Sunday, 21 June 2015

Finding Spiritual Deliverance-Our Chosen Path

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have a feeling I’m going to like writing about this topic on a personal level, this is due to our paths being  personal within themselves, they tell us about ourselves as we venture along such chosen paths. Our paths are of course influenced by the cycles we live within. Now you might have noticed that I have been referring to living within these cycles as opposed to  living under these cycles, this is because we don’t live under these cycles but within them. We actually determine how these cycles are going to reflect onto us and our chosen path, these cycles don’t determine exactly what path we are going to follow but they can influence them.

Cycles: Why am I at present going on about the cycles we live within so much?

In my early stage of my life, I was informed to not read anything on spirituality, this latter on became apparent to me, instead of being influenced by certain external influences, I allowed the natural flow of my own path to flow without any preconceptions, this in turn allowed me to have experiences with minimal predetermination. This actually allowed me to perceive beyond human perceptions I feel.

I was however allowed to study up on numerology which allowed me to delve into my inner human self  and my immediate environment. To me, numerology is totally based on cycles, it was important for me to understand  these cycles at the time, this also allowed me to better understand the path I was to tread. It might not have been important for everyone  to become aware of these cycles, and the influence these cycles have on our path, but it was to me. Some people study up on spirituality to become aware, I studied up on numerology, well, to some extent anyway.

You could infer this also gave me a factor of predetermination thus became an influence on my chosen path. The studying of cycles doesn’t predetermine nothing as nothing is predetermined until these cycles are acted upon, this is due to cycles being of numerous possibilities, nothing is predetermined within a cycle until we, through our reactions to these cycles, predetermine a destination or an outcome.

Spiritual deliverance: This is different to studying up on spirituality, we are highly influenced by other people’s paths experiences thus giving us a predetermination. How many people take up mediation without reading any material on this practice? Reading about someone else’s experiences, has predetermined our path, in other words it’s influenced our path. We will be influenced by other peoples path trod, this is inevitable, some  people’s path are even purely predetermined by other people’s path, this is their path. It is however wise to be aware that other people’s path can and do indeed influence our own, in reading up on meditation, are we then supposed to take up meditating? No, this is only predetermined if we act upon such influences.

Finding spiritual deliverance is to me delivering myself from other people’s path, many spiritually aware people today are focused on love, this delivers them from a world of hate and chaos, the funny thing is here, this hate and chaos influenced them in the first place to follow such a path. It’s basically a counteraction to try to give balance within one’s life, this is of course much needed, we do indeed need to collectively heal, this counteraction is all about a healing process and deliverance from an obvious existence of hate an chaos.

People like myself are on a slightly different path, we are basically drifters, in other word we just go with the flow of what ever the flow is at any given time. This doesn’t mean we don’t influence such flows, for example hate and chaos, it just means we don’t judge the flow of other people’s paths therefore react to such flows, we are basically fence sitters until activated by the influence of other people’s paths at a certain point in time. While living within the influence of any cycle, you cannot get away without being influenced by other people’s path but you can certainly lesson these influences on your own path. This awareness of your own path, takes you to become aware of these cycles like through numerology and astronomy and even psychology at times. This in turn allows you to be aware of other people’s influence upon you, upon your own path. We can and do go off of our chosen path, this however can also be a part of our chosen path to do so, this reality to me is a good example of this.

Personal deliverance: I write about some strange topics in a real strange way at times, this is my deliverance  from other people’s influential paths upon my own even though a lot of what I write about is channelled through me. The funny thing here is, I’m being influenced by certain influences that are not existing within the cycles I am presently experiencing, you can’t get away, when living within cycles, from the influence of other people’s/entities paths but you can be aware of such influences. Like reading about mediation, you don’t have to allow these influences to influence your own path, you can indeed deliver yourself from such influences but only if you are aware.

Many spiritually aware people are aware of the imbalance in the world so they counteract this by delivering themselves from such influences, this in turn gives them balance back into their lives. Yes, to do this we are influenced to react in this way but that also has to do with the way these cycles influence us. Instead of allowing these cycles to influence our paths in a chaotic way, we have delivered ourselves from the path of others within our environment by using these cycles in a more constructive way. 

I’m a fence sitter, a drifter who just goes with however the flow is flowing, I have many times been told off for being a fence sitter, I’m not helping with giving balance back into the world. This isn’t true, imagine if everyone was a fence sitter, no motion no intentions to react and counteract and no judging what is or isn’t wrong, this is pure balance because there is no motion, this is very much in line to quietening the mind, once you quieten the mind, you give balance back to your thoughts. Motion is only due to a reaction to other motions, once you stop your own motion, your own reaction, you find balance, in other words deliverance from an obvious imbalance.

We all have our own path to follow and we should try to understand, and even respect, each others people’s paths trod, what we need to be aware of is the influence these paths have upon our own. We have all been influenced by a world wide global path influenced by certain cycles, we should be aware we can deliver ourselves from such influences but only if we are aware of such influences upon ourselves.     

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