Monday, 13 August 2018

Materialistic Extremism Unveiled

Written by Mathew Naismith

 Note: This is quite a long post, sorry for this.

Is materialism of lies and deceit and spirituality of truth and honesty? The more expressive of materialism we become, the more of lies and deceit we become!!

Materialism is based on how we feel. Spirituality is based on how we are. Unlike materialism, spirituality is not based on bad or good, wrong and right, negative or positive, spirituality is actually based on fewer motions, not more motions.

What is desire? A desire to feel good all the time materialistically; the more we desire to feel good, the more motion we are expressive of. Does it always feel good to guide the child you adore through chastising them? Spirituality is not about how good we feel but about what we constructively do. This is probably why a lot of children are not chastised, guided, these days, we have become far too materialistic.

This was in reply to, "Spiritual vision is given to those who live in truth", by Phil Good.

Imagine a reality void of materialistic desires, what then would determine what is and isn't negative or positive? The more motion we express, the more separation we will experience and the more we focus on feeling good. Seen as spirituality, especially Eastern spirituality, is about expressing less motions through practices like meditation and the realisation of oneness, expressing any kind of extreme motion, especially to feel good, isn't of spirituality, it's materialism.  

Don't be tricked by materialistic desires, materialistic desires often deceive us in thinking they are one thing when they are another. Of course if it feels good, it must be good, this could not be further from the truth.

I also love interacting with people who have experienced actual life experiences instead of simply expressing plagiarised life experiences. A life experience copied from books, studies and workshops and recited as a life experience experienced by the presenter. My interaction with Heather, who is a police officer, is always a pleasurable experience for me. So much comes from me with this kind of interaction.

Heather's Reply
Yes, being a Police Officer, I have to support all information with evidence. This has become standard for me and it is interesting to observe how it is not standard for others.
I have been caught out twice recently for posting information on FB that does not have supporting evidence, lazy on my side and poor reporting on the others.            

My Reply
Most often it's the atheists that don't give supporting evidence to their claims, this may seem strange but it's not.

I was once an atheist myself, this was until the rest of my family and I experienced ghostly occurrences on numerous occasions. Everyone, bar my dad, accepted what the experiences were in relation to. My dad to this day is still in total denial of these occurrences. Hard line atheists, as my dad, will never accept the obvious no matter what evidence was forthcoming. 

Giving evidence to their own claims is like accepting the obvious they want to ignore at all cost. Anyone presenting anything that they want to ignore as being factual in any sense, is usually defamed in some way, within this, they are able to continue to ignore what they detest the most, most often the obvious, the truth.

Giving evidence to claims to these people is like accepting someone as an equal. As I have found out myself through various interactions, the last thing these people want to do is look at you in respect and as an equal. Psychologically, most often these people have no idea what they are doing; they are oblivious to their own actions. Having worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, these kinds of behavioural patterns are way too obvious.

Heather's Reply
Very interesting observations. I guess you could say that by avoiding fact so that one does not have to admit the truth, is really about fear.

We know that every 'reality' and emotion we experience is created from within by ourselves, so being intentionally blinkered to what is fact, is all about how you feel about yourself

My Reply
Indeed Heather, fear. How many criminals work on the emotion fear, they often use this emotion against people for some kind of gain on purpose. Are atheists in fear of being wrong and living the fantasy? They often rebuke, in any way they can, any science or other evidence that slightly hints at this, I have witnessed this numerous times in my interactions with hard core atheists.

Do excessively positive thinking people fear being negative? Considering a true positive person sees very little negative in anything, what they call true positive thinking today isn't true. Anything expressed in excess or in an extreme way is not true to the program, it's a virus. Could you imagine the existence of computer viruses without the existence of viruses with our own programs within our minds? Computer viruses would not exist in our computer systems unless they firstly existed in our minds, within our own minds programs and programming.

There is nothing wrong with anything from atheism to religion, science to spirituality, black to white, dark to light, love to hate, etc. Only when viruses are present within these programs do programs become corrupt and destructive. How many people fear the emotion hate? It's all based on fear and what is fear based on? Attachments and the inability to let go of these conditions of attachments. To many people, the condition of love is not to hate in a huge way!!

Do I hate, especially the people in my life who have abused me physically and mentally? What would have occurred if a lot of people loved Nazism or didn't hate Nazism? The thought isn't very constructive. Hate has to be a part of our program in our present situation. Of course we have created this reality that we need to hate at times even though hate is more of a bug than a virus. Hate being a glitch in the system program rather than a virus. Hate within itself is not destructive; it's the program that hate is bugged with that is. All excessive motions indicate a virus, for example, religious fanaticism/extremism is a prime example of a virus to the program of religion. 

I don't express hate within my own program but I am aware. I am simply aware avoid of as many labels as I can be. Mentioning viruses and bugs by the way are not labels, they are simply an awareness of a difference between having conditions and not having conditions. Is the condition of being aware not experiencing and expressing viruses? No, as being truly aware takes one to be expressive of fewer conditions, not expressive or more conditions.  A pure state of awareness simply has no conditions, the more conditions our programs are expressive of, the less aware we become.

Sorry for this Heather, I love expressing myself to people who have had actual life experiences. Too often do I come across people who plagiarise their experiences. Study and read from literature and then express this as a life experience. Actually, I might write up our interaction here in a post on my blog if that is alright with you.

Heather's Reply

Matthew, really interesting words that I am getting my head around. 

I understand totally when you say that the more conditioned we are, the less aware we are. Fear undoubtedly sits at the root of conditioning, whether it is new or generational. Perhaps an Atheist feels uncomfortable at the thought of bearing the consequence of their actions over a lifetime. 

I see your analogy of viruses and bugs as that, a tool for illustrating your view, not conditioning. Ultimately we both express the same point, that the good and bad that occur in life are a reflection of our state of awareness.

Of course you can use this interaction, always a pleasure Matthew   

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