Monday, 4 April 2016

And The Truth Is??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Who knows what the absolute truth is, what I do know is that the human psyche will only comprehend what it is conditioned to comprehend, meaning, the real truth could present itself without people knowing anything about it. It's strange to think that we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to the point that the truth is no longer comprehensible to us, the truth is, this is the truth. If our perception is limited to certain perceptions, how is our psyche going to be able to accept the truth in any other form? It simply won't because it's no longer able to once we fixate ourselves to certain perceptions.

I had an email sent to me recently that was in reference to the terrorism going on in the world today, even though it made sense to a certain degree, I was utterly flabbergasted (bewildered) that so many people of European descent could endorse such an email. My response to this was as follow.

Put simply, I'm not into any kind of terrorizing act what so ever, this is because any kind of terrorism is usually destructive, do we really need more people expressing a destructive mentality? If we are serious in bettering our existence, endorsing such an obvious destructive mentality isn't going to help in bettering our existence. I am comfortable is stating this is the truth.

So to date, all terrorizing acts have been carried out by Muslims, any person of European   descent who knows a little about human history, should be aware that this statement alone isn't correct by a long shot. Our present history even tells us this statement is purely based on a destructive mentality. Any kind of mentality that is based on a obvious destructive mentality, is to me capable of terrorizing people, basically, conditioning people to express destructive tendencies. All that fear will create is more of what we are experiencing at present.

I'm certainly an advocate of expressing less motion thus lessening the ripple effect or put in another way, I'm not into the push and pull effect, pull something in to push something else out. This to a lot of people would seem like a contradictory statement for me to make, often are my topics controversial to start with thus usually creating a lot of motion and emotions.

This post, as of many of my posts are, based on a balanced mentality, I often give an unbiased perspective or a different perception other than what is accepted by the norm, the majority or people. My perceptions and perspectives usually give a balanced view, within this balance itself, there is little motion, however, because my perceptions and perspectives are unaccepted or incomprehensible for reasons already discussed, it's the reaction to my views that create so much motion. No matter how you express motion, any kind of motion will create even more motion.

Yes, even an expression of balance will create retaliative responses thus creating even more motion, this motion is usually brought about by a consciousness that is no longer conditioned to balance but an imbalance. If all you know and comprehend is imbalance, how is this kind of consciousness going to respond to a balanced perspective? It's going to retaliate only because imbalance is all about covering up the truth with lies and deceit.

Balance = truth the way it really is + creating a constructive mentality

Imbalance = lies and deceit + creating a destructive mentality

Parts of this email were highly partial, meaning, they gave an obvious biased view, any kind of bias view is usually created from lies and deceit thus creating an even more destructive mentality. 

It's got me totally flabbergasted in what we are doing, we want the best but we continue to express an obvious destructive mentality that is obviously imbalanced. It would seem people like me who try to express unbiased balanced views, are adding to the motions that are at present being expressed!!

Initially, it's expected any kind of motion that is balanced, will cause an imbalanced conciseness to react, this should always be expected. We expect an imbalanced consciousness to comprehend us, but we give no thought to comprehending where an imbalanced consciousness is coming at. It's by no way easy for a collective or singular consciousness, that is conditioned to an imbalanced mentality, to comprehend and accept a balanced mentality in place of their own, especially instantly. We need to be patient.....

A true balanced psyche will show patience for only in a balance mentality can we create patience......patience by the way takes a mentality to be balanced to create in the first place!!   


  1. I am not certain there is an absolute truth. I believe that depending on the person, the truth (loosely used here) will vary not only due to life conditioning but also where they may be in both their physical growth as well as where they are in their spiritual growth.Truth is subjective to the person. One person may say." That tree is wonderful. It is beautiful, it cleans our air." while another person might be highly allergic to the pollen the tree produces and become very ill. This is just a loose example of how one persons truth might not be another ones truth.
    Patience is a virtue often learned over a lifetime. I have a 1 year old great granddaughter. She is so full of life. Everything is exciting and interesting to her. With that excitement and interest comes absolute joy. No matter what new thing she finds that interest her, it makes her happy, that is until she becomes interested in something that may harm her and you have to tell her no. In an instant her whole world falls apart, she is heart broken, Whether this be from not being able to do what may harm her or because the people she loves and trust are no longer being patient and refusing to let her do as she wants. Then we hug and kiss her and try to tell her why she can't do it knowing she doesn't understand and she is happy again. Did our actions create balance or imbalance in her. It kept her from physical harm but what will be the long lasting effects from this and a million other things that might happen to her in her lifetime. Balance and Imbalance is something we , I believe, struggle with most of our lives. Are we nurturing balance in a 1 year old by allowing her to explore everything she wishes then suddenly saying you can't do that. In her mind I am sure she doesn't understand , it will hurt you. I am sure I am rambling here because I have said before I am not a writer. I do know that as hard as I try there are times I am more balanced than others despite meditation each day, a vegetarian diet, and regular exercise, all of which I consider important to staying balanced. My granddaughter says I have the patience of a saint when it comes to dealing with my great granddaughter. I know part of what looks like patience is me putting the needs of my great granddaughter above my own .No person or group of people are absolutely good or bad in my opinion. Just because a terrorist kills a lot of people does not mean there is not good in that person just as a priest or any other person perceived as good may have bad in him. Even the earth itself shows chaos and balance in the cycles it goes through. I guess what I am saying is I am not sure a balanced psyche will always show patience. I think our mentality is an ebb and flow just like the cycles of the earth. While we make think we are balanced there are times when were not and there are also times we are not patient no matter where our psyche may be.

    1. I agree, being that consciousness is infinite, how would any consciousnesses perceive an absolute when there are no limitations to consciousness itself? Being that there is no starting or ending point in timelessness, only infinite being, where is the absolute within this infinite being? Only in time can an absolute exist, however, when you consider that time is limiting to the finite, how could an absolute truly exist even in time when it's limited?

      Time itself isn't an illusion, as there is no starting or ending point of time itself, however, many of our perceptions in time are. The truth is, consciousness has too many variables to track down as absolute truths.

      As I feel you have stated here, patience is balance, we have patience with a 1 year old, this is until they become imbalanced within their own actions, however we are still showing patience in explaining the why and why not's. I think our own patience has got to change with the flow of others, to keep them in a balanced environment.

      The thing is, isn't a true sense of balance being balanced one moment and imbalanced in another moment? The big picture shows us we need to be also imbalanced to give us a true sense of balance, balance imbalance = yin and yang of equal value. This means not allowing a child to do EVERYTHING they like, is a truer sense of balance which takes huge amounts of patience.

      If the psyche only has patience in balance, it's not a true sense of balance without imbalance, it's like the psyche saying that without the yin, the yang is in balance. When a psyche understands a truer sense of balance by showing patience and acceptance with being also imbalanced, this is a psyche expressing a truer sense of balance.

      Any psyche that believes that only having balance within there lives is a truer form of balance, isn't an indication of a truer sense of balance. A truly balanced psyche has patience with the imbalances of life as well, the yin as well as the yang.

    2. I guess I am doing pretty good then LOL.:)

    3. It certainly seems so Marsa, not many people are able to truly reach this state.