Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Question of Absolute Truth

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s amazing how one can be so wrong, relating to myself being so wrong ,which was brought on by ignoring my own souls awareness, I just didn’t know to the extent I do now how aware my soul seemingly is. Recent events brought up some interesting insights, no wonder I tried to stay ignorant but it has backfires on me once again. The following relates to the question of absolute truth & mine & everybody else’s truth.
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There is no absolute truth!!!!!!!!!!

no there isn't

G’day Tawmeeleus
Yes there is however it doesn’t belong to any individual but is very collective. Why don’t we want to believe there is a collective truth? Ego, why do we make up & use fancy words? Ego. Most people aren’t aware in how the ego works subconsciously, you might think consciously you’re not being of the neg ego but your subconscious knows better.

Now what has the ego got to do with not wanting to know that there is an absolute truth? One’s own personal beliefs because an absolute truth would questions everyone’s belief & egotistically in realities like this one we can’t handle that so we say there is no absolute truth. However in realities like this one absolute truth has no dominion, it is irrelevant because of our personal belief including mine. Why do most of us think realities like this one are illusions? To escape our own beliefs being questioned & in actual fact they are saying we are living a lie.

Let’s look at denying that there is an absolute truth, so the creative source created everything from a lie, don’t think so, the creative source is absolute truth because to know all is absolute, there is nothing more so if you know all what is the lie? All our souls & humans vessels are doing is experiencing our & the creative sources knowing, nothing new in our knowing. Everything is known so is truth but on the other hand it’s the experiences form this knowing that is new & I think this is where we have gotten things mixed up between knowing & experiencing our knowing.

I would like to apologise to you Tawmeeleus, you are of this reality but I’ve realised even more so now that I’m not especially in regards to unconditional love & oneness, I know there is a lot more but what’s the point in knowing this if it’s not of this consciousness but many consciousness’s further on. Don’t get me wrong Tawmeeleus I’m not being egotistical just frank as my souls a lot more aware than I gave it credit for but I’ve stagnated my human knowing of this for an obvious reason which I have just shown in my replies to you, other souls just don’t get it & I don’t blame youse.


G’day Enkirch47
I’m awfully wrong with people like Tawmeeleus in regards to telling them there is a lot more to consciousness than just unconditional love & oneness for this is what this new consciousness is all about. I didn’t realise it until now that I’m not about this new consciousness but consciousness’s that are far more expanded which I regret knowing & have always regretted knowing to one degree or another because what’s the point in knowing beyond the consciousness you are living in when all what’s going to happen is ridicule & being ignored because most souls don’t have the capacity to see beyond their own conscious awareness, you just don’t relate unless ignorant of your souls awareness.  

People like Tawmeeleus have questioned me on just about everything I’ve written denoting how wrong I am however I’ve never taken it to heart that I know of because what I wright is for very few people because of the lack of understanding due to their souls awareness which is fair enough.

I would quite happily go back in the cave man days to live in ignorance of my soul’s awareness as I tried to do in this life.  Do you know I’ve had ago at people in realities that don’t have our antiquated communicative system of conveying our thoughts & knowing , they don’t have books or any spoken word as knowing is just known which means they have no spontaneity or any real individuality so why live in different vessels?   The reason they do this is to experience such knowing within a vessel but to me at the soul level this seems even antiquated & this is why I’ve always tried to be disconnected.

I can see why I loved the previous consciousness, it took me away from being too connected & aware plus it had plenty of spontaneity & individualism that fed my human ego, what more would an aware soul want?  I think knowing about myself a little more on the human level I will conduct myself in a more appropriate manner however I do love spontaneity & individualism which a lot of spiritually aware people wrongly condemn of being of the neg ego.  


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