Sunday, 4 January 2015

Spirituality and Passive Intentions

Written by Mathew Naismith

As you will notice in this post, there is a big difference between passive and active intentions, there’s quite a noticeable difference of consensus of being passive to being active within our intentions within spirituality, should or shouldn’t we be passive within our intentions while becoming spiritually aware?

I did something quite different with this post, I usually just allow my writing to flow without prior knowledge of what I’m going to write about, I don’t usually research up on material , prior to writing ,because I don’t usually know what the topic is really going to be about, this post was different.  My little voice said, “You need to research this first to give a more humanly balanced view”, I can certainly see why now, the consensus between various people within spiritually is quite different in relation to using active and passive intentions.

The bellow information should give a good understanding of the different views on using passive or active intentions while becoming spiritually aware; it’s truly up to the individual how one wants to become aware.  This post however is about passive intentions; I will therefore state why passive intentions to me seem a much wiser way to go while becoming spiritually aware.     

Extract: We can create intentions for our life, for chapters of our life and for small segments of our life.
We can create intentions for our day, for the next hour, for the week, for a project, for an endeavor or activity. When we create intention, our thinking process is taking charge of the direction of our energy and events fall into place to support that intention. Without intention, we become passive victims of other's intentions. In fact, "no intention" does not really exist. When there is no conscious intention, we default to the unconscious intention to "experience a random life, carried by the currents that others have set in motion."

Extract: Take a back seat. Just watch your life, your energy, your body… then follow the subtle hints and currents, coming from the core of your being.  Let the subtle pressure from your inner depths move first, and follow softly, attentively, spontaneously.  In this way – stay content.  Let your spirit be the horse, and both the mind and the body – the carriage. Surrender the responsibility of living to your higher self and discover the room and freedom that this affords.

Active intention certainly gives us more control and power and certainly lessons the influence of other people’s intention upon us without a doubt; there is however a slight draw back to becoming aware in this way. The religious Dark Ages came about through the exact same way and we know how destructive this age became.

There was an active intention to spread the word of God, to do this they needed to take control which empowered them to be firmly and decisively become active within their intentions. We could say that the new age spirituality today isn’t like this within it’s active intentions, it’s just about self-improvement. The religious Dark Ages were also about self-improvement through the word of God, what is happening in particular in the Middle East at present? Religious extremists are using active intentions to empower themselves for self-improvement.

Another reason why I don’t think active intentions belong in spirituality is to do with the push and pull effect, endlessly pulling something in to push something away causing us a never ending cycle of cause and effect. Active intentions are decisive, they have a preconceived view, this to me isn’t going with the flow but very much against it.

We don’t get this with passive intentions because there is no decisiveness within our actions, actually there is very little action. I think the last link explains how passive intentions actually work unlike the first two links. I should say at this point that there is more info on the net to becoming active within our intentions than passive within our intentions; this I believe is because we are living in a very active time period, to do anything we need to be decisive. This I believe is influencing us to become more decisively active within our intentions instead of becoming passive within our intentions.

To me spirituality isn’t about decisive perceptions of intentions, it’s about sitting in the back seat and becoming the observer and going with the flow not against it.

The most memorable life changing experiences I have had have been through just going with the flow, not having any preconceived ideas through active intentions. By doing this we can experience things we couldn’t even imagine however, through preconceived active intentions we will only experience what we expect to experience nothing more unless our guides somehow manage to influence us through these preconceived ideas of ours.  

My wife is a good example of this. My wife at one time had really serious back pain; she was in traction in hospital, at her worst point she had a vivid vision of herself falling down inside a pyramid and all she did to arrest the fall was to grasp on the sides of the pyramid. When she did this the sides of the pyramid tore, it was made of paper, as soon as the paper tore a bright light shone in on her and all of a sudden she felt instant physical relief.  You could say the doctors gave her something strong to relieve the pain but that wasn’t the case, all she had at that stage was Panadol and muscle relaxants.

This experience was quite life changing for my wife, she had no preconceived ideas of intentions, if she did; my wife might have kept falling.

Physical pain can actually stop us from having any preconceived ideas of intentions; it’s like focusing on one point, like our breathing for example while going into meditation, we actually lose our intentions not gain them within this focus. Yes we have an intention to focus while going into a meditative state but it’s very passive.

I can certainly see why so many people are into active intentions but I can also see why so many are into passive intentions as well.  For me it’s passive intentions, mainly because I don’t think active intentions belong within spirituality for the reasons already given, active intentions are too preconceived and controlling for me, I just love going within the flow instead of against it.        

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