Friday, 24 May 2013

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.5

Written by Mathew Naismith

God’s Acceptance:  Let me ask a question here, is the creator or creative consciousness fully accepting or non-accepting of everything? It of course would have to be all accepting so why aren’t we? Recently I had a reply to my concept of acceptance of all which said that one can’t be accepting of other spiritual ideologies because of their own beliefs in their own ideologies so there is always going to be some sort of divide between different ideologies.  What this is saying, because of our own ideologies conflicts between different ideological beliefs are going to continue no matter what.

As previously stated on this subject, one must first distant oneself from past ideologies to allow the concept of acceptance to fully take place before & during our process of becoming aware through various chosen methods. It’s these ideologies that are clouding our true existence by rejecting or refusing to acknowledge all ideologies to one extent or another.  To reject any other form of ideology other than your own is conflictive & non-accepting. Of course by accepting another ideology one doesn’t have to take on that ideology as well it just means one should become accepting of other ideologies & not dogmatically just following our own ideologies as being the only ideology everyone should follow, this isn’t of God is it?

What this is saying if anyone is fixated on one ideology & is non-accepting of other ideologies they are no closer to the creator than if they had no ideology because the creator is of all consciousness therefore is all accepting of itself with no conflicts towards any ideology, it is all of these ideologies otherwise they wouldn’t exist.  What have humans consistently done throughout history?  Conflicted with other ideologies spiritual & otherwise & we have always been in conflict because of why? Different ideological belief systems but does the creator have this problem?

religiousReligious within Our Religion: Religion refers to belief in anything like political preference or a belief that my race is better than yours & so forth, religious convictions to a certain doctrine are no different to any other conviction as it also doesn’t accept other so called apposing convictions/ideologies.  Is this type of conviction towards certain ideologies close to God/the creative source? Strangely not but we persist in having our own ideological belief systems that are conflictive & non-accepting towards so called apposing ideologies, we couldn’t be further from God even if we wanted too with this sort of non-acceptance.

The question here would be if God is all accepting this must mean he’s accepting of our misery & of all things horrid to us? Yes because we have done those things to ourselves, if God/ the source were non-accepting of such things it would also be in conflict which doesn’t exist within the consciousness of the source accept through us.  The creative source does not have religious convictions; we do which make us conflictive towards other convictions different to ours. We could say here if we all had one religious conviction there would be no conflicts & total acceptance!! Is this acceptance of everything we know now? Not at all because only through total acceptance of all can we find true peace & harmony in the world.

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