Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Love Brings Peace to the World??

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was recently invited to join a Google community titled, "The Peace Makers", I immediately posted the following. Before I get into this, ask yourself, can you bring the love back within a family in discord before creating peace first?  The world in discord around us is no different.  


I'm not sure what anyone else thinks on here but I think we need to focus more on peace than love. 

Love is too ambiguous because it could also mean the love of greed, love of killing, love of abuse, love of pain. Love, for a lot of people, relates to pain where's peace relates to what it directly states.

Isn't peace the result of love?

My Reply
Not at all, the need for peace automatically creates love within the action of peace, however, love does not automatically bring peace within itself.

Let's say I love to dominate my wife, where is the peace in that?

Let's say I love being a warrior? Where is the peace in that?

Now, if a husband who loves to dominate, dominate when in peace?

Can a warrior still love being a warrior when in peace?

There are many people in the world who love raping children, what kind of peace has this created?

How many people love the feel of power and controlling others, is this automatically creating peace? Quite the opposite of course.

Don't make the mistake and think this kind of love isn't as passionate as a truer sense of love, in actuality it's more potent and life changing mainly because we exist in a 3rd dimension. This kind of passionate love is about a huge amount of motion, the 3rd dimension is primarily of motion, this is why this kind of passionate love has always dominated us in the 3rd dimension.

Can we sit and just pray for love and peace within a 3rd dimension primarily of motion? The answer to this question is obvious.

To bring peace to the world, we need to stop thinking love will bring peace to the world when only a true sense of peace will bring love to the world.

Please don't be offended by my way of perceiving, it's too obvious to me that love does not automatically bring peace but peace automatically brings love. In all, we need to focus more on peace than love, especially considering love will come automatically in the
expression of the motion of peace.

The essence of love is peace in it's purest form. Thanks for this thought provoking post.+Mathew Naismith
My Reply
Very well stated, too many people think the other way around, "the essence of peace is love in it's purest form". There is a huge different especially considering that love within it's motion is ambiguous to say the least. Peace automatically creates love, love does not automatically create peace.                 

Thank you for the invitation! I am at peace with all things around me through my acceptance of those things around me! 

My Reply
Indeed , it's all about peace bringing love to the world, not love bringing peace to the world especially when we consider that many people have a passionate love of power and money over peace.

I also posted the following on this community

What brought around the protesting of the Vietnam war? Most people would state love and then peace when it was the other way around. War brought a need for peace that then created a sense of love, it was a need of peace that automatically created love, not the other way around.

What occurred when the soldiers came home from the Vietnam war, the people who put love before peace abused these soldiers, however, the people who put peace before love, didn't abuse these soldiers, the reason lies in that peace before love, this allows peace to automatically create love. Within this motion, the sense of love is more sincere. These so called loving peaceful people who attacked these soldiers, loved hating war/conflict, of course this love created conflict not peace and love. We are once again making the same old mistakes, how many times have I been attacked by these so called loving people?


We exist within a dimension that is primarily about motion, this means for any true and real change to take effect, a lot of motion needs to be expressed. We are not going to make any real changes while sitting around praying, chanting, meditating, for love and peace. This would be fine if we existed in a dimension that is far less about motion but we don't.  Consider this, how long would have the Vietnam war continued for if we all just sat around praying for peace? The Vietnam war ended when it did because people of peace and love took action, they expressed a surmountable amount of motion. I used the word surmountable here for a very good reason.

We also have the idea that the one hundred (100) monkey theory will work as well, peace and love starts from one and eventually a hundred, it will then overcome all other motions and expressions. If we were all monkeys this would fine as it did for one monkey starting off cleaning sweet potatoes, but were not, we have a huge amount of controlling egos to contend with. You might have a hundred monkeys that are of peace and love, but in opposition, you also have another thousand monkeys for every hundred monkeys.

Consider this, if all these monkey's did was sit and think/pray of cleaning these potatoes, would have the chain reaction of cleaning these potatoes started? For some reason a self-proclaimed intelligent consciousness thinks it would have!!

However in saying all this, motion creates more motion but it's all to do in how we express motion that makes the difference. Could you imagine if the people protesting about the Vietnam war tried to create peace from love, no amount of this kind of motion would have worked. If it wouldn't have worked then, why would it work now, considering we are still existing in a 3rd dimension that is highly motional?

It's obvious it's not working, how many people are in protest about what is occurring in Palestine at this very moment? Where is the true sense of love here? It just doesn't exist because love is primarily put before peace, basically, love is meant to create peace, it is quite obvious this isn't or going to occur for reasons already mentioned in this post.

How many people in the world were deplored over the Chinese running over their own people in tanks? Basically the whole world, now how many people are deplored about far more horrific events occurring in Palestine but by another conquering race of people? So where is this peace that was created from love, it just doesn't exist because peace naturally creates love, not the other way around.

There is supposed to be all these people talking and expressing unconditional love, it's really a huge laugh and totally fake/false when you consider the outrage of the Chinese incident, that lasted a very short time, compared the what is and has been occurring in Palestine for some years now. How many conditions are put on this so called unconditional love? Insurmountable, this is proven within it's own actions and responses.

Now consider this, would this unconditional love be obvious within it's falseness if this love was created from peace in the first place? It's very unlikely because peace isn't ambiguous like love is. Peace has no boundaries or biases but love obviously does, it's peace that creates unconditional love, not love that creates unconditional love, this is very obvious within it's present expressions.

The discussion on this community is continuing, the following is in response from me to further replies from other people.  


So what you are saying that someone who is not peaceful within, can express a true sense of love to create peace within, very unlikely.

A true sense of love can only be felt when in peace in some sense, it's this peace within that determines the love we express, not the other way around as you are clearly stating.

This is exactly why we see people chopping off heads who have a love of their beliefs, this is a true sense of love if you like to believe it or not. Are you going to judge otherwise? Good luck with this because all this kind of judgement will do is cause more conflict, not less.

Get rid of the peace within side you and see how much love you have left......I worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, once you bring peace back within a family unit, love usually automatically is recreated but you think otherwise. Try bringing love within a family of discord before creating peace.

Love clearly does not come before peace, this is evident but so many people think otherwise and we wonder why the world is getting worse!!.


For anyone interested, here is the address for the peace makers Google community. 

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