Thursday, 2 October 2014

Free Will??

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is always an interesting topic to discuss, does it matter if free will exists or not to us?  Well actually it does and it’s a very important topic to make a little more transparent. The reason for this is it has everything to do with our mentality, if we don’t believe it exists we most probably start to feel entrapped, we really don’t need to add any further to our dilemmas.  The other side of the coin is, if we have free will, then we can do as we like/desire!!

Actually I don’t think it’s either way, we don’t have total free will but we are also not totally entrapped either, to me it’s a balance of the two, a balance we, this is the point, chose to live out at the soul level.  We chose at the soul level to live in a reality that is controlling mainly because of the controlling factors of the ego plus we are influenced by natural forces like earth quakes and tsunamis, well not entirely……I will elaborate a little more on this latter on!!

Reincarnation: We have a karma that needs to be paid, so we have to come back to a reality like this one to repay such a debt, this obviously isn’t free will or is it? The point I'm trying to make is we don’t have to come back, as soon as we die we immediately relive our lives, other than this it’s our choice to come back and physically repay such karma. We don’t owe anything to anyone we have harmed if we learn after reliving our lives after our demise; it’s up to us if we want to try to physically repay such debt to others at the soul level .  Life is all about our souls not our human selves; to me life’s never been about our human selves, once we have learnt at the soul level after our demise, we can move on without having to physically repay bad karma debt.

Destructive Realities:  What soul would want to live in a destructive reality, obviously this isn’t free will at the soul level or is it?  At first glance we see ourselves being totally entrapped by a highly egotistically driven reality; we have wars and other conflicts we can do little about, the same goes with the natural disasters that devastate the planet making life even more miserable for us. We have no control over all this so we must be entrapped; we obviously have no free will in these occurrences or so we think!!

What part of us doesn’t have free will, the human self, the soul or both?  Let’s look at the human self first up. We are even told what to believe, we still have free will, to an extent, like when I have a cuppa or in the way I choose to walk, but as a whole we are controlled at the human level, we are obviously entrapped.

Now at the soul level, are we entrapped when we chose at the soul level to experience such things? No, we have total free will at the soul level. Would this God consciousness be controlling us at the soul level? Again no, to be controlling one has to be expressive of the controlling ego, God’s consciousness isn’t egotistically driven. If there is no control at the soul level, what would be stopping us expressing free will at this level?  Yes, there are other souls who are living in ignorance who will be controlling if they can but we still have a choice to either be influenced by such souls or not after our demise.  

Don’t underestimate the soul, the more in touch you become to your own soul the more free will you realise you have even at the human level, you become a lot more accepting and less traumatised.  Don’t expect to accept everything within your life, if something isn’t in tune with your own vibrations and is making you feel out of balance, you don’t have to accept this in your life however, you must accept this is a part of life itself, this is a true expression of free will.  

Even after saying all this about our free will at the soul level, we still don’t have all that much free will at the human level.

The more connected you become to your soul the more free will you realise you have. This still doesn’t make sense, what free will do I have at the human level in an earth quake for instance or even a war?  At the moment we have very little free will; I believe this is due to us living in ignorance especially of our souls as I believe life is really about our souls not our human selves.  We must also remember, we chose at the soul level to be in ignorant of our souls, we chose not to have free will.  

What is the point in living in ignorance and feeling entrapped without being able to express free will?  The point is to experience all of what consciousness is; this is why we reincarnate to repay bad karma, our souls are learning through actual experiences. Could you imagine trying to learn everything about everything through books without actually experiencing what you have read, there is no point unless you come back to repay bad karma, actually experience what you have read.  You could say it’s a game or a play being played out and we all have our own roles to play out so each of us have actual experiences.  Could you imagine being an actor/actress reading your part in a play and not being able to play it out, human life is no different to me!!

We are now learning about free will we have and don’t have, free will is but another play we have yet to play out, to experience. Once we realise we do indeed have free will, we will change this reality quite dramatically. What about natural disasters, we have no control over them therefore we still have no free will!!

Once we truly realise we have free will, nature will react to our free will.  Nature is only reacting in accordance to our ignorance, the less ignorant we become the less nature will react violently. In time, we are that nature therefore we have free will of nature, we do indeed have free will.

Once we realise we totally have free will, where is the balance between free will and entrapment?  We only needed this kind of balance between free will and entrapment to experience being controlled while we were acting in a play about being entrapped. While being entrapped, we have gone too far losing most of our free will at the human level but this was part of the play being acted out.  At the soul level we still had free will unbeknownst to our human selves; this was the balance between our human selves and our soul to give our soul the experiences it needed.

Once we learn free will, we will give balance to all of nature, including us, making it far less destructive.  The point is, don’t try and act the victim or the victimiser, just be and experience who you truly are, your soul.   

I've inserted a few links that might help you become even more connected to your soul. The info in the first link seems too simple but it does work to one extent or another.  

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