Saturday, 11 January 2014

Immortal Free Will

Written by Mathew Naismith

This seems dumb, how can free will exist when we can’t seemingly choose the way we want to live?  When asking this question, are we talking about at the human level of understanding here or are we talking about the God within? When we seemingly have no choice in the way we want to live we are actually only understanding at the human level of understanding or probably more precisely at the mortal level of understanding. Thinking we are just mortal beings is of judgment  however as always I’m not saying judgement is bad or good it just gives us an illusion that we are only mortal beings. If we are truly aware of more than our mortal selves we would realise we have free will, this knowing within oneself is inevitable. 

What’s judgement got to do with making ourselves believe we are just mortal beings? We judge we are alive, we judge we are a physical entity & we judge that we are brainier than all other creatures, this is mortality we are talking about here not anything else beyond mortal being so actually judgment has given us fixations which of course includes our beliefs.  It is nearly impossible for some of us to think or became aware of anything else past these beliefs thus we have become fixated  so of course we are going to think we have no free will unless we enforce our own free will onto others, warring is a good example of this & religion at times is another.  What would happen if we all truly realised & truly believed we are not just mortal beings? I predict we would no longer force our own will onto others & yes it has everything to do with forcing our own free will onto others because we think we don’t have free will to start with.

Being immortal we have chosen freely to live lives as mortal beings thinking that we have no free will & to express any kind of free will we must enforce it, this is expressing our free will at the immortal level of understanding.  It all comes down to, we are actually living in the way we are because we can. This sounds dumb only because we have fixations on mortal life, we can't see past this reality & once again it comes down to why not live within these fixations!!  We must remember here to understand this we are immortal not mortal energy forms, we are actually expressing our free will but only known to our immortal selves because we can. 

This comes down to realising we are immortal & realising we can change things in the world if at the immortal level of understanding we willed it so. At the moment we can’t will it unless we enforce it at the mortal level of understanding however for real change to take effect we must become aware of our immortality which of course give us more awareness.  Any enforcement denotes judgement & fixations thus obscures any further awareness. I'm really thinking though that it would be a super human effort to reverse what we have done all these centuries & actually live within peace itself, why not? That can only be delivered by the God's /realised by the God within I believe.  If we are immortal why not choose, at the immortal level of our understanding, to amend our ways, what a monumental effort that would take & what a monumental ending to a seemingly calamitous existence.  We would indeed prove ourselves to be immortal & God like or of God if we could accomplish this but do we have the will??    

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