Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spirituality is for the Suffering

Written by Mathew Naismith

I got a rather abrupt & what I thought was a presumptuous reply from my last post, the quickening of consciousness.  Replies like this from the unfaithful & unaware is expected however when I received this reply I had an urge to right up about this for two reasons. One, presuming that spiritually aware people haven’t been abused or have suffered traumatising injuries is very presumptuous; this is very common from non-believers.  Two, spirituality is about releasing this suffering either it be of personal or collective suffering.


Try telling this to a woman who's had acid thrown in her face for 'dishonouring' her family. Or a child who's been sexually abused. I'm sure they feel really connected to the 'grid' too. So tired of New Age nonsense.

My reply

I'm one of those abused people you talk about here. Crying over spilt milk isn't going to solve anything, trust me. 

Are you one of these abused people?  What happens to a bloke who has had both he’s legs amputated, he can either give up or he can get on with it. I'm getting on with it.

You picked the wrong person to say this too, it’s sad you have no idea what you are talking about however expected from people who are quite unaware obviously.  

Yes I can see how spiritually aware people who talk about love acceptance all the times can seem to others who have had a rough time of it a little ignorant and delusional, this is to be expected however one should never presume before one knows the truth. There are many people who have found solace in spirituality who have gone through the most horrendous times. Yes, spirituality isn’t for everyone but it is there when needed for a lot of people all over the world.  

I can understand non-believers anger towards people who turn these negative into positives in some way, it does sound delusional and ignorant when we are flying high and others are suffering so but what they don’t realise no one really has to suffer more than they have to.  Non-believers just can’t see how helpful and soothing spirituality can be after any trauma once understood correctly.   


  1. Without God/Spirituality, I would not be alive today. Thanks Matthew... Keep speaking your heart man, and forgive them, for they are just hurting and angry.

    1. Neither would I James.

      This poor bloke is still coming back at me, he really couldn't have chosen a worse candidate to prove he's points. I bet he couldn't believe he's luck either however he's probably belittled a lot of spiritually aware people before I feel.