Friday, 21 March 2014

A Balanced Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going to seem utterly ridiculous to a lot of people because I’m going to say we already live within a balanced existence but because of our own personal desires and aspirations we can’t see this.

Again it has come up about self-manifesting for one’s own individual desire recently and how we can manipulate consciousness to fulfil our own personal desires.  We must think here, how many different desires would be manifested and how many of these manifested desires from different people would clash with other people’s manifested desires?  

Another point is if all of us wanted to become wealthy, who is going to collect the rubbish or treat our sewerage? How about if we all manifested ourselves being fit and able, how many health workers jobs and security will this effect?  Let’s say a person desires to be a health worker but to be a health worker other people need to be sick in some way but on the other hand everyone desires to be totally fit and able. Can you see the clash between manifested desires? You could say a sick person is selflessly helping a health worker to manifest their own desire and the health worker in turn is helping the sick become well again, helping the sick person in their desire to become well again.  

What is happening today? We are manifesting for our own desires today which is causing clashes with other manifestations like in the Ukraine for instance. What about hydraulic fracturing which is but another manifestation which clashes with other manifestations obviously.      

This is all due to individual manifestations but what about the manifestation of the collective? I believe we already live within the manifestation of the collective however we are not thinking about the collective when we manifest for our own desires.

Individual manifestations collectively make a collective so what is wrong in manipulating this consciousness even more for our own personal desires as opposed to the collective desire?  

We are all going to want to be fit and able and wealthy, no doubt, this is a collective manifestation but quite a different collective manifestation to what we have today.  In this new collective manifestation, if a person individually desires to want to be a health worker there not going to be able to manifest such a desire, other manifested desires are going to swart such desires.  Is this balance and of one’s own free will?

You could say there would be no need for health workers because everyone would be fit and able in this new collective manifested desired world but what if one wanted to manifest such an individual desire as a health worker, they couldn’t because they are dictated by other people’s manifested desires.

At the moment we can manifest what we desire or don’t desire, to a point, but under this new collective manifestation we want be able to choose our own individual desires as we will. We will also have a garbage and sewage problem.

What we have now is a balance between one desire to another, a wealthier person relying on a not so wealthy person to keep our existence sanitary.  What about wars, what is so balanced about wars? War is an indication of an imbalance of egos, this goes with all conflicts. War/conflicts are a clash of different manifested opposing desires which bring a lot of unbalance to the collective. Our own furthering awareness will one day negate conflicts all together without us forcefully manifesting such desires.

The point is, we all have our own personal desired manifestation which gives us our present collective manifestation which isn’t all good but isn’t all bad either, it’s balanced.  If we interfere with this balance to the extent everyone can individually desire what they want, that balance will be gone and quite a different chaotic world will arise I believe.  

Of course our egos want us all to be healthy and well even though other people will suffer for such wanted desires. A garbage collector and a sewerage treatment worker have their place to serve the collective as does multinationals, to selflessly collectively manifest for  our own individual desires over and above the collective is highly egotistical remembering war/conflicts are a manifestation of the ego.  We must be wise in how we manipulate this consciousness!!  The best way is to go with the flow not against it no matter what our ego tries to tell us and we also need to always keep the collective in mind when manifesting for our own desires.  

I’m quite at home and content when I sit within my own quietness which takes any control that the ego has over me away, I just don’t desire more over and above others especially on the backs of others.   


  1. Reading this blog, it reminds me of Lord Shiva narration on disparity. And all my friends, if we believe that all happens for a cause, then Ukraine conflict too is a preparation for the future which none of us can foresee today.

  2. I just posted this on Google +. Eckhart Tolle says: "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness." There is something that everyone wants but no one is going to get-- not even Bill Gates. That is to not die-- live forever.

    1. Utterly agree Chuck. If we all to have what we desire what balance would there be?

      Most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness, for sure.

      Desiring for our own needs is egotistical which has very little to do with being truly spiritual. It's always been about the collective consciousnesses we haven't woken up to that yet.