Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Quickening of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I utterly love these days when I hear other people becoming so utterly connected to the universal consciousness, some call the grid, that they can feel their own inner knowing. Realising anything and everything we will ever need to know is just there for us to become aware of.  Once we become this connected we realise it’s always been there at the tip of everybody’s finger tips.

Below is a brief exchange between another person & myself on this matter.

It is pretty amazing when you take a step back and 'see' what the picture really is saying to you in that moment.

I just had a feeling a few minutes ago and that was my thoughts are becoming faster than the technology around me. The internet is running slow, the information provided on it is becoming obsolete and outdated. And it feels like if we just connect to the grid and our higherselves, not only will we be provided the information naturally, but I think it will be more truthful then the opinions they are written in.

I could not agree with you more & it's really great you are feeling this.

The noticeable difference in the quickening of human time is, I believe, our consciousness catching up to the universal consciousness. The strangest thing is, this conscious quickening feels slow but when compared to human consciousness it's a lot faster.

This is a very good indication that you are becoming quite connected to this universal consciousness(grid) gaia-love, I'm thrilled for you.

When I was in my mid-teens I could ask any question what so ever & get an immediate correct answer, I'm now fifty yrs old. I did by my late teens break off this connection for various reasons.

If we don't compare this quickening to human consciousness, why does it feel like we have slowed down? Thinking, the mind cannot handle such expanded knowing & awareness so everything seems to be racing along however once you become disconnected from the mind all this knowing is just there so you are so right when you said, "not only will we be provided the information naturally, but I think it will be more truthful then the opinions they are written in," you couldn't be more correct in my mind.

You will end up reading a book for instance & get visions & insights & not necessarily pertaining to what the book is about either however be careful in relaying this info onto others, they won't understand you & they will probably ostracise you because of their misunderstanding. If this happens try not to take it personally.

Much Blessings,

It’s funny to think this quickening of time is actually a good sign that we are becoming more connected to this grid these days. The mind is racing around like a lunatic trying to decipher and put into form what we are receiving through the universal consciousness (grid) but all it needs to do to make sense of it all is just become a little more aware of where this knowing is truly coming from.  This of course is going to be hard for people stuck in certain ideological thought patterns that don’t allow for such awareness however eventually they will cross that mental barrier to a far more heightened awareness.  Human history has shown many times over you cannot fight off conscious changes indefinitely, it’s a naturel process.