Friday, 7 August 2015

Can We Truly Trust Our Soul??

Written by Mathew Naismith

As I wrote in my last post, the soul can also accrue conditions that need healing very much like the human self, this is due to the soul becoming too fixated to mortal existences.

Recently on a discussion board, I posted the following quote of mine,” A true spiritual path is a quietened path for only in our quietness can we observe!! Some people disagreed with this quote and stated a true spiritual path can only be followed if the soul is guiding us. My query with this is, what if this soul is as fixated to mortal existences as much as the human self through accrued conditions that stop a soul from following their souls chosen path?  The following was the reply I gave on this discussion.                          

A quietened path allows one to observe and become aware through such observations instead of just participating. The soul, through lack of observational skills, can become just as unobservant than the human self, this often leads to chaos.

This happens when the soul becomes just  as fixated to mortal existences than the human self, in this case, it’s advisable to follow the path of  your immortal self, in other words the spirit of the soul, there is a difference but only when the soul becomes fixated to mortal existences.

I’ve actually come across souls, that have no physical body or mind, who have such fixations that blind them to their truer existence and path.

Should we follow the guidance of a soul that is just as fixated to mortal existence than the human self?  This actually occurs and I think it’s something we need to be aware of .

Are we following our true path if the guidance of a soul is only fixated to mortal existences?  It would seem not, not in a lot of cases, this is because the soul can be tricked onto a path not of their own souls choosing but of other souls choosing. I’ve experienced this first and  I know it happens. This again is worth being aware of.

If our soul is no longer being the observer and the participator because of  accrued fixations, can we trust our souls to guide us on our chosen path?

It’s apparent to me we can be influenced to follow other souls paths other than our own even at the soul level, once the soul stops being the observer, it’s becomes less aware and vulnerable to other influences. We are the same at the human level, as soon as we loose direction, we make ourselves vulnerable to other influences which can lead us off our own chosen path.  War is a good example of this, how many people who go to war actually want to die for their country? To do this, they have left a previous existence, a previous path somewhat different to dying for one’s country.

The soul is only as good as it’s aware and it’s only as aware to the degree of observation, once this observation is hindered by fixations to mortal existences, it becomes less aware and more vulnerable to other influences.

I was myself extremely vulnerable when I lost direction at certain times in my life, this was all due to me becoming more of a  participator than an observer. At any time I could have been killed which would have drastically changed my chosen path. Because of my connection, I put myself in great peril. No chosen path is set in concrete, in other words, if we allow, our path can be altered by other influences around us but only if we are unaware.

Yes, some people paths will lead them to die for their country or a path  changed by other influences in other ways, this is inevitable, but not all paths are meant to go this way. The more vulnerable we make ourselves to the soul that is fixated to mortal existences and consequence accrued conditions, the more vulnerable we are to other influences that will try to change our chosen path.

If we are in ourselves, at the human level, being an observer as well as a participator, it’s unlikely your soul isn’t doing the same, in this case it’s worth being guided by your soul. If however we are just going along with everyone and only participating, it’s likely your soul is doing the same but not necessarily. Some souls choose to be the observer while allowing the human self only be a participator, this however leaves you open to vulnerabilities which may or may not be a part of your chosen path. In this case, the human self is unlikely to listen to the soul when the human self becomes too fixated to mortal existences.

By allowing your human self to become aware of being an observer, will allow one to become more in tune with their soul. Learning to become an observer can even change a soul fixated to mortal existences to also become once again an observer. Once a soul becomes an observer again, it can then be trusted to once again be our guide on our chosen path. I do think that is why we have (automatically) created so much chaos, our souls have become fixated and tainted by accrued conditions brought about by these fixations to mortal existences. Even if our souls weren’t tainted by these conditions, we are still not listening to our souls at the human level.  

I should also point out here, it’s worth becoming aware of beyond the soul to the spirit of the soul, the spirit of the soul being only of immortal existence (consciousness itself). This is due to the  spirit being unable to become fixated to anything of what is mortal, this includes any accrued conditions created by mortal existences, in other words the spirit is more purer within it’s consciousness. Could you imagine the kind of reality this would create, it’s very much a possibility!! 

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