Saturday, 28 February 2015

Are we that God?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had quite a compelling feeling/sensation/insight recently that we could, if we wanted, can become much more enlightened about ourselves than Jesus or Buddha became for example, this of course takes the collective to accomplish this. To me Jesus or Buddha never reached their highest state of awareness, therefore enlightenment, mainly because the collective was disconnected from their true nature which what a lot of people call God, this oneness of the collective. 

God to me represents this oneness or wholeness of the collective, both of non-duality and duality as a whole, not as a separate state or entity.  

Now this might seem ludicrous to state that people like Jesus or Buddha were never, within its totality, aware or enlightened, think on this, could this oneness or God wholly exist as one singular being?  This of course is utterly impossible; it’s of course counterproductive to being of oneness, in this state God would invalidate oneness itself, non-duality. What does it take to be truly at one?  An a awareness far beyond the awareness/enlightenment of Jesus or Buddha.
This was quite a compelling feeling/sensation/insight that I had that obviously to me speaks of a certain amount of truth.

Now if what we call God, this oneness, became an individual, this would invalidate oneness, basically invalidating God in other words, would not the opposite also invalidate individualism? If everyone became aware within its totality, this would to me also invalidate individualism, duality in other words. However the odds of oneness (non-duality) or individualism (duality) ever being invalidated, is in my mind quite unlikely, why would something totally aware invalidate itself? The same goes for individualism, it’s unlikely all of consciousness will knowingly ever become one with itself; there will always be parts of conciseness that wills to stay ignorant of its oneness state, the strange thing is, we are never not of this oneness state, a state of God, only through duality can we perceive this.     

This is going to sound strange to a number of people, but I’m in awe of duality only because I am aware of my non-dualistic state, a state of oneness with God if you like, however, this would be somewhat different if I wasn’t aware, I would feel entrapped like a lot of people feel.  

So many people call this dualistic state of existence a prison but it’s not, not when you truly become aware and knowing of your state of non-dualism, a state of complete oneness.  I still to this day can be misled to think I’m imprisoned when I became too detached from my awareness of my true nature; this is a part of existing within a reality that is dualistic, a state that has more than one aspect to it. 

I’m one of the lucky ones; I nearly totally rely on my intuition and synchronicity to give me answers, this means when I become too disconnected, I am reminded of who I am quite automatically, I don’t have to have an intention or search for the answer when disconnected, it just comes to me, well……most of the times.

I also don’t read a lot; I rely a lot on my intuition and insights to give me answers so I’m not a bible reader, however, I knew I needed something to support my claims of all of us being of God, this oneness, so I inserted a couple of links below to try and support such claims.           

Extract: And so we find early in the history of Christianity the existence of a very mystical interpretation of the teachings of Christ whereby his message is not merely that he himself is God but that everyone else is God as well. 

Even the Old Testament refers to Gods. 

Don’t be fooled by duality, we are also very much a part of non-duality as well as is what we call God, this oneness within its totality.  

The following came to me while doing my ironing.

The Messiah will return, not as an individual but as a collective, it’s already happening!!

This return will make the collective aware of its non-dualistic state, its true state of oneness, the Messiah will no longer be representative of dualism but also of non-dualism, we will be whole again within all our senses.  Basically we will bring the messiah in all of us forth in plain view.    

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