Friday, 16 January 2015

Pure Simple Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

The name Rupert Spira came into discussion recently, just be awareness, no more no less. I don't agree with all his views in totality but yes he is brilliant. Just being simple awareness, how do you get people to acknowledge this? 

Actually you don't, just being in this simple awareness is intentions enough, actually there are no intentions in being this simple awareness that Rupert relays onto others.

The reason most of us don't understand this simple concept is we are being too intentional I believe instead of just being aware without intentions.

Why do we have intentions, what is their purpose then?  I think it’s to be expressive of awareness instead of just being awareness, it takes intentions to create from this pure awareness, pure consciousness.  You and I have been created from such intentions and so has the universe, we are therefore being the expressions of this pure awareness/consciousness, nothing else.  

I think being this expressive of this pure awareness/conciseness is just as important as being aware of pure awareness/consciousness, why would this pure awareness be so expressive of itself in realities like this one if it wasn’t a part of what it is? It all has merit in my way of thinking, how do you judge one part of consciousness having merit and another part not? The answer is you don’t but if we do we are just again being expressive of this pure awareness through intentions.

We were born (created) from intentions caused by an interaction of vibrational energy; this means intentions are just as important to us as being unintentional which this pure awareness/consciousness is. What I feel is causing us chaos and destruction is we have become too intentional without balancing this high level of intentions with being aware also of our unintentional state, this pure awareness.  This I feel is due to us being ignorant to our unintentional self while existing as an intentional being.  

I think it just takes us to be aware of our intentional state of consciousness as much as our unintentional state of consciousness, it also takes us to realise one is no less or no more important than the other while in an intentional state of existence.  This is due to it all being of this pure awareness, this pure consciousness.

Pure awareness (consciousness) = un-intentions + our spirit self

Ignorance = intentions + physical self

So where does the soul come into it?

I believe the soul  can be a mix of both our unintentional self and our intentional self, the reason I think this is the experiences I had with actual ghosts in the past, they were still interacting and reacting to physical life, which refers to intentions,  but they were also obviously not totally of this intentional (physical)existence either.

The soul to me has a sole purpose; it’s a vessel or an energy source that allows us to be expressive of this pure awareness either as ghosts or totally in physical form.  To me there is no mistake in us being here, what is the mistake is us being unaware of our pure awareness state while being expressive of this awareness.  

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