Thursday, 10 July 2014

Spirituality v Psychology/Science?

Written by Mathew Naismith

We can quite easily judge that spirituality is in opposition to the sciences, even though many of the ancient eastern religions also incorporated science within their religion to one extent or another,  so really spirituality should not be seen as in opposition to the science but it is by many today.  The strange thing is both spirituality and the sciences are about awareness so what’s the problem?

Because I am also into the sciences, like psychology for instance, this to a spiritually aware person seems contradictory for the main reason a psychologist uses the mind to think more not less plus a psychologist has to judge to evaluate. The psychology I am into is to do with analysis not the therapy side of psychology which is all about evaluating and judging, so doesn’t this clash with my spiritual perspectives?

If I was to sit there and judge that I am thinking too much then I would be thinking too much, we need to be careful in how we judge, is it wrong to be spiritually aware and have an interest in the sciences?  To a true spiritually aware person who believes one should not judge a wrong or right there could be no wrong in this even though I am thinking more while using psychology.  The point is it’s not how much we are thinking but how we are thinking!!

Scientist have proven, even under the most deepest meditative states, we still have brain activity but this activity is different to thinking scientifically, when we think scientifically we use the brain differently to being in a meditative state.  It all comes down to how we are using the brain not how much we are using the brain.  Being spiritually aware, am I going to judge thinking too much is wrong? If I did judge this wrong or negative in some way I would be a hypocrite so what is so wrong in thinking period and when do I judge when I am thinking too much?  Actually there is no such thing in thinking too much, especially to a spiritually aware person because they can’t judge accordingly.

The reason my science interests don’t always interfere with my spiritual interests is one, I don’t judge when I’m thinking too much and two, when I judge at times I don’t judge  a right or wrong, if I was to judge a right or wrong then I would  be judgmental  within my opinions which does happen at times.  Being in judgement is only an observation like when a spiritually aware person judges when they or someone else is thinking too much.  Being judgemental on the other hand would be like a spiritually aware person judging a right or wrong of thinking too much.  

To me it comes down to how we think not how much we think but of course to a science minded person they would judgmentally see the lack of thought as being so and so, in other words wrong or negative in some way however to a spiritually aware person thinking too much can be seen as negative or wrong in some way. To me it really doesn’t come down to how much we think but how we think but I suppose I could be wrong!!!!! 

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