’s intentions, in other words destructive or constructive, the atom bomb is a good example of a subjective intention becoming destructive.  To create anything from objective consciousness you need a subjective consciousness to do so no matter what. 

Objective consciousness is just sitting there for any subjective consciousness to create from, it's motionless until we give it intentions, in other words motion to create.      

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