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The Vastness of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

If man's consciousness existed for a billion years, it would be like a grain of sand upon a beach compared to consciousness as a whole. This is how vast consciousness is and how small man's consciousness is no matter how long he's consciousness existed for......

Man's consciousness could exist for a trillion years and still be but a grain of sand on a beach compared to infinite consciousness. Put it this way, if we fell asleep for five seconds and awaken from this sleep, how significant would this five seconds be to an average persons life? It wouldn't be, this is a real depiction of man's consciousness as a whole, it's minute compared to our whole being, infinite consciousness itself.     

I will now share a couple of conversations I had with Eddie Lau and Meda Raveendra Reddy Foundation to hopefully get a better depiction of the vastness of consciousness itself.  

Delusions from our greed(pulling) and hatred(aversion/pushing) movement at once is the cause of our separations of inner and outer. They are actually one whole truth without boundary when we really see. Whatever we perceive from the outside are the reflections of ourselves when there is no movement at all. The separation/fragmentation begins the moment we moved mentally/physically. We are limitless when we are not.

My Reply:
Utterly so in my mind, boundaries are created when we exist by the finite as opposed to the infinite.

We might perceive that the infinite is more of motion than the finite but this isn't so, the infinite is motionless as it has no purpose to go from one point to another for all points are within the same such.

We often look at the infinite as being more of motion because it's seemingly infinite therefore always of motion, however, there is no actual space within the infinite for motion to exist I feel for there is no need of space and time within the infinite.

The strange thing is, the infinite is only infinite while consciousnesses is being expressed as motion in the finite, it's actually the finite that gives the infinite it's endless boundaries.

As you said, they are one whole truth without boundaries, boundaries are actually an illusion, however, without these boundaries, there is no infinite for the finite and the infinite are one of the same thing.

Boundaries and limitations define the infinite unless we are too caught up in the illusion. Strangely enough, illusions are necessary for us, that's why they exist but we need to be aware of this otherwise the infinite won't exist for us, this is often highly destructive.

An example of this is in the way we use energy, we use energy as a finite source which can be highly destructive. Using energy as a infinite source actually works in the opposite, it's highly constructive. We see energy as being created and destroyed in a reality of the finite, a starting and ending point or origin. An infinite reality sees energy as being always there, this means consciousness within such an infinite reality will only use an energy source that has no starting or ending point of origin, within this, there is no destruction.

Science know you can't destroy energy as energy itself is infinite, however, what energy creates isn't infinite, it's finite, of motion. All motion is of the finite where's all motionlessness is of the infinite.

Return Reply:
We are indeed the energy now transforming from a form to another ceaselessly. 

Our outer environment and its consciousness exists every where. But what we can perceive is only what is possible for our consciousness. What is un-consciousness? some thing we are not conscious of it. When we are aware of it, then it becomes part of our consciousness. So, it is our consciousness which I think you are referring to inner conciseness keep on expanding. to say it is infinite, I am not sure if it is the right word to use. May be it is expandable but always have its limits.

My Reply:
Meda Raveendra Reddy Foundation As I will explain in my next post, consciousness refers to motion, all motion is of this expansion, the finite, but is also of the infinite as in forever expanding.

Expansion actually infers finite and infinite for any consciousness to expand, it also needs limitations, boundaries. 

Is therefore motionlessness (timelessness) this un-conscious? 

I think this un-consciousness doesn't exist for it's not of any kind of energy, it can only exist within a consciousness which makes it a creation of consciousness to start with. So yes you are right, this ever expandable (infinite) consciousness has it's limitations. 

The yin can't exist without the yang, does this mean consciousness can't exist without the un-conscious as well? The yin can't exist without the yang for without the yin the yang has nothing to compare it's existence with. Consciously speaking, the un-conscious has to exist to prove that consciousnesses also exists!! A paradox as always but quite comprehensible.

Finite = time + consciousness + space + motion + limitations + energy

Infinite = timelessness + non-consciousness + no space + motionlessness + unlimited + energy

Time and space: It's understandable that time and space are of the finite, what's interesting is that there are numerous, and yes, infinite starting and ending points within time itself, therefore in reality, time is an expression of the infinite as well as the finite.

Non-consciousness: Now the question of an existence of a non-consciousness is questionable, for a non-consciousness to exist, this non-consciousness needs a consciousness to realise this non-consciousness exists in the first place, basically, the yin needs the yang to exist and visa-versa.

Is there a nothingness of non-consciousness? I believe so but it can't be put into words or explained in any sense for it's non-consciousness, to put it into words would be of consciousness, once you do this, you are no longer speaking of a non-consciousness. This non-consciousness is more of a feeling than anything, it's certainly not a knowing for to know denotes a consciousness.

Motion/Motionlessness: Motion is of time and space therefore is of the finite for motion depicts a starting and ending point. Motionlessness however is of no time or space therefore is of the infinite as there is no starting or ending point of existence, no life or death.

Limitation/Unlimited: Because there are starting and ending points in time, these starting and ending points limit a consciousness to the finite. An unlimited consciousness however  is infinite because there are no limitations to a consciousness that has no boundaries unlike a consciousness within time. A state of timelessness allows a consciousness to express itself beyond the boundaries of time void of starting an ending points.                     

Energy; refers to both the infinite and the finite for all expressions in time are due to the infinite. Look at it like this, a motion picture has various frames that make up a motion picture, basically each separate frame of the picture film make up a motion picture by putting each frame into motion in realities of the finite. The infinite doesn't work like this, it sees all of the motion picture film as one frame, a collective picture or one picture, not many. This one picture frame, even though it's motionless, is still a depiction of an energy source otherwise the frame of the picture film wouldn't and couldn't exist.

Finite = separate frames put into motion as one picture film in motion, this can only occur in time based realities.

Infinite = all the separate frames are in one frame which is motionless, there is no motion in the infinite so no motion occurs. This means timelessness is a depiction of one still picture frame while showing the whole collective picture film simultaneously. You can see why an infinite consciousness is so aware, it is aware of the whole picture all of the times.      

Now I've put non-consciousness with energy while stating that this non-consciousness isn't an energy source. The reason for this is to do with the only way to become aware of this non-consciousness, is through the infinite, a state of timelessness, this is the only state that you will become aware of this non-consciousness. The infinite still denotes a consciousness but only through this timeless, motionless consciousness. The infinite and non-consciousness are certainly closely interlinked.

Consciousness as a whole is certainly vast and quite incomprehensible at times because of it's massiveness, the strange thing is, this whole collective consciousness is actually quite minute/tiny for only in motion is anything massive and sizeable, this is because motion expands on this motionless consciousness through it's expressions. Anything of this motionless consciousness expressed, automatically becomes larger but only in time.     

I'm sorry if I haven't explained myself very well here, it's a very difficult topic to comprehend at the best of times.   

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