Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Wisdom Within Collective Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

I know there are a number of people who don't like me sharing other people's perspectives, I however find other people's perspectives and insights interesting, of course I'm going to share them. It takes the collective to wise up to itself, this also means sharing other people's perspectives and insights other than my own. No one singular consciousness can bring forth the wisdom within all of us but a collective consciousness can.

I received following interesting replies to my last post, I hope they give you as much insight as they gave me.  

Consciousness (mindfulness in the form of compassion non-violence, and loving kindness), Mother Earth, nature and the Ego state are all interrelated - unless we can master these understandings, then practice Consciousness, no human can evolve positively, peacefully and no human except Buddhist Monks will ever be able to understand what it feels like to  live in a higher state of consciousness! Have just published a book about Gaia's lack of Ego and how Gaia is in relation to mother Earth and you are quite right, Mother Earth is a living breathing entity! Blessings!

My Reply
Yes, Buddhist monks are to me  about pure balance which brings forth the wisdom to be able to exist in a chaotic world in peace. It's actually quite a beautiful state to exist in.

This came to mind recently, very few people will experience true wisdom, this however doesn't mean we can't live in balance with Gaia. We need to once again learn to listen to wisdom instead of egotism.

I'm going to insert your reply into one of my posts, could you give my readers of my blog some detail about your book and how to purchase it?

thank you Mathew! the book is called 'Darwin's Women of Mother Earth' by author Lucy Farmer - your readers can purchase it on Amazon or through my website link on selfhelpforhealing dot com..if google does not allow this message to be accepted and think it is a promotion they will erase it, however, if you go to my google page you will find my website details and all links to the book on that! The book is aimed at the feminine energies and the ancient connection with mother earth and goes into scientific but also intuitive details about the past and how humans lived without ego - If men and women are brave they can learn a great deal from this book about themselves, and to find the true path to peace, wisdom and living in balance with Gaia and the  true connection that all humans have been looking for - for thousands of years - A very intricate book, connecting, mind-science, nature, (mother Earth), feminine energies, genetics, neuroscience and mindfulness and how they are all interrelated. I would be very happy once your readers have read this book to give free discussions to your readers but you will have to contact me on my website for email details.  - many blessings Mathew!

Yours - Mine - Theirs  ,,, none of it matters in the end.

My Reply
True, it doesn't matter because no one possess's anything, including our thoughts. It's interesting how the ego dupes us to think in terms of possessions. 

I  get it. "Any extreme reactions to another motion we judge as evil isn't balance."   It is chaos.

My Reply
What we judge as evil loves it's opposites being expressed, especially to an extreme, this is wholly due to the love of conflicts. You can't have much of a conflict if a consciousness of evil intent doesn't have an opposite, the more extreme the opposite, the better the conflict.

Too many people give love in retaliation to a deemed evil or wrong, this is only feeding it and it love it. Consciousness's of evil intent don't like to be embraced in love, they want to be hated or judged as being wrong which most people do. It's wise to learn the true concepts of unconditional love.  


Collective Consciousness: I have attracted some interesting readers, I say interesting mainly because they are mostly open minded and yes even balanced within themselves in one sense or another, I'm actually quite privileged because I'm now apart , in my mind, of an exclusive group of people through my blog. These people are exclusive because they don't seem to judge one ideology being the be and end all, this is more important than some people might think. Again, it takes the collective to wise up to itself, no one singular consciousness can bring forth the wisdom within all of us but a collective consciousness can.

The collective consciousness is of course referring to collective ideologies, no one ideology has all the answers, this includes the ideologies that help us to find balance in life therefore wisdom. For an example of this, what opposite motion would wisdom alone create, in other words what is the opposite of wisdom?  Folly, foolishness which is usually brought about by being unaware. A true sense of balance and wisdom isn't just an expression of wisdom but a balance between all of what is, this is true wisdom in my mind. This is how I think the wise can live within a reality of foolishness and still stay collectively wise, they accept the foolishness as also being apart of themselves without becoming too involved, in other words the wise participate within this motion  but always remember to also observe.

Wisdom doesn't listen to egotism; this is the trick of wisdom, it instead observes egotism without having the desire to express egotism. You might presume this takes control  but it doesn't, wisdom isn't about taking control as Gaia isn't about taking control of the cycles Gaia presides over. The thing to wise up too, there is a huge difference between influencing something and controlling something!!

Most people are influenced by the ego to become controlling, this controlling action is then expressed as an extreme which denotes egotism, an expression that is highly expressive of control. What then happens when we are influenced by wisdom? Quite the opposite occurs, we actually express less control not more. This is due to the balance of what wisdom gives, after all wisdom is about balance to begin with. The ego doesn't have to influence us to become controlling, especially of Gaia (our environment), this seems  to only occur when a consciousness lakes wisdom, in other word lacks balance.  

Could you imagine if man's consciousness kept in balance with Gaia? It's hard to imagine but a heaven on Earth comes to mind.

Possessions: If you look back in human history, you will find a lot of the people of the ancient times knew they never truly possessed anything, this is due to anything created through motion is transitory, meaning it has a life span and isn't infinite. How can you truly posses anything that isn't infinite? It's mind boggling but we do in modern day times but why do we have the mentality of ownership/possession?

Control, the more controlling we become, the more we think we posses. Control is  fundamentally possessed by egotism for egotism creates control, this control in turn of course creates a sense of ownership. The people of ancient times and the people who still abide by these ancient principles today,  didn't and don't have this dilemma, they are free of such egotistical control. You could easily say they are true observers of folly.

Opposites Attracting Opposites: Do we truly want to keep attracting the opposite?  It would seem so. The more extreme we express one motion, like love or hate, the more the opposite we will create, this is called cause and effect, one action creating a possible opposite reaction. For example, "I'm going to keep my doors unlocked at night, I won't be dictated to by criminals", they then experience a home invasion.

Another example, "I will give love to an evil wrongful world",  how are the deemed evil, who only lust, going to react to this?  They are of course going to counteract this love with lust.

Both these examples are in retaliation and are a retaliative reaction against a deemed opposite, this of course creates the opposite effect.

Let's now look at both these examples again but with far less retaliative motion/reaction. " In my environment it isn't wise to leave my doors open, I will lock my doors".

 "I will give love and embrace a world that seems lost to itself". You are going to receive quite a different response to this from any deemed opposite, actually, you haven't judged an opposite to start with within this very subtle motion.

Any consciousness of deemed evil intent, will only thrive on an opposing reaction, they love conflicts and destruction, why keep feeding them what they want and need to keep on existing? 

The true concepts of unconditional love refers to embracing every part of consciousness no matter how it expresses itself, deeming one part of consciousness evil or wrong, and not embracing it in love, isn't an expression of unconditional love.

Yes, to express a true form of unconditional love takes balance, this means never allowing egotism  to control you to only see yourself in opposition, once you have an opposition, you have an immediate imbalance. This certainly isn't conductive to acquiring wisdom, you can certainly see why we haven't acquired wisdom in the modern age, egotism is too in control of us!!          

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