Friday, 7 October 2016

Lemurian and Atlantean Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

What can I say about what is going on in the world at present, it's bewildering in that it's perplexing and confusing, the world is overly complicated and it's becoming more complicated, this is too obvious. People like myself are utterly bewildered in what is going on at present, this is all due to being aware to our own past history and lives lived. The same mentality expressed thousands of years ago, is still being expressed today, Atlanta and Lemuria (Mu), in the antediluvian period, is a good example of this. There is a huge difference between these two consciousness's of Atlanta and Lemuria, this difference still exists today. The difference can make a person with a Lemurian consciousness feel awkward and uneasy in our present situation on Earth, this is because the Atlantean consciousness is once again in full swing in taking control of everything.

The difference between the Atlantean and Lemurian consciousness is interesting. Even though Atlanta was a mix of consciousness's, there was always two particular consciousness that dominated all other consciousness under it's control in Atlanta. Basically, all other consciousness's became a slave to these two consciousness's, when you research this, you find this is once again occurring today.

If you are feeling uneasy, frustrated, concerned or bewildered, you have a good reason to as the past is reoccurring. Don't be too concerned about feeling like this, it's actually a good sign that you are not once again apart of a destructive consciousness, actually, the more you feel like this, the bigger the possibility you are not expressive or of an Atlantean consciousness. Don't get me wrong here, Atlantean consciousness wasn't always this destructive but it was always different to Lemurian consciousness.

The difference between these two distinct consciousness's, lies in that Atlantean consciousness is, not was, predominantly influenced by two consciousness's where Lemurian consciousness is influenced by numerous consciousness's, no consciousness being predominantly influential than another over another. Basically, all consciousness, no matter how advanced they were, were accepted as equal to each other, this has never been the case for Atlantean consciousness.

There is also another main difference between these two kinds of consciousness. Atlantean consciousness is wholly based on consciousness's of the universe, however, Lemurian consciousness is also of consciousness's beyond the universe. This is significant because all consciousness's that were created at the time of the universe, also reflect the destructive tendencies of the universe. Liken this to a DNA strand, Atlantean consciousness is predominantly influenced by this destructive DNA strand, however, Lemurian consciousness is predominantly influenced by a constructive DNA strand and yes, this is why some of us feel we no longer belong. So if you feel you no longer belong, there is a good reason for this but this is a good sign, albeit as uncomfortable as it is.

At present in the world, we have two distinct consciousness's taking control of the world, there not trying to take control, they are taking control. Every other consciousness will end up serving these two distinct consciousness's. Once you do a little research, one of these consciousness's is obvious but the other isn't. No, the United States of America isn't one of the consciousness's, as of many countries in the world today, the Unites States is being used and is but a servant to these two consciousness's which are distinctly Atlantean. The United States however seems to be the main source of control for these two Atlantean consciousness's, it was once Great Britain.

The other consciousness is hidden to the masses, as of the Atlanta itself, one consciousness is apparent where the other consciousness is still hidden or obscured by deception. This hidden consciousness isn't of a country of people, it's of an ancient  consciousness that is primarily of secrecy and control. The main goal of this consciousness is to take control to secure this kind of consciousness from another consciousness overseeing it.

Now Atlanta welcomed other influences from other consciousness's, you could relate this to creating multicultural countries as we see today in the world. Atlanta did become a multi-conscious (cultural) state, this however was implemented to primarily serve the purpose of these two consciousness's in numerous ways. We might also say this of Lemuria as Lemuria was also multi-conscious (cultural), however, the Lemurian consciousness was not based on control and destruction, quite the opposite.

You could say that Atlantean consciousness is yin and Lemurian consciousness is yang, one being constructive the other destructive. In one sense this is true, it's quite obvious one kind of consciousness is destructive, even onto itself, and the other isn't, however, Lemurian consciousness was of both destructive and constructive consciousness, basically, Lemurian consciousness was accepting of both yin and yang and equally, Lemurian consciousness in perfect balance. Of course again you have a consciousness of perfect balance and acceptance (yang) and an imbalanced consciousness that isn't accepting (yin), particularly of other consciousness's.

It's also quite apparent that Atlantean consciousness is based on fear, for example, a fear of their own consciousness being overseen by another consciousness. Lemurian consciousness is not based on fear, quite the opposite for an example, Lemurian consciousness is quite accepting of being overseen by Atlantean consciousness, basically, Lemurian consciousness will humble itself even to the point of being a servant to another consciousness such as Atlantean consciousness. This fearlessness can however be Lemurian's consciousness downfall once again. In dealing with a destructive consciousness, you need a balance between fear and fearlessness. As I have written a number of times before, fear can be highly constructive and fearlessness can be highly destructive, this is apparent in regards to Lemuria and Atlantis.

We might think Lemuria (Mu) and Atlantis are fantasies or fallacies of old fables, think again, spectacles lenes were found in an environment carbine dated over 2000 years old. A high tensile steel hammer was also found in a rock carbine dated over 100 million years old.      

There is nothing new including the mentality we are presently expressing, however, the Mayans have predicted a never before experienced conscious change by human consciousness, this possibly means that we will evolve from Atlantean consciousness altogether. You must also be aware that this new conscious change will be very subtle due to the nature of the consciousness. We are conditioned to conscious changes being obvious within it's actions, it usually quite harsh, this isn't going to be the case with this present conscious change. All this means is this conscious change will most likely be unnoticeable for a lot of people, however, anyone of a Lemurian consciousness, will feel the consequences of their own conscious detachment from Atlantean consciousness.


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