Monday, 14 September 2015

Gaia's Enlightened Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Gaia's Lack of Ego: Gaia is in relation to mother Earth and is known to be a living breathing entity that is conscious, in other words aware and even wised up to it's environment Gaia exists in. Man's consciousness itself has evolved from Gaia's consciousness, this doesn't mean however man has taken on Gaia's consciousness, it's evolved from Gaia's consciousness to form it's own consciousness which is mainly influenced by ego.

The following was a response I gave to a group of people who wanted to retaliate against the judged evil in the world. It's interesting to know how Gaia would react in our circumstance.          

Gaia's Consciousness: It is the acknowledgement that Gaia is a conscious and sentient being of which we are all active cells with specific functions as parts of her body.

Gaia's consciousness is obviously much wiser than man's consciousness even collectively, man's consciousness after all is of  Gaia's consciousness, not Gaia's consciousness is of man's consciousness.

Going by man's perception, man would seem to be evil collectively to Gaia, does Gaia then react by counteracting man's evilness with extreme motions of love? Remember, Gaia's consciousness is far wiser than man's consciousness. I should also mention, man also uses the environment to destroy or harm himself, this action isn't Gaia's.

Gaia just sits there taking it because Gaia hasn't got an ego to contend with within itself, in the end, man will destroy himself by his own hands through his misuse of the ego.

You cannot give love to evil in retaliation, the reason is simple, evil thrives on love because it turns this retaliative love into lust and desire, Gaia is wised to this so it sits very patiently within it's stillness. Give love to what we have judged to be evil but do it with very little motion as Gaia does.

If we gave our love to Gaia, we would live within a heaven on Earth, this takes balance. Any extreme reactions to another motion we judge as evil isn't balance. If we allowed it, Gaia would still today embrace us with her love and affection, please do as what Gaia would to onto us, embrace what you have judged as evil, don't keep feeding it. 

Any extreme action, especially if it's driven by retaliation, is an expression of egotism, in other words extremes can't exist unless driven/influenced by egotism and of course the more extreme our reactions are, the more expressive we are of egotism. You cannot fight egotism with egotism though, these people  were talking about fighting the evil in the world but all they are doing is feeding the evil in the world within their reaction.  Fighting evil with love will only feed this evil with what it desires and even needs to exist.  

Any judged evilness will of course thrive on any retaliation that is extreme, especially if the retaliation is in extreme opposite to itself, this is wholly due to this kind of consciousness thriving on the love of conflicts. Conflicts are of course but another trait that can only exist through expressions of egotism. Fighting extremes with extremes is exactly the same as fighting egotistical expressions with egotistical expression, all this will do is feed the egotism in the world.  Love might not be conflictive to someone who loves but it is to someone who only lusts.

Gaia Consciousness: When we think of Gaia, we usually only think of in terms of mother Earth, in actuality, Gaia refers to nature period which means all of what the universe itself is, Gaia is the universe itself. This isn't just a living breathing entity but a living breathing consciousness as well. This doesn't mean our moon is conscious of Saturn's  moons or our planet Earth is conscious of another galaxy, this means Gaia herself is conscious of all of what it is. How aware are we of even the person next door or a person in another town that we have never conversed with or even seen? We know there are people there but we are not aware of the people themselves, Gaia is, this is why Gaia is way beyond human perception. How many of us know or even want to know Gaia exists?  

Human consciousness is far more unaware than that of Gaia, this is a strange perspective because even though Gaia's consciousness is far more aware than human consciousness, Gaia isn't controlling but man's consciousness is. In actuality, the more aware man becomes, the more controlling he tries to be, Gaia is by no way controlling. Gaia allows the cycles to run their course, for example, if a sun has finished it's cycle, Gaia allows this cycle to run it's natural course without trying to control the sun. If man had control of the universe, would he allow the sun to continue it's natural cycle, especially if it benefited him if the sun didn't finish it's natural cycle? The answer is obvious......

I've also noticed new age spirituality is more about control and it is new age, this is wholly due to old age spirituality being about releasing control, not gaining it. We have applied the basic principles of old age spirituality but with new concepts based on control. My recent conversations, with new age spiritually aware people, certainly supports that we are more about control than ever, control of course being all about egotism strangely enough.  

The more aware humans become, the more controlling they become either it be through science or spirituality, Gaia, if you noticed, didn't and doesn't do this, so what's the main difference between Gaia's consciousness and human consciousness? Ego, which gives us control, the funny thing is, if we didn't have an ego, we wouldn't want to control anything, this however doesn't mean we wouldn't be able to control anything though if we had the will to do so. Ego actually gives us this will to control so we act it out, we basically give in to the will of the ego.  The reason Gaia doesn't give into this will is wholly due to, not awareness, but wisdom, Gaia is wised up to the will of the ego and how controlling giving into this will can be. In actuality, Gaia is wised up to how destructive control can become.   

Gaia isn't egotistical, this is obvious through the lack of control Gaia acts out, but Gaia does express the ego without allowing the will of the ego to take control of Gaia's consciousness, this is quite the opposite of man's consciousness mainly because man allows the will of the ego to control him. In a real sense, man isn't being controlling but controlled through the will of the ego to be controlling.

I find it strange that we haven't learnt from Gaia, one of the most enlightened teachers a species could ever have as a mentor. Become aware of Gaia's consciousness and how it allows the natural cycles within nature to run it's own course, yes by all means express the ego but don't give into the ego's will. We might think by not giving into the will of the ego is taking control, it's not, by just being wised up to how destructive the ego can become naturally automatically disallows the will of the ego to influence such a consciousness. There is also no reaction in this, when a consciousness is wised up to the ego, it is able to use the ego constructively with very little effort and motion.

A consciousness fixated to control and the will of the ego, will never become wise, this is wholly due to a consciousness being controlled and trying to be controlling. Observe Gaia as Gaia is observing, in other words become the observer and become wise through observing Gaia.

Being only a participator through control will only teach us knowledge and awareness, it won't teach us to become wise, this can only be reacquired through letting go of control as Gaia quiet plainly shows us in my mind.  

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