Thursday, 15 August 2013

Faith, Mysticism & Philosophy to Science pt2

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would share a few comments from a post titled Faith, Mysticism & Philosophy to Science from Google community.

From Pedro

I don't think an atheist would have just flat-out reject fire. I believe that one such man/woman would simply conclude that he/she has no way of explaining the phenomenon.

Now, something that is a very common theme in all of humanity is our inward instinct to want to know everything. Our brain, by its nature, doesn't like not knowing everything. If we can't deduce a plausible solution, we make one up.

Besides, as a caveman/woman, I would just be thankful that the fire existed, because our ability to control fire is what led us to become what we are today.

G’day Perdro

So what's the difference between fire & God or faith? Atheists don't accept there being a God so with the same logic they wouldn't accept fire either, they couldn't if they used the same logical thinking process, it's logically impossible. 

What they did use was faith, faith within the fire without being able to logically understand how it was & how it worked so what's the difference between that & a God or faith of today?

I'm a spiritually aware agnostic if I was going to give what I believe a label which makes me a little more open minded to different perceptions than most atheists so I can open my mind up to more possibilities than a closed minded atheists obviously.

From Ben

Logic points to people creating religion to explain what they don't understand. I don't see how an atheist caveman's reaction to fire has any connection. I'm sure the caveman(atheist or theist) would think fire was magic and would keep a cautious distance. Maybe they might think it's a message from a higher life form. Again, logic points to magic being the answer when the answer is unclear. Some of us will reserve judgement until more facts are in... Others will blindly cling to the first answer they hear. 

G’day Ben

We don't understand the human brain to it's fullest extent but that's not of religion & neither is the universe because we can't even agree in how it was first created & what about everything else we don't understand about it.

If we used the same logical deductive reasoning that atheists use today that we have with God or faith the cave man fire wouldn't exist but it does obviously because we can see it but an atheists couldn't accept this because it's not of any logic within their awareness or knowing. This same concept is used to formulate an idea that God can't exist or that faith is delusional today.

God or what I call consciousness collectively or not is like the fire, it exists because we exist, in other words we are proof of a creative consciousness or God exists, just because we can't logically give it definition yet doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

A thousand years ago there was no way we could ever take flight because that was logically impossible at the time. Logic changes with our conscious awareness however some logic like atheist logic hasn't by the looks of it.  If it's not logical at the time it can never exist, strange atheist concepts I have to admit however the concepts of agnosticism are quite different.  

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